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MrBarlow 30th October 2018 11:29 PM

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Thirteen Ghosts 2002

Widower Arthur Kriticos inherits a house unaware in the basement is an assortment of ghosts his uncle collected, with the help of a psychic they attempt to free the spirits.

This was a decent remake of the 1960 William Castle movie, Mr Monk star Tony Shalhoub takes on the lead role of Arthur who is trying to hold his family together (Shannon Elizabeth and Alex Roberts).

The special effects are good in this aswell as the make up arts for the ghosts and good cinematography. The film doesn't rely in jump scares as such but more suspense and tension. F.Murray Abraham, Mathew Lillard and Embeth Davidtz do great with the film as the eccentric uncle, the psychic and the ghost protector who knows the plan but has her own agenda.

There is a intersting backstory to the ghosts as why they are still roaming the earth and not found peace. May not be for everyone but its enjoyable 8 out of 10.

bleakshaun 31st October 2018 02:21 PM

The Hills Have Eyes 2
A group of bikers head to a competition only for their bus to lose fuel. They now come face to face with Pluto and a man known as reaper and must defend themselves.
Despite being a less bitter film in comparison to the first, it still has some great moments sprinkled throughout including pluto being chased on a bike. Not as good as the first but still fun.

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Paul Zombie 31st October 2018 02:30 PM

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The Reptile.

After the mysterious death of his brother, Harry Spalding and his wife Valerie( the cute jennifer danial from the Kiss of the vampire) go to Cornwall and settle in the late brother's cottage. and discover a spate of similar deaths with the victims foaming at the mouths. they also get a lot of hostility from the locals who are the typical don't like strangers around these parts. :lol:

one of Hammer's more underated films, using sets from Plague of The Zombies, but still very watchable nevertheless. with suspenseful slow building atmospheres and nice period setting and outfits.

Good solid acting too with a quality cast, also including michael Ripper as the local innkeeper who turns out to be The Spalding's only ally. Noel Willman as the sinister Dr Franklyn. Jacqueline Pearce as Anna, Dr Franklns gorgeous but strange daughter who can do a turn playing funky snake charming music and loving her pets. :scared:

The only real let down of the film is the creature of the film, the actual reptile. it looks hilarious. but that dosent really put me off and adds to the film's charm. and would still rather watch this than a lot of the sorry excuses for horror films these days, which are at best mediocre if that. 79 out of 100.

bleakshaun 31st October 2018 04:22 PM

Conclusion of the October Horror Marathon is The Innocents.

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bleakshaun 31st October 2018 06:03 PM

The Innocents
A woman is offered a job as the guardian for 2 orphans: Flora and Myles. They start off seeming normal however they both act strange and strange apparitions show themselves.
First time viewing, I loved it. It's a creepy and unsettling ghost story, although Myles is a little shit.

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Demdike@Cult Labs 31st October 2018 06:22 PM

October 27th
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Night of the Demon (1957)

Night of the Demon is based on the classic chilling tale Casting the Runes by acclaimed British author M.R.James, a master of supernatural horror fiction. The film tells the story of an American psychic investigator played by Dana Andrews who travels to England to find out why his colleague was found dead, amidst claims of the supernatural and ancient cults. Helped by his dead friend's daughter (Peggy Cummins), the pair find themselves in great danger from forces beyond their imagination.

Director Jacques Tourneur was once a protege of legendary horror producer Val Lewton. Together they made the films Cat People, I Walked with a Zombie and The Leopard Man. Night of the Demon both looks and feels like a Lewton production in that its a contemporary thriller using Gothic motifs to chill us. Its well documented that Tourneur never intended to show the demon in all its glory, but was pressured into doing so by Columbia Pictures, much to his displeasure. However the two sequences featuring the creature are the films highlights and have become iconic moments of British horror cinema. The demon itself looks terrific and the way it appears, out of the sky in a swirl of sparks and smoke is ingenious.

The film is a brilliant piece of cinema. I haven't gone into much story detail as its best to allow the story to unfold around you, much like it does to Andrews and Cummins characters. The acting is excellent, especially Niall MacGinnis as the sinister Karswell, and the stark black and white photography a revelation, the film wouldn't be half as creepy if it were in colour. In particular the scenes of the demon stalking its prey in the woods, swirling mists everywhere with claustrophobia setting in.

I watched the American cinema version with the slightly different title of Curse of the Demon. Although it runs approx 14 minutes shorter than the original UK version i didn't really notice an awful lot missing.

Demdike@Cult Labs 31st October 2018 06:28 PM

October 28th
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Bedlam (1946)

A wealthy woman is incarcerated for meddling in the affairs of a sadistic asylum overseer who fawns on high society benefactors whilst ruling the mentally disturbed inmates with an iron fist.

Bedlam was the final horror film Val Lewton produced for RKO Pictures. Lewton himself wrote the screenplay based on the classic painting "Bedlam" by the artist Hogarth which depicts the horrific conditions at St Mary of Bethlehem Asylum of London. This was also the fourth and final time director of choice, Mark Robson would team up with Lewton after his great work on The Seventh Victim, The Ghost Ship and Isle of the Dead. The film was also the third and final time Lewton would collaborate with Boris Karloff. The other two being Isle of the Dead and their superb take on Robert Louis Stevenson's The Body Snatcher.

Karloff's portrayal of the sinister Master Sims is sublime, one minute charming and witty when sucking up to the aristocracy, the next sinister and malevolent when dealing with the inmates. The way he treats Nell Bowen, brilliantly portrayed by Anna Lee, is at times, vile and makes the viewer loathe him,desperately crying out for him to get his comeuppance. The scene where Sims laughs as an inmate dies from lead poisoning due to a full body paint at a society function is downright nasty. Karloff and Lee verbally spar throughout the film resulting in some tremendous dialogue and fine acting.

The costumes and moods of the period are brilliantly evoked and the cast is superb. As with all Lewton's RKO horror films, the pace is tight and not a scene is wasted. Bedlam is up there with the very best horror pictures of the 1940's.

Demdike@Cult Labs 31st October 2018 06:36 PM

October 29th
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Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)

A double bill of Halloween sequels that really make two thirds of a trilogy of their own along with Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995) using the events of the Carpenter original mainly for characters and locations whilst incorporating two new lead actresses in the excellent Ellie Cornell and Danielle Harris.

Bloodier and more formulaic than perhaps fans hoped, these are still two enjoyable romps and films i watch each and every October without fail.

Crimson Blade 31st October 2018 07:01 PM

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Rose Elliot, a young poetess, buys a book called the Three Mothers from an antique shop and becomes convinced that her New York apartment block is linked to the story of the three witches in the book who are based in Germany, Rome and New York. She sends a letter to her brother Mark in Rome, and later when he arrives in New York he finds that his sister has disappeared.

Directed by Dario Argento, this is a superb follow up to his classic Suspiria. Okay, the plot doesn't make a lot of sense, I still have no idea who the hanged woman is? But who cares. It's beautiful to look at with stunning set-pieces and gorgeous colours and music. Even something as simple as posting a letter is eerie and suspenseful when in the hands of Dario Argento.
Then there's the stunning under water room sequence where Rose loses her keys which is amazingly shot. And the gothic library where there just happens to be an alchemist working in the basement.
Absolutely superb.

Casting wise, the only weak link in the film is Leigh McCloskey as Mark. He is very bland and forgettable. But the rest of the cast are pretty good especially Irene Miracle who plays the part of Rose.

Classic Argento. And one of those films that I can watch over and over again. 9/10.

Susan Foreman 31st October 2018 07:34 PM


Originally Posted by Demdike@Cult Labs (Post 591637)
Night of the Demon (1957)

It's sampled by Kate Bush at the start of the song 'Hounds Of Love'

"It's in the trees. It's coming"

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