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Nordicdusk 27th October 2020 11:41 PM


Originally Posted by Justin101 (Post 638805)
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)

I've never seen an Iranian film before but somehow I don't think that this is representative of the country's normal output.

This dreamlike almost plotless film made me think of Jean Rollin. Almost existential and definitely fantastique in equal measures. In fact the scene with Sheila Vand as The Girl on a skateboard, her chador flapping behind her made me think instantly of Brigitte Lahaie in Fascination walking towards the camera scythe in hand and cape swirling in the wind. I'm probably alone in that thought.

Really not much happens, a girl who we quickly learn is a vampire preys on men who treat women badly. She meets Arash and falls for him, but can't reveal her secret life to him. That being said I was hooked and couldn't take my eyes off the screen. It helps that our two leads are impossibly beautiful to look at, both the girl and Arash. Also the photography is gorgeous and the often shallow focus makes the viewer concentrate on the centre of the screen with the blurred edges adding to the dream.

This is one of the more interesting films I've seen during my horror film marathon this year, and there is certainly a lot to think about, I think I might schedule a re-watch shortly.

I love this film

Demoncrat 28th October 2020 07:45 AM

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The Burning Hell (1974, Ron Ormond)

Xtian film showing the way to salvation through terror and the power of suggestion. Easily the scariest thing I've watched this year. :lol::nod:
Only an hour long :skull:.
Interesting to hear that he uses the term vaccine in a positive light for all that.

I'll end with a Bible quote in fact.

"Know thine enemy"

Demoncrat 28th October 2020 07:48 AM


Originally Posted by Frankie Teardrop (Post 638781)
THE CROSS OF THE SEVEN JEWELS – Hails from late eighties Italy, although speaks a different language to movies familiar from the fag-end of Italo-exploitation. That’s because most of that last gasp stuff by Lenzi, Fulci et al was still studio product, whereas ‘The Cross Of The Seven Jewels’ is, I think, pretty much an indie flick. There’s a difference in the way things look and pull together, a grittiness to the exteriors, although on the other hand the cinematography and visuals are very basic and bland, the editing stilted, the flow fumbled. What it does share with its better-heeled cousins is a complete lack of sense, although TCOTSJ takes traditional Euro-horror absurdism to much sillier extremes. It’s about a guy whose ‘cross of seven jewels’ seems to protect him against his own lycanthropy… after said cross is nicked by some guys on a scooter, his restorative quest for justice gets him tangled in a hard-to-follow subplot involving the mafia and political intrigue – I say ‘hard to follow’, it may actually be pretty straightforward but I tuned out of this bit because it was skull numbingly boring. Which is a shame, because the rest of TCOTSJ is ecstatically bonkers. It’s hard to summarise this craziness, so I’ll just throw out some random examples – lame satanic s&m scenes populated by cast-offs from ‘hot gossip’, a sexed-up Chewbacca clone who turns out to be the main guy’s demonic father, werewolf make-up that consists of something resembling a tea-cosy cut into the shape of a Norman helmet, an agonising transformation scene where badly faked wolf hair grows shot-by-shot (it takes forever and if you aren’t howling with laughter by the end of it, you may already have switched off), werewolf guy’s strange ability to melt people’s faces in preference to clawing them in the more creature-appropriate manner, something shared with his dad, who at one point causes someone’s stomach to swell and burst just by looking at it… etc etc. I’m not convinced that I’ve captured the bizarreness of this eccentric little charmer, but it will certainly convince you quite well of that by itself if you give it the chance. No idea why it doesn’t have a legit release beyond old VHS; somewhere like Vinegar Syndrome or Severin would be its natural habitat. For now, it is available to the curious on YouTube.


Nosferatu@Cult Labs 28th October 2020 09:17 AM


Originally Posted by J Harker (Post 638807)
The cover art presents it as a very different film. Seems to riff off a I, Frankenstein with Aaron Eckhart i thought. Attachment 228917

I also found that surprising because the artwork gives the impression of the film being a Gothic horror when it is not that at all.

Demoncrat 28th October 2020 10:14 AM

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Be My Cat For Anne (Adrien Tofel)

This being the YT premiere last night. A Romanian "director" makes the strangest "show reel" EVER. You cannot help laughing at bits, as his performance reminded me of a puppy haha. Nasty wee flick. Great double bill with The Actor (which I still HIGHLY recommend btw)

Demdike@Cult Labs 28th October 2020 11:21 AM


Originally Posted by Nordicdusk (Post 638783)
30 Days Of Unseen Horror

Day 27

Attachment 228905

A prison ship runs into difficulty and a handful of prisoners and the ships doctor get to the life boat but soon after they drift into a storm and the lifeboat is ripped apart. A few survivors wash up on a strange nameless island filled with voodoo and killer fishmen.

Right from the start this is a winner when gold hunters show up in the first scene and the angry fishmen rip off heads rip out guts and throats. I absolutely love the opening with the dark caves eerie beach and thick rolling fog very atmospheric you cant beat a creepy sea and fog scene just missing a lighthouse :lol:

I loved every single second of this the fishmen look cool especially the under water scenes plenty of gore plenty of action and the owner of the island is such a dick just brilliant fun from start to finish. I have to give a mention to the soundtrack its so good.

Where has this film been all my life.


Avoid sequel The Fishmen and their Queen at all costs unless it's free.

Nosferatu@Cult Labs 28th October 2020 11:56 AM

Mr. Vampire (1985) ★★★★

This could be dismissed as a film in which the general approach to the material was 'throw it at the wall and see what sticks' – it has a vampire, a succubus, kung fu, comedy, romance – but it seems that everything is well planned and, bizarrely, it all works.

I watched most of this with a goofy smile on my face as I loved the 'hopping vampire', Master Kau's monobrow and incompetent assistance, and the plot thread about sourcing glutinous rice.

It's a film which, because it incorporates so many different genres, is very difficult to pigeonhole and could have been an absolute dud, an incomprehensible mess, so huge credit must go to Ricky Lau for taking all these disparate elements and making something coherent and fun.

Dave Boy 28th October 2020 12:21 PM

Want to keep up that Halloween atmosphere while doing other things between movies?
I have on a Halloween ambience video from youtube. Perfect for in the background or under headphones. I had one on the TV in the background while reading a horror magazine.
'Halloween ambiance' in the search brings up tons of videos of haunted houses, graveyards, thunder and lightning!

This one I have on at the moment and it is perfect.

MrBarlow 28th October 2020 12:26 PM

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It: Chapter Two. 2019.

After Losers Club defeated Pennywise and left Derry, 27 years later two men are beaten up, a message is left for Mike and he decides to bring the club back for a another showdown with Pennywise.

With the first part, it had horror, drama and suspense mixed in with foul mouth teens added with some funny quirks and definitely had high hopes with this one, it's the second time I have watched it and it doesn't really get better. The acting was good dont get me wrong about that, every one pulls their weight and make it entertaining even with flash backs from the kids in the club house. It was the over use off CGI effects that makes it slide down the pole right. Surely the makers could have done something better with the effects or go old school animatronics.

Attachment 228925

Nordicdusk 28th October 2020 03:35 PM

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30 Days Of Unseen Horror

Day 28

Attachment 228927

A wealthy playboy flies around the city in his helicopter picking up beautiful woman to take back to his castle where he lives with his assistant a room full of stuffed animals and a thousand cats. The woman that come over never leave after he kills them he keeps their heads in glass boxes and grinds up their bodies and feds them to his army of cat.

Its a pretty dull affair really most of the film he is actually hovering around in his helicopter playing chess with his assistant or showing his naked ass off. The film has plenty of beautiful woman and beautiful cars but there is too much time messing about in the helicopter taking you out of whats going on. A few times in a scene the couple would be talking in mid sentence they would be in a different area or going from sitting at the pool to standing in the middle of the pool which was hilarious but again it takes you out of the moment. I'm not sure if it was real but if not it looked it but the shooting of the bird seemed a little bit over the top and double tapping a falling dead bird felt a bit pointless and the slow motion shots too all the cats together seemed pretty stressed out that just didn't sit right with me

Pretty non eventful and the ending just came so fast and suddenly it left me feeling pretty empty and emotionless.


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