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Nordicdusk 21st October 2021 09:07 PM

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30 days of unseen horror

Film 16

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A divorcee is on the lookout for a new property that she can renovate and open up a hotel. She finds the perfect place but a crazy professor and his housekeeper are part of the package. With a very big lab in the basement they come to an agreement that he can live in the house until be completes his experiments and she completes the work the house needs before the hotel can be opened. The deal soon turns sour when talk of bodies piling up in the basement has everyone up in a heap including the local police.

I had no idea this was going to be a comedy or it was supposed to be anyway but i was willing to sit through hoping for a good balance between horror and comedy but there is no balance its just a comedy that happens to have Karloff in it that just does not work he is trying to get in on the comedy but fails miserably. It's not like its just a dated humor that doesnt work now when things like the 3 stooges and Laurel and Hardy still work today its just not funny it's simply as that. As i already said if they could get the balance right maybe it would of worked but for me it's a big NO.

I wasn't even slightly entertained.

Demdike@Cult Labs 21st October 2021 09:20 PM

Excellent reviews tonight, Nordy. :clap:

Nordicdusk 21st October 2021 09:47 PM


Originally Posted by Demdike@Cult Labs (Post 661921)
Excellent reviews tonight, Nordy. :clap:

Thank you.

Demdike@Cult Labs 21st October 2021 10:10 PM

I was watching Great British Railway Journeys Series Six earlier this evening which took in five episodes from Amersham to London Bridge.

Seeing Michael Portillo traversing the Underground to Piccadilly Circus means tonight's movie HAS to be An American Werewolf in London via my unwatched Arrow Blu-ray.

MrBarlow 21st October 2021 11:47 PM

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The Oblong Box. 1969.

Edward Markham was disfigured by a witch doctor in Africa, his brother Julian brings him back to England and keeps him locked away. When a plot to help him escape, Edward begins to go on a killing spree.

Even though Vincent Price and Christopher Lee get top billing for this they only share one scene together, but the story focuses more on Edward played by Alister Williamson who's face is always covered in a red crimson hood. We never get to see his face till the end and we always see a POV result of those who see him and when we do eventually see his face it can be a bit of a disappointment. Director Gordon Hessler does create the old 1860s atmosphere and some dark Gothic element to it and the killings are done decently. It's entertaining but the pace can be a bit slow at times.

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MrBarlow 22nd October 2021 02:14 AM

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Prom Night III. 1990.

The spirit of Mary Lou Maloney returns and haunts a naive male student into helping her seek revenge.

So the first was a slasher, the second was towards supernatural possession, now this was supernatural blended with comedy, I have never seen this one before and really should have looked in to it before watching it, is there parts where this was supposed to be funny. This I never enjoyed, I know there is a fourth film but may leave that.

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MrBarlow 22nd October 2021 04:10 AM

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The House Of Clocks. 1989.

Three people break into a villa of a elderly couple, when their plans fail and the couple are killed, their clocks start winding back and the couple come back from the dead for revenge.

This is one of Lucio Fulci's made for television movies and like the others this has been toned down on his usual gore fest so don't be expecting any of his usual work that he gave us, it does have some of his treats but nothing that goes over the top. This is something we have seen before not old people are harmless, how would you react if you came back from the dead? The film does try to build up the characters slowly before everything goes pair shaped for the crooks and Al Cliver returns in another Fulci movie, it's not the greatest but it entertains.

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Enjoy your day everyone.

Demoncrat 22nd October 2021 09:37 AM

I love HOC. May dig it out!!

The Empty Man (2020, David Prior)

This was recommended to me. More fool me. After a decent prologue, this leaps forward in time to a seemingly unrelated storyline of a missing teen. A mysterious cult hover in the background. At a bum numbing 145 minutes, I felt there was a reasonable 100 minute film here without much loss. All power to 20C Fox who gave this guy his head. Sadly he cannot write a third act, so pulls out the cliches thick and fast to cover this up (unsuccessfully). An oddity.
Recommended? Hmmmmmmmm. Great opening, but it flounders severely. IMHO.

MrBarlow 22nd October 2021 05:45 PM

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Split Second. 1992.

In a flooded futuristic London Detective Stone hunts for a serial killer who murdered his partner 3 years earlier, teamed with another Detective, they believe the killer is not human.

The late great Rutger Hauer stars as the no nonsense chocolate and coffee binge (man after my own heart) Detective Stone, hunting the flooded streets looking for one guy who enjoys taking people's hearts, not for romance purposes but for lunch. Teamed with analyst Detective Dick Durkin (sounds like a porno name) who tries to figure out the serial killer and starts to believe in using astronomy.

Another late great actor Pete Postlethwaite stars as another detective who seems to get upset a lot about Stone being around and really doesn't enjoy being bossed around. Alun Armstrong stars as the Chief Detective who believes in nothing unless he sees it and has a somewhat of a meltdown.

This is a classic B movie with a post apocalyptic/biblical movie about the 40 days and nights of rain which gives it a good back drop to the movie, it does rely on some action, and some tense moments that plays out well with good make-up effects and if you hate rats well this might be another way of seeing it as a horror.

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bleakshaun 22nd October 2021 06:48 PM

The Last Broadcast

I still like it. While not as impactful as Blair Witch Project and doesn't hold as well as it. It still stands out at least as a mockumentary the only real complaint I have is with the final act.

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