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it'smebilly 2nd June 2008 01:10 AM

Which DVDs Have The Best Replay Value?
The upcoming release of Salo got me thinking about which films have the best replay value. I saw Salo quite a few years ago and although I'm glad I did I cannot see me getting the urge to watch it often, so I think I'll pass on the new release but which DVD's do you watch the most?

A few Horror:

From Beyond
The Funhouse
The Thing

A couple of Non Horror:

Donnie Darko
Blue velvet or any lynch film>
Any Cronenberg film

siccoyote 2nd June 2008 02:04 AM

Evil Dead
Army of Darkness
Transformers the movie
South Park Bigger Longer Uncut
Little Shop of Horrors (87)
Rocky Horror Picture Show

off the top of my head, but I could be just listing films I like.

NossB 2nd June 2008 07:11 AM

Street Trash
Dawn Of The Dead
Evil Dead 2
The Toxic Avenger
Hell Of The Living Dead *
Contamination *
Cannibal: The Musical
Black Belt Jones
The Thing

*I think I watch these two over and over again due to the soundtrack rather than the movies content.

zanner 2nd June 2008 08:29 AM

Cannibal Holocaust
Cannibal Ferox
Mountain of the Cannibal god (directors cut) nice piece of Ursula Andres pussy.
Freaks 1931
Elephant man
10 Rillington Place.
Zombie Holocaust..cheesefest fun at it's best.
A tale of two sisters.
Ebola syndrome.
Muriels wedding...yes I really like this...:o
Enter the dragon.
How green was my vally.
Whistle down the wind.
Schindlers list.
The nanny
Whatever happened to baby Jane.

The Reaper Man@Cult Labs 2nd June 2008 06:31 PM

A Clockwork Orange
Once Upon A Time in America
Dirty Harry
Dead Man's Shoes
Straw Dogs
The Devil's
Bloodbath at the House of Death (of course :D)
Don't Look Now
The Wicker Man

trench 3rd June 2008 03:28 AM

Dead Man's Shoes is a spectacular film, ****ing love it. I've seen it too many times, yet if I stumble upon it on Film 4 I can't help but watch it, regardless of how far in it is. Shane Meadows is a fantastic director, no doubt. 24/7, A Room for Romeo Brass and This Is England all totally compulsive viewing. Paddy Considine is a great actor as well.

vipco 3rd June 2008 10:36 AM

Hope you took the chance to watch ' This is England' last night Trench. Great film, though would have been much better with a few more Ska tunes and a bit of NBZ in the background .
Anyway here's my most replayed films.

Cannibal Ferox
Cannibal Holocaust
Zombie Flesh Eaters
Zombie Creeping Flesh

The Warriors
The Wanders
Assualt on P13
NBZ Sights an Sounds
La Vein Rose

I would also watch 'Cant Stop the Music' any time I come across it on cable, plus all the cannibal and zombie films on a regular basis.
This is just my compulsive replay veiwing list as there are alot of films I would give a repeat viewing .
There is another film I would watch quite often but thats just for senimental reasons, not because its particularly good so i'll not put it in.

steve 3rd June 2008 10:00 PM


Originally Posted by vipco (Post 7340)
I would also watch 'Cant Stop the Music' any time I come across it on cable.

I was only talking about this film at the weekend. It's one of my guilty pleasures and I love watching it. I saw it when I was about 11 and thought it was so funny. I found it on DVD in Australia and snapped it up. I didn't realise how 'rude' it is. How funny that things go over your head when you're young and innocent.

vipco 4th June 2008 12:41 AM

It went over my head when I first saw it to, but it is a film I just can't resist.
You not going to add your list Steve ?

Paul@TheOverlook 4th June 2008 03:21 PM

I would watch every oen of my films again and again, if I had the time, but sadly I don't have the time to see many of the films I own but have never seen. I try to revist some of the classics from time to time, usually when I'm tryign to convince the missus to appreciate some of my favourites.

Film I've watched to most also happens to be my all-time favourite film - Kubrick's THE SHINING. APOCALYPSE NOW, TAXI DRIVER, DIRTY HARRY, THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY and WILD AT HEART have been viewed on numerous occaisions too.

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