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Dunc 12th December 2008 03:01 PM

How Did the Obsession Begin for You?
I just signed up here, so I thought I'd get the ball rolling by posting something that's likely been posted before, and just generally annoying everyone with my noob-ness.

Unlike (I suspect) a lot of you, I discovered the delights of the nasties and their kin very late. I'm 23 (as of writing), and so am far too young to remember the whole Video Recordings Act debacle and subsequent treasure-hunting that went on. I really only got into horror back when The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was finally passed. Channel 4 screened it and a mate taped it. He lent me the tape and the rest is history.

I went out and got a DVD player straight away purely to get myself a copy of TCM on DVD. Shortly after I picked up Stonevision's (admittedly cut) version of Zombie Flesh Eaters, which in turn led to me buying a bunch of Vipco's Vaults DVDs (I was young and naive). After that I realised the real goodies were to be found elsewhere and started purchasing from specialist places online (I had it easy, I know). Of course, once Vipco changed everything to boring covers and charged a lousy 5 for the priviledge, I bought a ton more of their offerings. This probably sounds stupid as hell, but I actually enjoy watching slightly crappy prints of these kind of films.

That's how I got into the world of cult horror and exploitation anyway, and I'm thoroughly enjoying Shameless' releases so far (first was The Black Cat).

How did you all get into it?

Philleh 12th December 2008 03:34 PM

I got into horror through my Mother, she would sit me down and show me classics like Squirm, The Keep, The Gate and The Monster Squad! As well as films like Night and Dawn of the Dead.

I'm 24 (not for long though :(), so missed out on the boom to. In the early 90's I got stuck into Vipco tapes and stumbled across Fulci, then came Argento when I discovered Tartan video's release of Trauma. Italian horror took over my viewing from there on really.

So basically I've grown up with a love of the horror genre thanks to, what some could call, wreckless parenting! ha.

vipco 12th December 2008 04:07 PM

I always loved Horror as a kid , then when I saw uncut ZFE and Cannibal Holocaust on video I became obsessed with Italian horror films , which in turn lead to low budget US horror and thats how I became a collector.
Italian horror is still my favourite.

snipsmovies 12th December 2008 09:45 PM

Good thread. I'm 31 now...... and was lucky enough to have parents who didn't beleive in censorship and who also worked full time. During the summer holidays once I had hit my teens, they would leave me home alone with a lovely diet of Nightmare on Elm Street movies and other late 80s horror. All rented from the 'Video Butcher' no less. He was a butcher.... who also rented videos..... long story. Tapes smelled of meat.

So that was that, from about 1989 onwards I became gradually more and more obsessed with horror movies. This also coincided with the launch of Charlie Band's FULL MOON label as well, so things like Puppet Master, Subspecies and Trancers proved to be a cheap and readily available fix...... at least until I began to earn money and could afford to buy my way into a better taste in horror....... and THEN they invented the internet ......

Halloween_22 13th December 2008 12:07 AM

I'm 23 aswell so I missed the whole 'golden age of horror' (70's and 80's IMO) too. I was always fascinated by it though, I remember being a little kid and going into the video shop with my parents who were quite young at the time, they'd be off renting Dirty Dancing or something :p and I'd make a straight B-Line for the horror section, I used to just look at the covers and read the blurbs on the backs of the video's over and over again, I must have memorised every tape in that section :D

I finally got to watch Friday the 13th when I was around 13 and from then on bacame a full blown horror nut. 80's slashers were my first love within the genre as they were what I started out on, Halloween instantly became my favourite when I saw that (obviously :p) but also films like Hellraiser, Nightmare on Elm Street, Children of the Corn etc. When I was about 15 or 16 I discovered Fulci and Argento and things just pretty much took off from there.

Dunc 13th December 2008 10:02 AM


Originally Posted by snipsmovies (Post 18936)
All rented from the 'Video Butcher' no less. He was a butcher.... who also rented videos..... long story. Tapes smelled of meat.

That is the single greatest thing I've ever heard.

Daemonia 13th December 2008 11:24 AM

I first really got into horror via the horror double-bills that BBC2 showed in the late 70's/early 80's. I was introduced to horrors both old and new. So I still have a soft spot for vintage horror, as this is what got me into horror. Then in the early 80's my first introduction to VHS horror was a double-bill of Carrie and The Exorcist and there was no turning back after that - that was a real eye-opener! So I avidly viewed any and every horror film I could get hold of after that. Then came DVD and I began collecting in earnest.

Pete 13th December 2008 11:53 AM

I got into it thanks to my Dad and Nan who both love horror movies and also thanks to companies like VIPCO, who were releasing movies with previously banned on the cover, and made these movies irresistable. i distinctly remember going into video shops and seeing movies like The Nostril Picker, Zombie Flesh Eaters etc. They were happy days, and i think DVD has ruined the magic a bit.

jim corrupt 13th December 2008 02:10 PM

going into the local market as a kid and being fascinated by the 2nd hand ex rental horror and gore tapes on the video stall.
i was scared of anything remotely creepy as a child up to the age of about 13 when i gave in and watched the evil dead with friends, changed my life big time.
i think it sort of desensitized me and that was it, i was hungry for more.
went on to watch the Of the Dead flicks (which have always been my all time favourites ever since) and then became zombie obsessed.

i used to test myself by flicking the channel back and forth on late night friday C4 to docu's about The Exorcist et al.
Finally seeing that on its release was a major ordeal for me and it was a huge childhood fear for some reason.
Still cant really deal with it to this day.

Daemonia 13th December 2008 09:48 PM


Originally Posted by jim corrupt (Post 18969)
i think it sort of desensitized me

I don't agree with this - I think it's more a case of becoming educated and understanding how a film is made, special effects etc. So it's not really a case of becoming desensitised, we just gain knowledge and recognise it's just fiction. Why doesn't it bother us? Because we know it's not real. Now someone tell that to the BBFC. ;)

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