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Old 14th May 2008, 10:05 PM
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Default Jim Wynorski

I love this guys films, even if he has removed me from his myspace friends list twice

Here's a guide to the releases of his films

Classic Wynorski (Horror, Sci-fi & Family)
The Lost Empire (director, writer, producer)
No good release, UK dvd is cropped and noisy, but watchable, just.
Chopping Mall (director, writer)
R1 DVD has commentary, featurette & trailer. (open matte)
R2 DVD has nothing. (also open matte)
Deathstalker II (director, writer)
R1 DVD has commentary & trailer. (open matte) OOP (over ?25)
No R2 release, but may be an R4 release.
Big Bad Mama 2 (director, writer)
R1 DVD has commentary & interview. (open matte) OOP (over ?25)
No R2 release.
Not of this Earth (director, writer, producer)
R1 DVD has commentary & trailer. (cropped from hard-matte 1.66:1) OOP (over ?15)
R2 release has no extras and same transfer.
Return of Swamp Thing (director)
R1(image) & (lightyear) has commentary, trailer & tvspots. (widescreen)
R2 no extras (cropped from hard-matte 1.66:1)
Transylvania Twist (director)
R1 only a trailer. (open-matte, I think) OOP (Over ?25)
No R2 release.
Sorority House Massacre II (director)
R1 only a trailer. (open-matte, I think) OOP (Over ?15)
No R2 release.
Hard To Die (director)
R1 only a trailer. (open-matte, I think) OOP (Over ?35)
No R2 release.
The Haunting of Morella (director)
R1 has commentary and trailer. (open-matte, I'd guess) OOP (Over ?30)
No R2 release.
Scream Queen Hot Tub Party (director, writer, producer)
R1 has commentary and bonus film one million heels bc. (open-matte) OOP (Over ?35)
No R2 release.
Munchie (director, writer)(his first family film and debut of Jennifer Love Hewitt)
R1 has no extras (open-matte) OOP (Over ?10)
No R2 release.
976-Evil II (director)
No R1 release
R2 no extras (open-matte) OOP (Over ?5)
Little Miss Millions aka Home For Christmas (director, writer) (Jennifer Love Hewitt)
R1 has commentary. (open-matte) OOP (Over ?15)
No R2 release
Munchie Strikes Back (director, writer)
R1 has trailer (open-matte) OOP (Over ?15)
No R2 release.
Dinosaur Island (director, producer)
No DVD release.
Ghoulies IV (director) (shit)
R1 Probably no extras, probably open matte.
R2 No extras. (open-matte)
The Wasp Woman (director)
R1 ??? (open-matte) OOP (Over ?25)
No R2 release.
Vampirella (director, producer)
R1 Commentary & trailer. (open-matte) OOP (Over ?10)
No R2 release.
Cheerleader Massacre (director) (Somewhat getting near to back to form)
R1 has extras OOP (Over ?10)
R2 can anyone tell me?

Erotic Films:
Sins of Desire (director, writer)
No DVD release.
Body Chemistry 3 (director)
R1 has trailer. (Open-Matte) OOP (Over ?20)
No R2 release
Hard Bounty (director, producer)
R1 2 different releases one OOP one not.
No R2 release
Sorceress (director)
R1 ??? (open-matte) OOP (Over ?90!!)
Victim of Desire (director)
No DVD release. (think I saw it on Movies For Men once turned off after a few mins)
Body Chemistry 4 (director)
R1 ??? (open-matte) OOP (Over ?25)
R2 ??? (open-matte) (about ?4)
Virtual Desire (director)
R1 ??? OOP (Over ?50)
No R2 release.
The Escort III (director)
I really can't be arsed.
The Bare Wench Project 1, 2 & 3
It's confusing with the different cuts.
Poison aka Thy Neighbor's Wife (director, writer)
R1 Widescreen OOP (Over ?5)
No R2 release.
Treasure Hunt
I really can't be arsed.

Action Films:
Demolition High (director)
R1 released on it's own or with 1 or 3 other films, all in print under the title Demolition University.
No R2 release
The Assault (director)
R1 two releases one OOP the other not.
No R2 release
Storm Trooper (director)
I really can't be arsed.
Desert Thunder (director, producer)
I really can't be arsed.
The Pandora Project (director, writer)
I really can't be arsed.
Against the Law (director)
I really can't be arsed.
Stealth Fight (director, producer)
I really can't be arsed.
Final Voyage (director)
I really can't be arsed.
Crash Point Zero (director)
I really can't be arsed.
Militia (director)
I really can't be arsed.
Rangers (director)
I really can't be arsed.
I really can't be arsed.
I really can't be arsed.
Gale Force
I really can't be arsed.
Project Viper
I really can't be arsed.
More Mercy aka Bad Bizness
I really seriously can't be arsed.

And he's done or been at least a little involved in 27 movies from 2004 onwards

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Old 17th May 2008, 12:19 PM
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I have Return of the Swamp Thing, Sorceress and Ghoulies 4; all are highly enjoyable schlock fests. I'd love to see Deathstalker 2 but the price prohibits me.
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Old 17th May 2008, 03:48 PM
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I have Deathstalker 2 on R1 DVD and can confirm it is fabulous fun! Look out for the medieval car. Alas it is not for sale the DVD not the car!!!)
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