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Susan Foreman 24th March 2018 07:14 AM

Will need a bit more blood for normal Alice concerts tho!

Susan Foreman 24th March 2018 07:29 AM

New songs from the live show

'Serious' (first time played since the 2003 tour) and 'Fallen In Love'

Susan Foreman 26th March 2018 05:00 AM

CO-OP, the band featuring Dash Cooper (Alice's son) on vocals, release their debut album on June 15th (via the EMP label)

It sounds like it might be a bit of riff-heavy 80's rock

Susan Foreman 29th March 2018 04:07 AM

29th March, 1978 - Alice was filming his appearance on 'The Muppet Show'

Alice gives commentary on the show

Susan Foreman 30th March 2018 06:46 AM

Alice has just finished the current leg of the 'Paranormal Evening' tour in America. The last show was on March 29th in Indianapolis

Next on the agenda is the 'Jesus Christ, Superstar' live television broadcast on Sunday, April 1st

Following that, there is a break until May 17th, when The Hollywood Vampires begin their world tour in Verona, New York. At time of writing, this runs until July 8th, with a show in Rome, Italy. It does, of course, include the four previously announced UK concerts

There is no new information about the current standing with regards to the new Vampires album - whether it has been recorded or is still being recorded and whether it will be available before the shows or not

Ahead of the screening on Sky Arts on May 3rd, new picture has been released with Noel Fielding as Alice and David Suchet as Dali. [Suchet/Dali I believe, Fielding/Alice, less so!]

Urban Myths: The Dali And The Cooper | British Comedy Guide

Susan Foreman 1st April 2018 04:13 AM

First look at King Herod in action, from the rehearsals for 'Jesus Christ'

Susan Foreman 2nd April 2018 04:09 AM

Wonderfully camp, and Alice is in his element

There are some nice touches as well - the allusion to 'No More Mr. Nice Guy' with the cane at the start, the mention of 'Raise The Dead' (which, of course, was a previous tour/project), the black, giallo-esque gloves and Alice lapping up the applause at the end (all that is missing is "and playing the part of Herod, yes me, you remember me!")

Susan Foreman 3rd April 2018 10:27 AM

Reviews for 'Jesus Christ':

Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert: EW review | - "And for an extra dose of charisma, we needed to look no further than Alice Cooper, who delivered a delicious dollop of camp as King Herod. Striding down the steps in a gaudy orange suit, twirling a skull-headed cane, and trailed by Vegas-style showgirls, Cooper literally stopped the show to soak up the crowd’s adulation after his delightfully sneery performance of “King Herod’s Song.” For all the singers who took us to church with this production of Superstar, Cooper was the one who had the most fun playing God."

TV Review: ‘Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert’ on NBC – Variety - "The musical was intensely earnest, often endearingly so. The entire cast, a multi-cultural tribe who looked as though they just left a loft party at 3 a.m. hungry for more adventure, was as energetically sincere as they could be almost all of the time. The exception was Alice Cooper, who stole the show when he emerged in an orange suit. But that adjective doesn’t begin to describe what he was wearing. Cooper’s threads looked like there were made out of flames — that’s how vivid and pleasingly eye-popping his tailored suit was — and yet the singer easily outshone his clothes. His rendition of “King Herod’s Song” was a star turn of the highest order, and a delightful amount of fun. If you can’t enjoy a dapper, devilish rock-god Herod surrounded by dancing ladies clad in outfits a Vegas showgirl would kill for, then perhaps live musicals on television are just not for you. (Your loss.)"

Alice Cooper as King Herod in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar Live’: Video – Hollywood Life - "Did you watch Jesus Christ Superstar Live on Sunday, April 1 on NBC? In case your answer is no, HollywoodLife now has video of one of the most talked about moments from the musical that aired on Easter: Alice Cooper‘s performance as King Herod! Alice appeared in Act II of the musical, in which he appeared alongside John Legend‘s Jesus Christ. He absolutely nailed his song, “King Herod’s Song (Try It & See)”, in which King Herod judges Jesus and ultimately dismisses him as a fake and sends him back to Pilate. Alice rocked the performance in his bright orange suit with a skull-tipped cane and the live audience couldn’t get enough of him!"

Alice Cooper's Performance On 'Jesus Christ Superstar Live!' Was The Answer To Twitter's Prayers | Romper - "Casting Alice Cooper as King Herod on NBC's production of Jesus Christ Superstar Live! was so perfect it was hard to even be surprised when his role was announced. And on Sunday Alice Cooper's performance on Jesus Christ Superstar Live! was the answer to everyone's prayers — particularly the Superstar superfans of Twitter, who immediately sounded off after his fantastic rendition of "Herod's Song."

Alice Cooper first became famous in the '70s for his bad boy rock opera schtick, his over-the-top villainous persona inspiring punk artists like Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols. So considering the fact that the role of King Herod required being brash and antagonistic (with a bit of flair), Cooper is the perfect choice. Even he knew that he was perfect for it, explaining in interviews that when he was approached about doing the show, he already knew they wanted him for King Herod. And wouldn't you know it, he was fantastic. The man has been touring pretty much nonstop for the better part of a century, so he's a consummate pro. And Twitter ate up every second of his vaudevillian performance, in which his character taunts Jesus Christ before he's about to die on the cross."

Twitter Has All Good Things to Say About Alice Cooper as King Herod in 'Jesus Christ Superstar' | Billboard - "Alice Cooper played the part of King Herod in NBC's live, televised adaptation of Jesus Christ Superstar Sunday night and had the audience laughing at his lines. He also enthralled Twitter, where viewers were quick to get his role's name trending.

"Alice Cooper???! This is the greatest thing I've ever seen," one user wrote of the rock star's cameo in the rock opera, while another admitted, "Never been so happy in my life. From now on, I will ONLY play Herod in my family's annual nativity, wearing THAT suit, THOSE boots. And a skull walking stick."

"I am LOVING THIS!" another person tweeted of his take on Herod. "Edgier, less flamboyant, but just as campy.""

Alice Cooper Rocks as King Herod in 'Jesus Christ Superstar Live' - "Midway through NBC's live broadcast of Jesus Christ Superstar Live on Sunday, the show was kicked into overdrive by having rock icon Alice Cooper appear as King Herod.

The "School's Out" singer, with microphone in hand and dancing showgirls at his side, performed "King Herrod's Song (Try and See It)" with ease. His performance earned a standing ovation inside the theater and a rousing applause from fans watching at home."

Susan Foreman 10th April 2018 05:23 AM


Originally Posted by Susan Foreman (Post 569133)
After the current leg of the 'Paranormal Night With Alice Cooper' and The Hollywood Vampires tour, Alice has announced some dates for later in the year. Sadly these all seem to be Stateside at the moment:

August 3rd — West Allis, WI — Wisconsin State Fair
August 5th — Sioux Falls, SD — Washington Pavilion
August 6th — Kansas City, MO — Kauffman Center for The Performing Arts
August 8th — Colorado Springs, CO — Pike’s Peak Center
August 10th — Las Vegas, NV — The Chelsea (w/ Ace Frehley)
August 12th — Los Angeles, CA — Greek Theatre (w/ Ace Frehley)
August 14th — San Jose, CA — City National Civic
August 15th — Jackson, CA — Jackson Rancheria Casino
August 18th — Bonner, MT — Kettlehouse Amphitheater
August 19th — Everett, WA — Angel of the Winds Arena
August 20th — Vancouver, BC — Queen Elizabeth Theatre
August 22nd — Calgary, AB — Southern Jubilee Auditorium
August 23rd — Edmonton, AB — Northern Jubilee Auditorium
August 25th — Saskatoon, SK — SaskTel Centre
August 26th — Estevan, SK — Affinity Place
August 28th — Winnipeg, MB — Burton Cummings Theatre
August 29th — Thunder Bay, ON — Thunder Bay Community Auditorium
August 30th — St. Paul, MN — Ordway Center for the Performing Arts
September 1st — Ft. Wayne, IN — Foellinger Theatre
September 2nd — Huber Heights, OH — Rose Music Center at The Heights
September 4th — Cincinnati, OH — Taft Theatre
September 6th — New York, NY — Beacon Theatre
September 7th — York, PA — York Fair

It's uncertain whether these will be a continuation of the 'Paranormal Night' tour, or a whole new production and set list

More new US dates have been announced:

September 8th - Tropicana, Atlantic City, NJ
October 4th - Palace Theater, Albany, NY
October 9th - Ovens Auditorium, Charlotte, NC
October 10th - Cobb Energy Perf Arts Centre, Atlanta, GA
October 12th - Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Auditorium, Chattanooga, TN
October 13th - Beau Rivage, Biloxi, MS
October 14th - White Oak Music Hill Lawn, Houston, TX
October 16th - The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory, Irving, TX
October 17th - Hartman Arena, Park City, KS
October 19th - Orpheum Theater, Memphis, TN
October 20th - Peabody Opera House, St Louis, MO
October 21st - Paramount Theater, Cedar Rapids, IA
October 23rd - Des Moines Civic Center, Des Moines, IA
October 24th - Coronado Performing Arts Center, Rockford, IL

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++

In other news. Nita was at Wrestlemania 34, where she appeared on the stage performing Shinsuke Nakamura's entrance music. Sadly, it seems that the WWE lawyers are on hand, and the footage is being removed from YouTube as soon as it is uploaded! This comes 31 years after Alice was at Wrestlemania III, appearing in Jake 'The Snake' Robert's corner during his match against The Honky Tonk Man

Ahead of the upcoming Sky Arts show, Another Man Mag has got an interview with Alice where he talks about his meetings with Dali

Alice Cooper Remembers His Encounter with Salvador Dalí | AnotherMan

Susan Foreman 13th April 2018 02:45 PM

Happy Friday 13th everyone

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