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Nordicdusk 17th July 2014 04:00 PM

Venom-Buried Alive - YouTube

Hands down my favourite Venom song first time i heard the guitar intro the hairs on my arms stood up and a chill ran down my spine. Not only is the music dark but the subject matter is quite disturbing. Always one of my biggest fears to be locked inside a very small confined space with little or no room for movement but to bed buried alive even worse. Not only was this music touching my soul it was getting inside my head and exposing my fears amazing emotions i had never felt before.

Nordicdusk 17th July 2014 04:40 PM

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The first two Black Metal albums i bought Darkthrones A Blaze In The Northern Sky and Under A Funeral Moon. I had saved up money from my first job to go to Dublin on the train to get these albums i had only heard about them and when i seen the covers i could not wait to get home to listen to them they almost jumped off the shelf with those amzing covers they looked so evil i had never seen anything like this before. The covers were not just for show what i would be listening to later that night just felt like pure evil i listened to both albums back to back over and over again everyday. They took me out of the comfort of my bedroom and i felt i was in the forest at night i could feel the cold breeze coming from the speakers and filling the room. The guitars were like the snow blowing over the mountains the vocals like the frozen winds and the drums like the echo of distant thunder. How was it possible for music to make me feel so many different emotions. Also these are two of the greatest album titles of all time both sinister and beautiful in equal measure.

Bringer Of Funerals 17th July 2014 04:49 PM

I really like the old Norway Black Metal it just seems to sit easier with me and the 1st black album I bought was

Then after that was

Now normally people would say Transilvanian Hunger after that but not me, mine was

But here is 2 bands nobody has heard of apparently

Breath of sorrows - Night of the broken glass - YouTube
Aaskereia - Dort, wo das alte Böse ruht (Full Album) - YouTube

Nordicdusk 17th July 2014 04:57 PM

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Mayhem - Freezing Moon (HQ) - YouTube

Before i had heard about tales of murder and everything else associated with Mayhem at the time i came across this album. I was blown away by the artwork again it looked so sinister and with that pictures of Euronymous on the back wow.

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Attilas vocals are amazing they seem to almost change every word that he sings creating an experience like no other so slow and haunting really crawls under your skin.

Bringer Of Funerals 17th July 2014 05:02 PM

The I had made a friend called Jamie and he was the 1 who really got my tastes kickstarted by lending me these albums

Immortal - Pure Holocaust 1993 [Full Album] - YouTube

Emperor - In the Nightside Eclipse (1994) full album, vinyl - YouTube

Satyricon Dark Medieval Times [full album] - YouTube

Satyricon - Nemesis Divina (Full Album - Album completo) - YouTube

From there my love just went deep for the music

Bringer Of Funerals 17th July 2014 05:09 PM

Then when I started to buy more albums I bought Twilight Of The Idols by Gorgoroth and Hellfire by 1349

Gorgoroth - Exit Through Carved Stones * with lyrics * - YouTube

1349 - Hellfire [Full Album] - YouTube

I'll leave it at that because I could be here forever lol and when I was a child I was always into the darker side of life so when these albums had cool covers I thought I'd buy them just to be different but I never did until about 2007

Nordicdusk 17th July 2014 05:10 PM

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This is where i get a lot of my Black Metal from its called the Sound Cellar in Dublin. This place is amazing its about the size of my sitting room but around the corner past the guy in the picture are the vinyl and CDs great selection from the big names in Black Metal all the way down to the lesser known Black Metal bands. So much awesome in such a small space. Its our very own version of Euronymous Helvete ;)

Bringer Of Funerals 17th July 2014 05:18 PM

I buy a lot of mine from HMV and I shall admit something here. I have heard ASKE by BURZUM about 10 times but I've never owned the album so I still haven't got any Burzum albums in my collection

Nordicdusk 17th July 2014 05:27 PM

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Originally Posted by Bringer Of Funerals (Post 411010)
I buy a lot of mine from HMV and I shall admit something here. I have heard ASKE by BURZUM about 10 times but I've never owned the album so I still haven't got any Burzum albums in my collection

I love all Burzum albums but be warned both of these albums were recorded by Varg while he was in prison and they are a step away from Black Metal they are more electronic albums but still great records.

Attachment 139757 Attachment 139758

Bringer Of Funerals 17th July 2014 05:48 PM

But if you want to know where my tastes spammed from - it was college with an album called Antichrist Superstar by a Marilyn Manson, then an album called Midian by a little band called Cradle Of Filth. Korn then came into the mix with Untouchable. Vary that with Slipknot. I then met a friend called Stephen who was a full on goth and he introduced me to Darkthrone. I couldn't get enough so I bought the 3 Darkthrone albums he had played me. I then went on holiday with my ex where I bought the box set PRINCE OF DARKNESS from Ozzy Osbourne and while at college I lent a Rammstein album called Mutter and decided to see them live so I bought all their albums all in one go so I wasn't missing out.

Then in 2007 was where I met Jaime and the rest of that story is above. Well he decided to go a bit strange and didn't want to know me anymore for some reason and on my journey was where I had joined up to Supernal Music which was a mail order service and from there I bought albums by Leviathan, Askieria and Gorgoroth. Jaime also introduced me to a band called Von Thronstahl and from there I don't think I will ever fall out of love with the music. At bit later I was introduced to Iron Maiden who I had heard of but had never heard an album so I bought all of them albums and now I have just been introduced to Motorhead as with Maiden I had heard of them but I had only heard of Ace Of Spades. That is where I am at now

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