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cloud 25th June 2008 04:14 PM

What Are You Listening To?
I thought I'd start my own music thread (or mo-sai as I like to call it to sound all cosmopolitan and shit :D). Admittedly since DVD came in and downloading became fashionable I don't buy as many CDs as I once did. I don't download full albums unless they're OOP and going for silly money. I always download maybe 2 or 3 album tracks just to keep me entertained until I buy the full thing. For me downloading is all about sampling, I never feel like I own the thing until I have the CD, I'm very fussy like that.

My own music taste is mainly centred around metal and alternative music. I HATE pop, (c)rap, fuddy duddy dad music like Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan and The Beatles etc (no offence to those who do like that sort of stuff), emo and just anything that feels watered down and comes off a huge conveyor belt. Back as a kid and especially as a teen I listened to a lot of heavy stuff but now I find brutality gets on my tits. Maybe I'm mellowing out or maybe my ear is changing. I do like brutality but it has to have a bit of melody, without it it just feels pointless now.

At the moment I'm listening to Turquoise & Crimson by a wonderful little known band called VAST. They're very reflective, very downbeat and quite depressing, but they're very melodic and if the mood hits you there is no one better than them. Their singer/song writer Jon Crosby really is an excellent musician and should be up there with the greats imo.
Here's a song for anyone interested, it's called Touched, (Touched brings back happy memories for me :)), and here's another called Pretty When You Cry. Both are which are from their debut self titled NIN inspired album. Beautiful stuff.

So what do others listen to and so on?

vipco 25th June 2008 05:10 PM

I am looking forward to catching Nine Below Zero again in Belfast on August and have mainly been listing to their CD's and DVD's and U Tube stuff since their last visit in April.
I'll more than likely get to see them live again once more this year after August , probably in Germany, as its pretty safe there IMO for someone going into a strange venue alone.
So 90% of my music listening would be 9BZ, most of the other 10% would be 'the blues' .

TALL DUDE 2nd July 2008 06:27 PM

Right now im listening to the debut album from arc angel.
Released in 1983 with a very dubious single,tragedy,all about a girl thats "too young for my love." Hmmm.

Still,its a keyboard heavy fluffy masterpiece!:cool:

Matt 3rd July 2008 07:14 AM

At the gym this morning I settled on some AC/DC, Back In Black.

vipco 3rd July 2008 01:08 PM

Just got my copy of nbz 'On the Road Again' live 02 DVD, so i'll be watching / listening to that till I get 'Bring it on Home' live 07 DVD, in August

Head to the ' Sights and Sounds ' section and have a listen. I reconmend, L & N on the Jukebox to sample what a live gig is like and why i've loved these guys for over 20 years.

bedorca 3rd July 2008 09:55 PM

Absolutely mad for a band called Ladytron at the moment if you're interested

vipco 4th July 2008 10:51 AM

Theey're pretty cool bedorca. I liked the 'Ghosts' video, though the beetle lying upside down freeked me for some reason.
But the music was good.

TALL DUDE 9th July 2008 04:48 PM

Rock the bones-vol 5. A frontiers records label compilation,with some pretty cool and some not so cool bands.
Primal fear,pink cream 69,great white,fredriksen/delander,joe lyn turner,david readman and stan bush,among others keep me stereo rocking.

And of course,for the umteenth time,the trick or treat soundtrack.
Fastway never had a better moment than this,imo.;)

TALL DUDE 15th July 2008 07:37 PM

Anyone remember the rock band alien?
They had a song featured on the closing credits to the blob remake, brave new love.
Well,finally tracked down a cd of their debut album on,and its a belter.If classy melodic rock is your boat,circa late 80's,you could do a lot worse than this!
And that song from the blob is also on it.Yowza!:cool:

Halloween_22 17th July 2008 03:42 PM

Always throw together a playlist to listen to while i'm on the computer, today's is:

Coffinspire -Norma Jean
Conspiracy - First Blood
Welcome To Sludge City - Annotations Of An Autopsy
Merciless Ignorance - Trigger The Bloodshed
Recovery - Still Remains
About A Plane Crash - Suicide Silence
Surrounded By Snakes - Centurion
End Of Days - Emilyrose
Before Atlantis There Was Douglasville - The Chariot
White Lillies For Your Deathbed - Clone The Fragile
The Bloodening - Johnny Truant
Severed Ties Yield Severed Heads - It Dies Today
A Cold Day In Hell - Parkway Drive
Lines Of Seperation - Dead Swans

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