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Jinx_Barkman 15th May 2013 10:19 PM

Grindhouse Releasing
Grindhouse Releasing has announced CORRUPTION and AN AMERICAN HIPPIE IN ISRAEL as the first in a series of new Blu-ray, DVD and theatrical releases. Both movies will arrive on home video on September 10.

Founded by the late Sage Stallone (1976-2012) and Bob Murawski, Grindhouse Releasing has long been considered the Criterion of cult movie labels. In a span of seventeen years, the company has produced lavish restorations of such notorious titles as CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, Lucio Fulci's THE BEYOND, I DRINK YOUR BLOOD, PIECES, and many more to worldwide acclaim from fans and critics.

"Sage and Bob were pioneers in catering to the niche audience, and blazed a trail for all to follow," says Jay Douglas of CAV Distribution. "The anticipation for Grindhouse's return to the home video marketplace is incredible."

The release of AN AMERICAN HIPPIE IN ISRAEL and CORRUPTION marks the company's return to the video market after a hiatus of two years during which Academy Award-winning film editor Murawski was busy working on Sam Raimi's OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL. It is also the company's first release since the passing of company founder Sage Stallone.

"After two years in the yellow brick prison of OZ, I am back full-time at Grindhouse Releasing, proudly continuing the important work that Sage and I began back in 1996," says Murawski. "We have an incredible slate of mind-blowing films that will be coming your way soon on Blu-ray and DVD. And on the big screen in a theater near you."

Grindhouse Releasing has brought its films to theaters all over North America. In recent years, the company coordinated nationwide theatrical releases of such celebrated horror classics as Sam Raimi's EVIL DEAD and William Lustig's MANIAC (both remade in 2013). Grindhouse scored a hit on the midnight movie circuit in 2010 with its restoration of Duke Mitchell's long-lost gangster epic GONE WITH THE POPE, and now aims to do the same with the psychedelic nightmare AN AMERICAN HIPPIE IN ISRAEL.

"AN AMERICAN HIPPIE IN ISRAEL is already drawing huge midnight movie crowds in Tel Aviv, where it's become another ROCKY HORROR," says company theatrical director David Szulkin. "We plan to do a full theatrical run of the film in the U.S. to promote the film's release on Blu-ray and DVD."

The rarely seen, shocking British feature CORRUPTION, starring Peter Cushing as a mad surgeon, will hit Blu-ray and DVD on September 10. The Grindhouse Releasing special edition of CORRUPTION coincides with the legendary Hammer Films star's 100th birthday, and will be preceded by a series of theatrical playdates.

Four additional titles will follow in late 2013 and late 2014: Sergio Sollima's THE BIG GUNDOWN, THE SWIMMER, starring Burt Lancaster, Duke Mitchell's GONE WITH THE POPE and S.F. Brownrigg's SCUM OF THE EARTH (a.k.a. POOR WHITE TRASH PART 2). According to Murawski, the company's entire back catalog will also appear in new Blu-ray editions soon thereafter.


bdc 16th May 2013 06:43 PM

"I received confirmation from Grindhouse that CORRUPTION will be fully uncut, & contain all of the violence & nudity found in the continental release! " (Loversnacks over at Latarnia) :thumb:

Grindhouse Releasing's Youtube channel:


CORRUPTION Trailer C - YouTube

THE BIG GUNDOWN Trailer - YouTube

THE SWIMMER Trailer - YouTube

Mojo 16th May 2013 07:20 PM

Do you know if Corruption will be Region A locked? And / or will it be getting a UK release?

bdc 16th May 2013 07:32 PM

No I don't know that.

BAKA 17th May 2013 11:48 AM


Our upcoming Blu-ray re-release of PIECES is being mastered from 4K scans of the original camera negative. The work was done by Deluxe Lab in Madrid. Nothing but the best for a classic like PIECES. In addition, our upcoming release of THE SWIMMER was also scanned at 4K. Both coming to Blu-Ray soon.

Bob Murawski
Grindhouse Releasing
Oh my. Pieces on Blu-ray :woot:.

PaulD 17th May 2013 12:40 PM


Originally Posted by BAKA (Post 342193)
Oh my. Pieces on Blu-ray :woot:.

Awesome! Nice to see them getting back to announcing and releasing

Vampix 17th May 2013 12:44 PM

I've already got the lovely looking Grindhouse special edition DVD release of Pieces.Even though the film is a lot of fun, I very much doubt whether I would upgrade to Blu-ray for it.The Beyond, Cannibal Ferox and Cannibal Holocaust are a different matter though. :)

Jinx_Barkman 18th June 2013 03:43 AM

Grindhouse Releasing is proud to present the highly-anticipated release of one of cult cinema's legendary lost classics. Machine gun wielding mimes, robots, blood thirsty sharks, free loving debauchery and poignant anti-war monologues by raving mad hippies, all this and more is present in writer-director-prophet Amos Sefer's allegorical independent film, AN AMERICAN HIPPIE IN ISRAEL. Far out!


Bonus Features:
Deluxe Dual Layer Blu-ray Edition + DVD Combo + Bonus DVD
Spectacular New Hi-Definition Digital Restoration Of The Original U.S. Theatrical Version
PLUS - THE HITCHHIKER, The Uncensored Director's Cut
Six Controversial Scenes Deleted From The Original Release
In-depth Interviews With Stars Asher Tzarfati And Shmuel Wolf
Asher Tzarfati - An Israeli Actor In Israel - Bonus Featurette
Interview With Production Manager Moshe Berman
Interview With Singer/Co-Star Susan Devore
Channel 10 Tel Avi News Segment
A Cult Is Born - Featurette On Revival In Tel Aviv
16mm Screen Tests
Be Careful Children - Amos Sefer 16mm Short Film
Bonus 5.1 Audio Track - The Beverly Cinema Experience
Liner Notes By Acclaimed Horror Novelist John Skipp
Still Galleries, Trailer, Filmographies
Optional Hebrew Sub-Titles
Grindhouse Releasing Prevues Of Coming Attractions


Daemonia 18th June 2013 12:10 PM

An American Hippie in Israel. Finally. I've only been waiting 13 years for them to release it. I can't believe how quick they are. :lol:

Jinx_Barkman 9th October 2013 04:47 AM

Special Features:
* Four Disc Deluxe Limited Edition Combo Pack - Two Blu-rays, One DVD And One Bonus CD
* Individually Numbered And Limited To 3000 Copies
* Spectacular New 2K Digital Restoration Of The Original Uncensored English Language Version, Newly Expanded With Three Additional Scenes
* LA RESA DEI CONTI - The Complete, 110 Minute Director's Cut Presented In Italian With Optional English Bubtitles And Special Musical Subtitles
* Bonus CD - THE BIG GUNDOWN - Original Soundtrack By Ennio Morricone
* Compelling In-Depth Interviews With Director Sergio Sollima, Star Tomas Milian And Screenwriter Sergio Donati (ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST)
* Audio Commentary By Western Film Experts C. Courtney Joyner And Henry C. Parke
* Liner Notes By C. Courtney Joyner And Euro-Music Expert Gergely Hubai
* Extensive Still Galleries, Trailers And TV Spots

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