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Susan Foreman 21st February 2020 02:55 PM


'Phase IV' (1974) - Limited Edition Blu-ray pre-order available from 101 Films direct - £15.00

Release date: April 6th

"Title number 012 in the Black Label range. This Limited Edition version includes a slipcase and a booklet.

101 Films presents 1970s sci-fi classic Phase IV (1974), a gripping and philosophical cult classic that examines humanity’s place in the universe, releasing on Blu-ray for the first time in the UK. Phase IV is the only feature film directed by legendary designer and filmmaker Saul Bass. This release includes his original ending, among a host of additional extras, including a bonus disc featuring the finest of the director’s short films. This limited edition version features special packaging, and a booklet with newly-commissioned writing on the history of ‘killer bug’ movies and the career of Saul Bass.

In a sealed lab in the Arizona desert, scientists James Lesko (Michael Murphy, Manhattan) and Dr. Ernest Hubbs (Nigel Davenport, A Man for All Seasons) search for answers to an evolutionary shift in the ant population; the development of a collective intelligence and cross-species hive mentality. With humanity under threat, the scientists are faced with the choice of either communicating with, or eradicating their antagonists."

Special features:
Disc 1
* New HD restoration
* The Original Saul Bass ending (plus optional commentary)
* An Ant's Life: Contextualising Phase IV, a documentary on the film's influences
* Commentary with film historians Allan Bryce and Richard Holliss
* Limited Edition Booklet: includes Phase IV by Deborah Allison, and Adapt or Die: Killer Bug Cinema and Phase IV by Liam Hathaway

Disc 2
* Saul Bass: Short Films
- The Searching Eye (1964)
- Why Man Creates (1968)
- Bass on Titles (1977)
- Notes on the Popular Arts (1978)
- The Solar Film (1980)
- Quest (1984) (new HD restoration)

* Cert: TBC
* Runtime: Disc 1 - 101' 45"
* Runtime: Disc 2 127' 27"
* Aspect ratio: 16:9 (1.85:1)
* Format: Blu-ray
* Region: B
* Sound: Stereo PCM
* Language: English
* Subtitles: English HOH
* Cat no.: 101BL012
* First 3,000 copies come with limited edition slipcase and booklet

Rob4 21st February 2020 05:44 PM

nice. surprised that its 101 that seems to have access to the Paramount Library!

The Reaper Man@Cult Labs 21st February 2020 07:06 PM

101 are becoming a great label!

Phase IV is one of the best of the '70's 'nature bites back' movies.

The Reaper Man@Cult Labs 21st February 2020 07:08 PM

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Original artwork as well! :cool:

Rob4 21st February 2020 08:50 PM


Originally Posted by The Reaper Man@Cult Labs (Post 620998)
101 are becoming a great label!

Phase IV is one of the best of the '70's 'nature bites back' movies.

hopefully, more Paramount to come like Let's Scare Jessica to Death :cool:

The Reaper Man@Cult Labs 24th February 2020 02:51 PM

Don’t see why not now that Scream Factory have put out an he release.
I watched it l@st week and it’s stunning.

However,I’d get shot of it in an instant for a 101 set.:nod:

it'smebilly 29th February 2020 09:23 PM

It would be great to have releases of April fool's day and My bloody Valentine's originals of course.

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J Harker 19th March 2020 03:32 PM

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101 are putting the excellent Screamers out.

Title number 013 in our Black Label range. This Limited Edition version includes a slipcase and a booklet.
101 Films*presents*Screamers(1995), an action-packed sci-fi thriller starring Peter Weller (Robocop), based on Philip K. Dick’s story*Second Variety.

The year is 2078. The man is rebel Alliance Commander Col. Joseph Hendricksson (Weller), assigned to protect the Sirius 6B outpost from ravage and plunder at the hands of the New Economic Bloc. His state-of-the-art weaponry are known as Screamers: manmade killing devices programmed to eliminate all enemy life forms. Screamers travel underground, their intent to kill announced by piercing shrieks. They dissect their victims with sushi precision, then eradicate all traces of the carnage. They are lethal. Effective. Tidy. And somehow, they are mutating – self-replicating into human form – and slaughtering every beating heart on the planet.

Brand New Extras

Commentary*with film critic Kevin Lyons

Limited edition booklet: Includes*In Space, No One Cares if You Scream*by Liam Hathaway and*When the Machines Rock: Philip K. Dick and the Dystopian Dream*by Scott Harrison

Additional Extras

Northern Frights*– An interview with director Christian Duguay

Orchestrating The Future*– An interview with producer Tom Berry

More Screamer Than Human*– An interview with co-writer Miguel Tejada-Flores

From Runaway To Space*– An interview with actress Jennifer Rubin

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Susan Foreman 20th March 2020 04:28 PM

Free shipping (within the UK)

Demdike@Cult Labs 20th March 2020 04:45 PM

I looked at the 101 sale earlier.

It's exactly the same as every other sale they've had.

No, it isn't. There are no dvd's on sale so it's worse than every other sale they've had. :lol:

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