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Rob4 21st February 2017 01:21 PM

there wasn't a Universal thread so thought i'd create one

two new legacy collections coming in May:

Nostalgic 25th March 2017 06:53 AM

Looks like the legacy collections are getting uk releases on 8th may according to amazon, though they arepriced at 50 each when you can get the american ones from around 28!

Justin101 25th March 2017 11:55 AM

Amazon tend to price everything at RRP nowadays until HMV list it at the actual street price, then they price match.

Looking forward to getting these sets :) It's just weird that 3 of them have Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein on them lol

Demoncrat 25th March 2017 03:24 PM

Watched The Wolf Man recently. Aside from the geography:lol: it's a belter.

The Reaper Man@Cult Labs 25th March 2017 06:03 PM

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Universal-stop with the shitty artwork re-releases and give us ORIGINAL artwork ala Warner Premium......I think you'd find they'd sell a lot more!:nod:

Nostalgic 10th May 2017 01:29 PM

The legacy collections are now out in the uk at around 30 each, but i was wondering (as someone who does not have a multi region blu ray player) what other good universal releases are out in america but not yet in the uk? As universal do not region code! Only one that springs to mind is halloween 3, but does anybody have any good region free horror blu suggestions that could be imported?

Nostalgic 22nd May 2017 08:08 AM

Don't know if it's temporary, but the Frankenstein legacy collection has jumped to a whopping 42 on amazon! I remember missing the legacy collections when they originally came out in the uk (with the 3 monster head statues) now they're overpriced, just don't have 120 to blow on 4 blu ray sets but worried they'll disappear as these things do, lol!

Justin101 22nd May 2017 09:44 AM

My main issues with these sets is the sheer repetition of films, Frankenstein has 8 films but I think 3 of those can be found on the Dracula set and perhaps the Wolf Man set as well. And since I have the 'Monsters' set already, along with the repetition of films I think I'd rather wait until all the individual releases come out. So far I think it's just The Mummy ones and the Abbot and Costello films.

Demdike@Cult Labs 22nd May 2017 10:54 AM

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That Mummy release has a stunning cover.

trebor8273 22nd May 2017 12:16 PM


Originally Posted by Demdike@Cult Labs (Post 534654)
That Mummy release has a stunning cover.

spoiled by the white circle!

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