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Old 2nd October 2009, 12:59 PM
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Default Weekly Comp - Rogue!! - 02/10/2009

Hey there!

Time for another healthy top-up of weekly comp juice Luvly.

There's Alligator and it's sequel, Crocodile and it's sequel, Lake Placid's sequel,and not forgetting Blood Surf, DinoCroc and SuperCroc to name but a few 'giant-man-eating-crocodile(/alligator)-movies' out there. But now, it's time to move those along your DVD shelf and make way for this week's prize...

Described as "Hugely entertaining, smart enough not to be condescending and thankfully not too long, Rogue deserves all the audience it can muster. As genre-filmmaking goes, it doesn’t get much better than this" by Bloody Disgusting

its... ROGUE

Here's some more details on the film....

Title: Rogue
Label: Icon Home Entertainment
Release date: 5th October 2009
Certificate: 15
Running time: 98 mins (approx)
Price: £15.99 (DVD)/£19.99 (Blu-Ray)
Director: Greg McLean
Stars: Radha Mitchell, Michael Vartan, Sam Worthington, John Jarratt


Greg McLean, writer-director of the hit Aussie shocker "Wolf Creek", returns with another visceral journey into Australia's heart of darkness that, like its predecessor, would be unlikely to do the country's tourist board any favours in terms of attracting visitors were it not for the amazing and beautifully shot scenery, which works conversely against the horrors on show. The difference this time around is the predator is not man but beast, in the form of one of nature's perfect killing machines – a very large, very territorial saltwater crocodile.

Written, directed and produced by McLean, ROGUE stars Radha Mitchell (Silent Hill and the forthcoming Surrogates), Michael Vartan (Alias), Sam Worthington (Terminator Salvation) and John Jarratt (Wolf Creek) in a terrifying tale of an intense struggle to survive in one of the most dangerous and remote places in the world.

American travel writer Pete McKell (Vartan) arrives in a small town in Australia's Northern Territory hoping to be able to write a piece on the area's growing tourist industry. Having lost his luggage en route, he joins a party of tourists on a tidal river cruise boat captained by young, attractive tour guide, Kate Ryan (Mitchell). Shortly after departure their idyllic journey upriver to take in the local wildlife and scenery is temporarily interrupted by the arrival of Kate's drunken ex-boyfriend and his mate in their speedboat, both of whom seem intent on harassing Kate and her group of passengers. Proving chivalry is not dead, Pete and another member of the group manage to embarrass the interlopers into leaving. The rest of the trip proves to be relatively uneventful until, just as they are about to head back to the landing, the group spots a flare in the sky a couple of miles up river. Against the wishes of several of those on board, Kate makes the decision to respond to the distress signal and pilots the boat further upstream. Arriving at the scene, they discover a capsized boat but no survivors. Suddenly, their own vessel is rammed from below the water causing irreparable damage and forcing them to abandon the sinking wreck for the refuge of a tiny, mud bank island in the middle of the river. As the sun begins to set and the tide starts to rise, Kate, Pete and the others realise to their horror that they are being stalked by a monstrous crocodile with an insatiable appetite.

A hugely enjoyable and suspenseful monster movie in the tradition of "Jaws", "Alligator", "Piranha" and "Lake Placid", ROGUE rises above the standards of the average "creature feature" thanks to its stellar cast, unusually strong characterisation, outstanding cinematography by the late, award-winning Director of Photography, Will Gibson (Macbeth; Wolf Creek) and a disturbingly convincing crocodile.

(cert. 15 tbc) will be released on DVD (£15.99) and Blu-ray (£19.99) by Icon Home Entertainment on 5th October 2009. Special Features include: audio commentary by writer-director-producer Greg McLean; The Making of Rogue featurette; Welcome To The Territory – a gallery of mini documentaries; The Real Rogue.

Brilliant stuff eh!

Right, time to croc on with the comp (see what I did there! ...mmm)

Since last week's comp (Amsterdamned) was all about words, this week's comp'll focus more on pictures! But there's a little weeny twist. Rather than me select a screen shot from bunch of films and you try to guess what it is, the rules have changed ever soo slightly.

Instead of me picking the shots, it's up to YOU to pick them. Make any sense? Nope. Thought so! ALL you need to do, is, below, submit two different times. By that I mean write a reply with two different numbers in, between 0 and 90 (whole numbers). Once I recieve 10 sets of numbers from 10 people (only send one set each), then I can work me magic...or not.

After the ten (or on saturday, whichever comes first! ), I'll post 20 pictures in total. These will be taken from 10 films - two screenshots taken at the two numbers (minutes) you submitted below.

THEN, it's up to you to guess what the film is! Now, because it's you who are choosing the screenshot, in effect, it could be super easy or on the other hand, extremely bloody hard! But we'll see. Once the pictures are uploaded, saturday afternoon most likely, simply PM me your guesses on what the 10 films are.

The 3 people to successfully get all 10 correct (or the 3 to get the most right) will each win ROGUE! If it's a draw, I'll be randomly selecting the winners next friday.

Oh and again, ANYONE CAN ENTER AND YOU CAN GUESS THE FILMS AS OFTEN AS YOU LIKE - there's no penalty - I'm nice like that!

So, good luck, and submit those two times.......


And as they say, "See you later,crocodile"....or something like that.
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Old 2nd October 2009, 01:01 PM
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And that DVD cover is just yummy!

Old 2nd October 2009, 01:08 PM
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Ha - nice!


13 Minutes
64 Minutes

Old 2nd October 2009, 01:17 PM
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Right, Philleh's in there straight away! Only 9 more to go

Old 2nd October 2009, 01:48 PM
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10 and 11.
Old 2nd October 2009, 02:16 PM
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18 mins and 83 mins.
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Old 2nd October 2009, 04:29 PM
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34mins and 77mins
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Old 2nd October 2009, 04:39 PM
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6 minutes
85 minutes
Old 2nd October 2009, 05:19 PM
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Old 2nd October 2009, 06:58 PM
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mine are 22 and 66
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