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Cat 14th March 2012 10:06 PM

What do you think happened to Sandy Edwards?
Happily, in Australia on pay TV Foxtel they show Prisoner every weeknight on the 111 Hits channel (best part of the day!) Last night's episode was the one where Dr Kate Peterson and Sandy Edwards (my fave top dog EVER) go out to the bins to have 'a chat' and Sandy never comes back. The assumption is that Kate killed her and dumped her body into the waste disposal truck but the other suggestion is that she took her opportunity to escape. Sandy did make a few cryptic mentions of getting out of Wentworth for good after she took care of lagger Kate in earlier episodes. I like to think she escaped but I know that is surely not the case, Sandy's character was big on revenge and I doubt she would have let Kate off the hook that easily. Frustrating that they leave it up to the viewer!:confused: What do my fellow lags reckon happened? Ps how awesome was it that she was sleeping with screw Steve Faulkner :woot:

JAMIOUSE 15th March 2012 07:05 PM

I think it's all left rather ambiguous on purpose, at least in the broadcast episode anyway. The actress who played Sandy was pregnant at the time and I think they had to rather hastly write her out of the programe, her belly is rather obvious in some scenes. Maybe they shot a proper scene of Sandy escaping or Kate clonking her over the head but it had to be cut for timing. Sandys departure is like normal for Prisoner rather hastily forgotten bar a few mentions in the following episode that's it.

Cat 15th March 2012 07:54 PM

Oh I didn't know she was pregnant. it's funny you say that because it coincided with the new Wentworth tight button down denim uniforms with the fetching brown checkered shirts (yuck) and remarked to my husband a couple of episodes ago how Sandy looked bigger in that uniform, I thought it was the unflattering cut of the clothes but it seems not! I agree, people do leave suddenly in Prisoner often rather quickly and without much fanfare, then again I guess there is a bit of a 'life is cheap' thing going on n Prisoner. The most up in the air one I can recall is Lynne Warner who was kidnapped by mistake after her release on her way back home to her parents in the country. The writers never really tied that one off, you were left to hope/assume that someone tips off the police and they rescue her. But the great thing about Prisoner is no matter how much you love a character when they are gone they always replace them immediately with someone just as interesting. :)

JAMIOUSE 15th March 2012 08:48 PM

Lynn Warner is a classic example of a major character just been dismissed. After all the who-ha of the kidnap she's rescued and that's it, no mention of her again until she's refered to as 'Waterfall Warner'. Yes the actress who played Sandy Edwards was pregnant hence the bump and mostly head shots, I believe that when she was cast she didn't know she was pregnant then found out and was hastily written out. I think she was intended to be around a good while but had to leave. I think her bump becomes more obvious all of a sudden as the December / January Aussie soap shutdown becomes apparent. On the other Prisoner Forum we discussed what we thought were the last and first episodes filmed for that year and next. It's usually obvious with sudden hairstyle changes / length and costumes and set changes.

Cat 16th March 2012 04:56 AM

Funny you should say about the changes in hair styles I have noticed the odd sudden hair style change or even hair growth but I never thought beyond it to think that it coincided with breaks in filming.
I was on a Who's Who in Wentworth site the other day and I was amazed to realise that Ian Smith was one of the head writers of Prisoner apart from playing a minor role onscreen. In my 80s childhood he was Harold on Neighbours and as happens when you are a kid I envisaged that the actor was the character in his real life. Now as an adult it's funny to look back and realise he was writing these quite controversial (at the time) plots for Prisoner well before he played befuddled old churchy Harold! :)

cap1010 16th May 2012 12:02 PM

I've always felt Kate did definitely kill Sandy. When they're both near the bins, Kate has a metal bin lid in her hand and a sinister look on her face. It just looks as though she's about to clobber Sandy with the lid but they just cut away from the scene. It was a very ambigous scene - just like Sonia Stevens' final scene. I love the mystery of both their exits.

ScottishMermaid 26th August 2012 01:21 PM

I think she was killed by Kate.

And yeah...I was just about to say...what on earth happened to Sonia? I loved Sonia!!

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