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The~Governor 19th April 2012 05:48 PM

Greatest ever Prisoner character
Who is the greatest character ever to appear in Prisoner?

If you could only pick one who would it be?

Which character do you think stood head and shoulders above the rest?

Which character, whenever you think of Prisoner, do you regard as being synonymous with the show?

Who is the star of Prisoner?

For me it has to be Joan Ferguson even though she didn't join until around half way through the series.

Her ongoing feud with top dog, Bea Smith, during the 1982/83 season (Prisoner's BEST ever season IMO) is the stuff of Prisoner folklore and is what has made the serial enduring viewing long after it ended production in Australia IMO.

She came in like a tornado, took the show by the scruff of its neck, shook it up and gave it the new lease of life that was needed at that time.

She changed the face of the show forever. Never before had a character had such a dramatic impact on the serial. Never again would life be the same in Wentworth following Joan's arrival in episode 287.

Not only do I consider the Freak to have been Prisoner's best ever character but I also regard her portrayer, Maggie Kirkpatrick as the finest actress ever to have graced the corridors of Wentworth.

But who's your favourite?

Do you regard Bea as the best ever character or perhaps the comical Lizzie or perhaps even going back all the way to volume 1 episodes, Franky Doyle?

Let me know

Robert 20th April 2012 12:15 AM

Chrissie Latham

The~Governor 20th April 2012 05:27 AM

Chrissie was a great character and one of my favourites epsecially during her final stint in the show.

It's just a shame she only ever appeared in around 100 or so episodes - too few episodes IMO.

It would have been great if she could have hung around Wentworth for a while longer.

Big jim Fletcher 13th July 2012 10:38 PM

Gotta say 'Big' Jim Fletcher.
Currently watching vol 8, and Jim just went in (commando-style) and broke up the riot, and saved the two wardens. Plus Alf (from 'Home And Away') blew up his wife and kids, and he's a vietnam vet, with a phobia of blood (can he get anymore badass?)

Plus, he's only meant to be 35 year old (I guess he's had a rough paper-round?)

Heffnersheri48 21st July 2012 09:19 PM

My favorite prisoner
Don't laugh at me, but mine was Pixie Mason. :nod:

downbull 25th August 2012 10:14 PM

I'ts got to be Vera for me.

ScottishMermaid 26th August 2012 12:54 PM

That's difficult but...
I THINK my ultimate fave is Vera...but she is very closely followed by both Pixie Mason and Bea Smith....there are so many good characters in the show...the best character driven series I have ever seen. I just finished all 692 episodes yesterday, then started at episode 1 again a few hours later...hahaha. I LOVE PCBH! :)

Also adore Rita, Reb, Lou, Sonia, Jude, Ann, Erica, Joanie, Monnie, Chrissie, Alice, Loreli...LOL...oh and also love Coleen and Joycie! :)

Heffnersheri48 26th August 2012 04:03 PM

Favorite character
I loved the Vera character too, Plus as I said Pixie, plus Bea, Lizzie, Doreen,Reb,Loreli, Alice,Helen Smart, Lou,Julie,Lexie,Willie the weeper,Merle, Kath Maxwell,Cass,Phyllis, Hazel, I even liked Marie Winter. Plus I liked Colleen,Ann,Erica, Jim, Steve, Meg,Joyce,plus more that would take upp all my space.:happy:

ScottishMermaid 26th August 2012 04:47 PM

heehee, so many good characters! I just created a new thread of my favourites!

Jacks4nik 31st December 2012 08:18 AM

I think it's so funny that most guys would chose chrissie.i have to say the freak was pretty damn good and Marie winter played it so well.bea was fantastic...there's so many

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