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Old 8th October 2012, 07:52 PM
Join Date: Aug 2012
Location: Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK.

I had previously posted my top 25 but I had to change it to 35 and wasn't able to change the title, so I updated the list.

35 - LIZZIE BIRDSWORTH- She made me laugh on several occasions!

34 - BRANDY CARTER/LAURA GARDINER - I found the split personality thing very interesting. (and funny)

33 - DAPHNE GRAHAM - Because, even though her character was irritating, she had me in hysterics on many an occasion.

32 - MARTHA EAVES - I loved her! LOL!! Dumb Ass Martha! She should have gotten much longer in the show!

31 - LEN MURPHY - One of only 2 men to make my list...why? He was a good baddie...but he would have made the list purely for bashing Marlene's face in with the door, hahahahaha!

30 - CYNTHIA LEACH - - May never have been seen but boy she still had a presence!

29 - SHARON GILMORE - I loved how she stirred so much trouble. Also, the character was the link to other classics, Jock Stewart and Judith Bryant coming into the show...a classic character.

28 - JOCK STEWART -Only 2 male characters made my list. I loved him because the character was such a pantomime villain but wow was he a good one!! LOL!!

27-ETTIE PARSLOW - She was absolutely hilarious; Lois Ramsey was great and I much preferred her in this role compared to the Agnes Forster role. (although she was good as Agnes Forster too, I personally just didn't care much for the character).

26-LORELI WILKINSON - -She was just so sweet.

25-NOLA MCKENZIE- - I hated her but boy she was fun, LOL.

24-COLEEN POWELL - - Thought the actress played her really well and I missed her when she left.

23-NOLEEN BOURKE - - Loved how she spoke through her nose and was always up to no good! Very attractive

22-JOAN FERGUSON - - I tried not to like her...wasn't possible, lol.

21-JOYCE BARRY/PRINGLE - -Goofy fun.

20-FRANKY DOYLE - - Only seen in the first box set (UK) but had a lasting impression.

19-HELEN SMART- - So much fun, always so happy! (until her annoying sister comes along)

18-MARGO GAFFNEY - - LOL....for the hair alone...

17-CASS PARKER - - She was really sweet and got a really bad deal.


15-ERICA DAVIDSON - - Because I love how she says 'meemo'

14-MARIE WINTERS - - Because I love her devious laugh, LOL! (and what an escape, LOL)

13-MYRA DESMOND - - Great top dog...a true heroine...

12-SANDY EDWARDS - - For making the riot episodes so bloody brilliant.

11-SONIA STEVENS - - Very good as the ice queen...

10-ANN REYNOLDS- - Lovely, classy lady...Gerda was fabulous.

9-MONICA FERGUSON- - LOL....Monnie...for the initial shower scene alone...

8-REB KEANE - - Great character, Janet Andrewartha was fabulous in this role.

7-KATE PETERSEN - - Because I loved mad Kate...and she was ace in the big riot...

6-ALICE JENKINS - - Because she was trampled on by Lou Kelly but came out on top...go Alice...she finally belonged!!

5-JUDY BRYANT - - Because she was so sweet and caring...and funny!

4-LOU KELLY - - hahaha, she was simply fabulous!

3-RITA CONNORS- - I LOVE you Rita Connors...why else? Because she brought down the freak!!

2-BEA SMITH - -Yes, shared number 2 - - Because she was Queen Bea of course!

2-PIXIE MASON - Because she had me in stitches of laughter every scene she had.

1 - VERA BENNET- - BECAUSE SHE WAS SIMPLY SUPERB....misunderstood, really a sweetheart inside - and because she had the best nick name in the history of the show...LOL.
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Old 24th November 2012, 04:23 PM
Join Date: Aug 2012
Location: Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK.

Number 35 should really have been Hazel Kent now that I think about it...oh well.

My mind changes continually regarding my favourites but this is an accurate representation.
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