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iluvdvds@Cult Labs 25th October 2011 06:12 PM

Competition: Win Prisoner: Cell Block H Volume 10
Hello everyone!

Hope you're all doing well.

Who would like to get their hands on the latest Prisoner: Cell Block H box set? Perhaps a better question would be, 'Who wouldn't?'!

Yes that's right, this week we're giving away 3 copies of Prisoner: Cell Block H, Volume 10, out on the 31st of this month.

Here's a little info on the release...

The Freak Ferguson gets into her stride at Wentworth, dealing out bashings and false alibis and fire hosing the inmates. Meanwhile, top dog Bea is trying for parole but continues to hand out punishments as normal.

On the outside, Susie gets involved with evil pimp Des, while the halfway house opens and is soon the scene for guns, fights, drug dealing and arrests.

And as new prisoner Maxine Daniels (Lisa Crittenden) reveals the truth about Joan’s past, by the end of this box set, three women are dead and so is Joan’s dog.

Sit back and enjoy 32 episodes and over 25 hours of classic TV action from the much loved Prisoner Cell Block H.

Exciting stuff! :faint:

Well this sweet baby could be all yours for free! But how do you win?

Well, all you need to do is have a bit of fun. If you could put any famous face (a celebrity, a politician, actor, fictional character, whoever!) into the prison who would it be and why?

The three most creative and enjoyable entries will each win themselves this beautiful box set!

I'm planning on doing this with every future release of Prisoner - so keep your eyes pealed in the future :)

So that's it! Come up with the greatest/funniest/most creative entry. There's no limit to how many times you enter and any one, from all over the world, can join in.

This competition ends next tuesday - the 1st - and we'll send the winners their prize asap - without another mix-up like last time!


Kyle :thumb:


steevie1977 26th October 2011 07:58 PM

Jessica Fletcher - Murder She Wrote
Well the character I would like to of seen in PCBH is most definately Jessica Fletcher from 'Murder She Wrote' - the storyline could work round something like 'The Mystery of Erica Davidson's missing bottle of sherry from her office'.
Erica would of got permission from 'The Man from The Department' to bring in her old pal Jessica whom she met when she was visiting Cabot Cove - Jessica could of quite easily fitted in as she seems to know everyone or have some long lost relative in every country in the world in 'Murder She Wrote' lol

Upon investigating round Wentworth Jessica surprises Lizzie Birdsworth having a swig of Ericas prized grog and the script could unfold like this :

Lizzie: what you doin' sneaking up on people like that? it aint good for me weak ticker - this is medicinal prescribed by The Doctor we don't have in the prison since Greg went off with Karen.

Jessica: : Lizzie Birdsworth you old lush -now hush up and pass me that drink - i'm dying of thirst

Lizzie: People seem to have a habit of dying when you're around - but you bet you ripper (Lizzie cackles)

Later in Ericas office:

Vera Bennett: sit down Mrs Fletcher

Erica: ahhh very well Jessica I see you have solved the mystery ... very well

Jessica: hiccup whats that? a mystery? whats the mystery hiccup I'm too pissed to remember what the mystery was about
Me and my new pal Lizzie were having a good catch up hiccup over a nice drink of sher..... err i mean tea

Vera Laughs not believing Jessica

Erica: very well

Jessica: Very well

Vera: Very Well

Erica: Miss Bennett are you taking the mick? Very well..

Vera Bennett: no Mrs Davidson I'm merely making an observation that Mrs Fletcher here has had rather too much to drink and I heard her ask Birdsworth why the inmatescall me Vinegar Tits

Jessica: hiccup Miss Bennett there are some mysteries not even I can solve

The phone rings....

Erica: It's the man from the department he says we have to detain you here at Wentworth Mrs Fletcher for murders through out the series of 'Murder She Wrote'

Jessica: eh? what does that mean

Vera: It means ... Stand on the white line.....

Freeze to the gates slamming


iluvdvds@Cult Labs 26th October 2011 08:35 PM

:woot: What an entry! You've set the standards high already. Good luck with this Steevie :)

Robert 27th October 2011 02:21 AM

I would bung in the slammer Lily Savage!..I know in theory she has been in on the stage show musical..but how funny would it be seeing her on the tv show
She would give Chrissie a run for her money and would probably have trouble getting her roots done. Would probably be inside for nicking booze and fags from the offie
She would be first in line..maybe after Lizzie for any illicit alcohol going round and smoke the rest of the girls out of the water
She would petition for the women to be allowed high heels and leopard print bed spreads..and you can guess what The Freak will think of her!!

Cal2008 27th October 2011 09:44 AM

I would send adele she could be sent down for not paying a fine of some kind and takes over as top dog for a short time and as a quest acter sing the theme tune at the end,

mr 420 27th October 2011 03:05 PM

Surely it should be the cast of Loose Women, simply for crimes against humanity?

Cal2008 28th October 2011 05:16 PM

You could of had fiz from coronation street dealing with life not inside weatherfield prison but inside wentworth teaming up with bea to stop drugs getting into wentworth, and then erica could buy rosie flat so she would be in coronation street and prisoner cast.

You_little_beauty! 31st October 2011 08:55 AM

I would put Courtney Love inside. She could be on remand for well.... being herself.

I would imagine she would take over the drugs trade with Reb, set up a ring of pros on the outside that Chrissie would manage, write really bad music like Sheila Brady who stole Pixie's song from Judy, get lizzie to make a still to keep everyone giggling and constantly be fighting in the laundry with bea!

She would then be sentenced to life and shipped off to Blackmoor to be top dog. :woot:

mr 420 31st October 2011 10:22 AM

IMO C L should already be in jail. I would of loved to of seen good ol' Maggie Thatcher sitting in the Guv's seat, ruling Wentworth with an iron hand and having Ernest Craven as her pet lackey. Joan would have someone to look up to and aspire to be. :)

Of course it wouldn't be all kittens and rainbows, as the women would find out in the first week after their milk has been taken away, buy-out up 1000% in inflation and the laundry getting privatised!

iluvdvds@Cult Labs 1st November 2011 01:47 PM

You guys sure don't make things easy do ya :laugh: This was one tough competition to judge!

But I finally wittled it down to the three entries that I would love to see happen in the Prisoner world. And those three are (in no particular order)...

:first: Robert's Lily Savage!

:second: Mr420's Loose Women entry!

and :third:Steevie1977's Jessica Fletcher!

:woot: :woot: Congratulations to everyone who took part and, especially to the three lucky winners! I'll be in contact with you in just a bit :)

Also, look out for other Prisoner competitions in the future - I'm hoping to have a big Christmas giveaway and one for every upcoming release too - so keep your eye out!

Kyle :cool:

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