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iluvdvds@Cult Labs 20th February 2012 11:17 PM

P:CBH Vol. 11 - Gifs!
It's out!!!!!!!!!

The 11th volume of Prisoner: Cell Block H was released today. Horray! So, to celebrate this, I've put together a few fun GIFs from the series. I'm hoping to post up some more (of the fire and other big scenes), but here's just a taster.


WARNING: Depending on the speed of your computer and internet connection some of these may take a minute or so to work properly :)

Having a chin-wag with Meg...

It's coming! It's coming! PUSH!

Never get on the wrong side of Queen Bea - she's got a mean sting in her tail


Prisoner: Cell Block H will be released on the 20th Feb 2012 and can be pre-order here:

iluvdvds@Cult Labs 21st February 2012 02:46 PM

And here's a few more from the (now out!) 11th Volume...

The Freak prepares to get her freak on...

It's the ultimate battle! Who will win?

The famous Wentworth fire! Burn, baby, burn!

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