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Old 14th June 2011, 02:01 PM
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Default Competition: Are You the UK's Biggest Prisoner Fan?




Yes fellow lags, now's your chance to finally prove your devotion to the world's greatest soap and TV's most gripping Prison drama. It's a show that inspires a very unique sort of devotion from it's hardcore fans and if you think you're on the inside, now your chance to show it and win the first seven volumes of the series into the bargain. Celebrate the upcoming release of Volume 8 of the show by entering now!

Pause for a moment to imagine just how great they're going to look in your cell....

How do I win?

1) Add a paragraph or two below telling us why you love Prisoner. The aim here is find the UK's No.1 fan, so if you can't go to sleep without the theme song ringing in your ears like a lullaby then we need to know. If you've taken an occasional ribbing from friends who don't get it then this wins points. If you've ever written PCBH fan fiction, shout it out loud (although please don't contribute any Wentworth novels here, start a thread elsewhere please...). Basically, it's up to you to convince us that you're the biggest fan so go for it.

Note: This thread is for entries only. Please make one post and refrain from commenting on other entries (Mods may pop up from time to time though...). There's loads to explore in the forum and plenty of places to share other Prisoner thoughts and opinions so have a good look around. Which leads me to the second part of the competition...

2) Start or contribute to 10 threads. You know Prisoner, You love Prisoner. Share your ideas and opinions on the show in the other PCBH threads in the official forum. Get out there and help make the forum the No.1 spot for Wentworth lags.

Competition ends on July 4th 12.00 am GMT. Good Luck!

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Old 14th June 2011, 05:55 PM
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is this the right place for the competition.....anyway....

i once went camping and took a 14 inch portable t.v and a car battery to run it off, so i wouldnt miss prisoner cell block H...the battery ran out before the camping ended, so we packed up and went we wouldn't miss an episode!!!!
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Old 14th June 2011, 05:58 PM
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love the acting, the music, the suspense, the storylines,love everything about prisoner cell block h
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Old 14th June 2011, 06:02 PM
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Thanks Looby3 and Roberto.

Yes you're in the right place. Camping is for a weekend. Prisoner is forever.
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Old 14th June 2011, 06:10 PM
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nearly finished volume 7 and looking fwd to volume 8 bring it on
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Old 14th June 2011, 07:14 PM
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Originally Posted by roberto View Post
nearly finished volume 7 and looking fwd to volume 8 bring it on
I remember once I couldnt sleep, so I stayed up and put the TV on late night and flicking the channels and was intrigued by this Aussie Soap that had women behind bars shouting and fighting and I thought what on earth is this?

So the next week I tuned in and was instantly hooked. I was about 14 at the time and every week since it was on Meridian (ITV) South, I watched till it ended.

Its a programme that to this day is still in my heart out of any other show and there will never be any show like it on TV again.

Thanks Prisoner for the memories and I enjoy watching them again with the DVD's that come out

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Old 16th June 2011, 08:11 PM
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Competition Prisoner

OMG OMG OMG............I could actually win box set 1-7 Absolutely loved this then got my hubby hooked and we were gutted when it finished but so glad The Freak got her come uppance!We had a lot of episodes on VHS and i honestly didn't know this was available on dvd or i would have them by now. I always had to record it as was on late but then when having tea the following day we would catch up.Since then though we have always had a look on sky just in case they put it on but have never seen it.
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Old 16th June 2011, 08:22 PM
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Default Double Up

I used to live in a house where we could receive both Anglia and Central regions on ITV. I used to come home from the pub with a take-out & takeaway and watch an episode from one series on Anglia whilst recording an episode from another series on Central to watch straight afterwards. I'd then climb the stairs to bed drunkenly singing the theme tune, much to the annoyance of my house mates
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Old 16th June 2011, 08:36 PM
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Could it be that I am the number one fan because I failed all my exams in high school because I was so tired from staying up to watch Prisoner? Or could it be the box of tapes in my loft with EVERY EPISODE BAR ONE from the point I started watching (Episode 158) to the end? Or how I didn't sleep for a week when I realised I'd missed one?

Or could it be because I own the only copy of the AUTOMATED SCRIPT WRITING TOOL that was used to create every episode of this fabulous show? That's right - there was NO HUMAN INVOLVEMENT in the scriptwriting in the entire 7 years the show was broadcast. To prove this, I have dusted off the Texas Instruments T11-4A computer that runs the software, and selected "CREATE NEW EPISODE" to come up with an all new episode, number 693. I hope you enjoy it!

Prisoner Cell Block H – the new episodes.
Created by the Automated Prisoner Cell Block H Episode Script Generator V1.3
Episode 693.
Bea Smith is operating the steam press, and all the other women are performing their duties. Bea is unhappy with the actions of Margot Gaffney, who has been trying to get the woman to make her top dog.
Bea: Ok, Smoko Girls. Hey, Margot, why don’t you come here and smooth these blankets flat on the steam press.
Margot: Yeah, sure Bea, whatever you say.
Margot brings the steam press down on Margot’s hands. Margot screams and falls backwards, knocking over a large, prominently placed box of Daz washing powder all over the floor. The scream alerts Mrs Morris and Vera Bennet who come running into the laundry from outside.
Vera: What’s going on here? This is a prison, not a holiday camp. Now clean this mess up or you’ll be on a charge!
Meg Morris: (sighing) Alright Margot, what’s going on?
Lizzie: Aw, fair go Mrs M! It was an accident, that’s all!
Meg: What do you think, Vera?
Vera: Isn’t it obvious? They’re animals, and should be treated as animals! It’s obvious that Bea Smith is responsible. She should be put in solitary. Best place for her if you ask me.
Meg: Well, I’m prepared to overlook this, this once.
Lizzie: Aw Mrs M, your bloods worth bottlin’!
Bea (to Lizzie, about Margot) – She’ll keep.
Part 2:
Erica Davidson walks into the laundry.
Erica: Alright, what’s going on here?
Frankie: Bloody screws! Bloody Bastards!
Vera: Watch your mouth Doyle or you’ll be on a charge!
Erica: I will not tolerate insubordination.
Barbie Cox: Naughty Naughty!
Camera cuts towards Edna Pearson, but as soon as she’s about to appear in frame, camera suddenly JUMP CUTS TO:
ERICA DAVIDSON’S OFFICE. Doreen, Judy, Merle and Lizzie are being interviewed to find out what happened to Margot.
Doreen: I promise Mrs. Davidson, I didn’t see what happened. I was with Teddy the whole time.
Lizzie: Well, I’ll be buggered!
Merle – I know how to find out what happened. We’ll ask Captain Marvellous! He’ll find out what happened and he’ll go BLAM! BLAM! VANDALS!
Merle runs around the room making car engine noises and shouting BLAM!
Judy: Oh my GAWD, are you out of your mind?
Erica: Get Merle out of here! I will not tolerate Captain Marvellous in this office.
The telephone rings. Erica answers.
Erica: Yes? Yes. Today? Very well.
Erica hangs up the phone. Immediately, there is a knock at the door.
Erica: Come in.
Miss Ferguson enters.
Ferguson: You wanted to see me governor?
Erica: Yes, I want you to take everyone in the prison to solitary.
Ferguson: Of course, governor.
Ferguson leaves with the prisoners in tow. Erica turns away from them and looks thoughtful and ponders the situation for just that bit too long, whilst some incidental “I am thinking” music plays.

Can I please enter the competition? Thanks!!!
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Old 16th June 2011, 08:40 PM
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I was introduced to Prisoner in the ol' Tyne Tees days by my mother. I remember watching recorded episodes from Tyne Tees in the early to mid 90's and even now I seem to recall it was on quite late although I would have been about 10-11 or so at the time so even 10pm would seemed quite late to me! I remember her recording it and watching it at the weekend (or in the morning if she was off during my school summer holidays) and watching some of them with her, being quite shocked at how gritty and violent it seemed to my young eyes! I'd love to watch some of it again to see how much I could remember but at the minute the dvds are at the very very bottom of a long to-buy-list unfortunately.

Hazy things I do remember:

* Lizzie smoking
* the steam press
* The Freak!
* A big fire in the prison
* someone (maybe Lizzie) finally being let out, being unable to adjust to life on the outside and comitting a minor crime (shoplifting?)
* An escape bid during a pantomime
* Constant talk of the "Top Dog"
* And finally, the theme tue which I used to find really depressing even back then
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