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Old 10th November 2012, 12:17 AM
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Default The unsolved mysteries of Wentworth...

Being the early 80`s TV was`nt what you would call sophisticated. Probably because no internet meant there was no means of discussing in a large group, flaws and holes in the writing. However there are some things that need to be asked and answered. Humorous and inventive solutions are more than welcome

What happened to Randi Goodloves body? She was perched above the boiler room, but it`s unlikely David `smuggled` her out and unless he dissected her and was food for the inmates for the next year, can we assume she is still there, albeit without a stench or even an aroma?

In the very last episode Reno was in her office alone an was extremely restless. She kept looking at the phone, then just before the detectives walked in she lunged at it, but hung up as the cops came in. Anyone with a fresh memory of this episode will know what the deal was with the Freak, but as far as I can see she had no reason to call anybody at that point, let alone be antsy about it. Really made no sense.

How come when there was a murder or an unsolved mystery, fingerprints were never thought of. Like when Lou Kelly got bopped, nobody bothered thinking about fingerprinting the bottle. The only time they were prevalent as far as I can remember is when Kath Maxwell threatened Rodney by telling him she would give the contraband with his fingerprints to the cops.

What happened to Officer `Piggy` Stout?

Was Reb faking her memory loss at the end of her appearance?

How was Judy a virgin when she started being a pro to trap Jock, then her long lost daughter turns up? Is it possible she forgot about the time she gave birth to a child and the circumstances that caused it?
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Old 17th November 2012, 04:44 AM
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Good idea, there were a number of mysteries and plot-holes caused by the rotation of Producers and Writers. The immaculate conception of Judy's daughter Laurie was probably one of the bigger mysteries, IMO.

Reyno's Daughter's Name?
How about wondering when Reyno's daughter changed her name from Julie to Pippa? When Reyno first appeared she mentioned her only daughter Julie, but when the daughter actually showed up she had changed her name to Pippa.

Age of Wentworth?
Or what about the changing age of the prison itself - at different times the prison had been implied to be a fairly recent, modern replacement for a much older prison (Lizzie would reminisce about the old prison in the earliest episodes) - later Lizzie seemed to forget about the old prison and talk about having been in Wentworth for countless years.

Age of Blackmoor?
And on the topic of the age of prisons, what about Blackmoor? It wasn't heard of before ep 400 - it probably can't have existed, otherwise when Bea Smith was transferred out of Wentworth for assaulting Joan, surely she would have been sent to a higher security prison rather than lower security Barnhurst. Then all of a sudden, mentions of Blackmoor appear in the storylines and it comes with a grim past reputation, yet is described at one point as "the new high security prison Blackmoor". When we eventually see scenes filmed at Blackmoor during Rita Connors' stay there it is clearly not a nice new prison and looked older than sin.
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Old 17th November 2012, 07:04 PM
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Yes I just saw the episode only this week where the Renmiester says about `the new high security prison, Blackmoor` and later on someone says something like `STRUTH!, The black hole?` So although new it has a nickname and a reputation. Although maybe they should have built it up more than they did until Rita got there. Apparently it was a disused power station. But I will give them credit - The place looked like a hell hole.

Yes `Joods` baby was a funny one,I could see someone calling her out on her virginity claim then a daughter popping up - "Look love, I dont remember having sex with a male at any point and I sure as hell dont remember spending nine months with a baby growing inside of me so can you please drop subject?"

There is also little tiny things like the `Barnhurst 8 ` or whatever number it was, and the fact they talked about Bea dying, yet they never spent a lot of time telling stories about her wars with Vinegar or the fact the Chook probably was the Doreen of Bea`s group, yet she does`nt say much neither did the others. And another weird thing - When Coleen`s family was killed Meg was in mourning and shock and stuff, fair enough. But around then Myra was doing her long stint on the show, In the past Meg and Myra got along, had mutual respect and known each other for years. So along comes Martin Kelly (Robert Hughes, the terrorist) and pops a cap in know. So Myra is dead - episode 549? 550? We lead on to the next episode which starts with a recap and Nora wont leave her side and even Reno is chocking back the tears. Everyone is in shock. Now, about...mer...20 to 30 minutes in to that episode, The same episode that showed the recap of Myra`s demise, I think it was Chook, who was walking down the corridor looking sad, upset and downcast, when along comes Meg - No not just Meg, Chirpy, happy, spring in her step Meg, who goes ahead and cheerily asks Chook with a straight face and that sugar free smirk, "What`s the matter? you look a bit down?' Or something to that effect. SERIOUSLY! Chook has just seem someone murdered in front of her, they were terrorized for 3 or so episodes and lost their beloved top dog! So the `Wentworth mystery` is - Was Meg secretly stupid? or secretly oblivious to everything around her?(including the continuously changing appearance of her son) Yes I know - The writers, but still!
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Old 17th November 2012, 07:15 PM
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Originally Posted by lostus View Post
So the `Wentworth mystery` is - Was Meg secretly stupid? or secretly oblivious to everything around her?(including the continuously changing appearance of her son) Yes I know - The writers, but still!
Yes... or... was she secretly just a bitch? I'm sure I read somewhere once that the actress was.
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Old 19th November 2012, 06:24 PM
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Ok, I did`nt want to get accused of `Meg-ativity` but I will tell you something truthful.

A very close friend of mine who is about 72 (I`m 39) is a world weary traveler, Lived everywhere from Trafalga square to desert islands, mainly because her late husband (A former Nazi pow) was a doctor. Anyway one of her stops was in theatre. I was discussing Prisoner once with her and she came out with `Ugh! Elspeth Ballityne!(?)` After quizzing her she said that they were in a theatre company together and Elspeth was quite up herself. (This was BEFORE prisoner and the other show she did before that) The reason she was up herself in my friends opinion, was `Her father was close friends with the head of the north (I think it was north) Adelaide amateur theatre company we were both in`, To which I replied `Well if there is anyone you want to be friends with, it`s gotta be the head of the north Adelaide amateur theatre company` So in all my friend said she just thought she was better than everyone else and was a bit snobby. I will ask my friend again, so I get my facts more accurate. But it would`nt surprise me.
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Old 23rd November 2012, 10:17 PM
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Location: Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK.

I always find that many of the continuity errors were so careless....I mean, the whole Joyce one...first of all she had two children, and had suffered morning sickness during pregnancy. Then later on, she claims she couldn't have children but has an adopted mention of a daughter (she said she had a daughter as well as a son in earlier conversations).

Also, in her earlier episodes, she was the union rep...but later on she says she would hate to be the rep...?? I think that is very silly errors because surely the actors or actresses would remember these lines? I mean, they read the script and rehearsed them....surely? I don't know why they would forget these details..I know I certainly wouldn't....this leads me to believe that the actresses' opinions weren't taken into consideration because I cannot imagine that they never mentioned it to the writers that these are very huge continuity errors.

Although the character recycling of actors didn't annoy me personally, it is very strange that some actors played so many characters.....Marnie (Conway's man) played many characters, and Ray Meagher had at least 3 big roles and always the villain...I find that very strange!! And a huge character like Sharon was also played by an actress who had two big roles......odd.

Also....during the riots, the reception door....the glass was broken in an entirely different place in the earlier half of the riot than when the riot was over....LOL.....very strange continuity error.
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