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Old 28th June 2019, 06:39 AM
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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
Planet Of Fire Part 1
Peri: Do you really think we've left Earth?
Kamelion/Howard: The Tardis is mine.
Peri: Sorry?
Kamelion/Howard: The Tardis is mine.
Peri: What are you doing, Howard? Don't touch that!
(Foster closes the doors.)
Kamelion/Howard: I have succeeded. Contact has been made.
(Peri screams, Howard laughs, then transforms into the Master.)
Peri: Who are you?
Kamelion/Master: I am the Master, and you will obey me.
Planet Of Fire Part 2
Peri: Where could they have gone?
Kamelion/Master: My dear Peri. How positively evanescent you've become. In fact your disappearance has given me a great deal of trouble.
Peri: You keep away from me.
Kamelion/Master: You've removed a component from the Doctor's Tardis. Return it to me instantly.
(Peri tries to run, but they are at the edge of a sheer drop. She holds the comparator out over the void.)
Peri: One step nearer and you'll never get this back.
Kamelion/Master: If you damage that comparator, the Doctor's Tardis is useless.
Peri: So keep your distance or I drop it.
Kamelion/Master: Give me that component immediately!
Peri: This thing belongs to the Doctor, so it's the Doctor I give it to and no one else.
Kamelion/Master: You will obey me.
Peri: No.
Kamelion/Master: I am the Master!
Peri: So what? I'm Perpugilliam Brown and I can shout just as loud as you can.
Kamelion/Master: Peri, be reasonable. Without the comparator, you will never return to Earth. Do you wish to stand here till the planet's destroyed? Well? Answer!
Peri: Kamelion! Where are you, Kamelion? Come on, show me your real self. Come on!
Kamelion/Master: No.
Peri: Yes, Kamelion, your real self. Come on. If you can't manage that, show me Howard, please!
Planet of Fire Part 3
Turlough: Sorry, Doctor. There was nowhere else I could bring them.
The Doctor: Welcome, gentlemen.
Turlough: This is the Doctor. He's not an enemy of Logar, but an elder from the city of Gallifrey.
The Doctor: Do any of you recognise this?
(The Doctor puts the image of the silver-suited person on another console monitor. Timanov and the elders kneel.)
Timanov: Logar.
Turlough: You see? He appears at the Doctor's command.
Timanov: Why doesn't he strike down the heretics?
Turlough: Logar is the friend of all people, whether they believe in him or not. He's only angry when the citizens fight amongst themselves. (sotto) It's a man in a thermal suit.
The Doctor: Hmm. Must be some sort of control centre inside the volcano. Timanov, have you actually ever seen Logar?
Timanov: Yes, once, when I was a boy.
The Doctor: Where?
Timanov: It was the summit of the fire mountain. The fire god spoke to me, encouraged me to inhale the gases. I felt intoxicated, invigorated. I felt reborn.
Amyand: You were drunk.
Timanov: When I returned from the mountain, my body and my mind felt stronger and fitter.
The Doctor: I wonder if that's what the Master wants. To be born again.
Planet Of Fire Part 4
Captain: We must hurry.
Turlough: Am I under arrest?
Captain: Do you wish to be?
Turlough: I thought
Captain: Things have changed on Trion. Former political prisoners are no longer persecuted. You're welcome to return. (The Tardis materialises.) Or not, as you please.
Malkon: Turlough.
Captain: We'd best be gone.
Turlough: You go. Go on, please. (Malkon leaves, followed by Amyand. The Doctor and Peri come out.) My exile has been rescinded.
The Doctor: I'm pleased for you.
Turlough: Doctor, I
The Doctor: I shall miss you.
Turlough: I don't want to go, Doctor. I've learnt a lot from you. But I have to go back to Trion. It's my home.
The Doctor: Better to go back while you're a bit of a hero, eh?
(They shake hands.)
Turlough: Thank you for everything, Doctor. Look after him, won't you? He gets into the most terrible trouble.
Peri: Well, I
(Turlough leaves with the Captain.)
The Doctor: Well, I should get you home.
Peri: Oh, must you?
The Doctor: Oh, yes. Your friends will be worried.
Peri: It's funny, but just before I met you I was saying I wanted to travel, and I've still got three months of my vacation left.
The Doctor: And you want to travel with me.
Peri: Is that an invitation?
The Doctor: Actually, it was a question.
Peri: May I?
The Doctor: Three months, you say?
Peri: That's right.
The Doctor: All right. Why not. (The Tardis jerks and they grab the console.) Welcome aboard, Peri.
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Old 28th June 2019, 11:17 AM
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Default Image of the Day # 83

The eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) looks mightily fed up with the Sontarans in the 2012 mini episode Pond Life (Part one)

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Old 29th June 2019, 05:49 AM
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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
The Caves Of Androzani Part 1
The Doctor: I'm sorry I got you into this, Peri.
Peri: It's all right. It wasn't your fault. I mean, it's as much my fault as yours.
The Doctor: Yes, I should never have followed those tracks. Curiosity's always been my downfall. How's your rash, by the way?
Peri: It seems to be coming out in blisters now.
The Doctor: Me too. That fungus obviously had some very toxic properties.
Peri: Well, I don't suppose we'll die of it inside the next hour. (The Doctor looks through the small grill in the door.) Anything interesting?
The Doctor: No. It's like a graveyard.
The Caves Of Androzani Part 2
Peri: He's mad, Doctor. Utterly mad.
The Doctor: And a raving egoist. Said my mind was nearly the equal of his. Incredible conceit.
The Caves Of Androzani Part 3
(As the planet grows larger on the monitor, Krelper makes quick work of cutting through the metal door.)
Stotz [OC]: That'll do. (The hole is too hot to go through, but Stotz has a clear shot at the Doctor in the pilot's seat.) All right, snoop. Hands in the air and over here.
The Doctor: Why?
Stotz: Because I'll kill you if you don't.
The Doctor: Not a very persuasive argument actually, Stotz, because I'm going to die soon anyway. Unless, of course
Stotz: I'll give you to a count of three.
The Doctor: Unless, of course, I can find the antidote. I owe it to my friend to try because I got her into this. So you see, I'm not going to let you stop me now!
Stotz: Three!
(As the planet surface fills the screen, the Doctor shuts his eyes.)
The Caves Of Androzani Part 4
(The Doctor and Peri tumble into the console room. The Doctor closes the doors and sets the Tardis in flight just before more mud geysers burst up through the ground where it had been parked.)
The Doctor: Peri? Peri, can you hear me? Open your mouth. You must drink this. (He pours the remains of the milk into Peri's mouth and drops the vial.) Is this death?
(The Doctor lies on the floor as Peri recovers.)
Peri: Doctor, what's happened?
(She cradles his head in her lap.)
The Doctor: Peri, I see Professor Jackij knew his stuff. Good old Jackij.
Peri: Jackij? You got the bat's milk?
The Doctor: Contains an anti-vesicant, I imagine. Interesting.
Peri: Where is it?
The Doctor: What?
Peri: The bat's milk!
The Doctor: Finished. Only enough for you.
Peri: There must be something I can do. Tell me!
The Doctor: Too late, Peri. Going soon. Time to say goodbye.
Peri: Don't give up. You can't leave me now!
The Doctor: I might regenerate. I don't know. (She lays his head down on the floor.) Feels different this time.
Tegan: What was it you always told me, Doctor? Brave heart? You'll survive, Doctor.
Turlough: You must survive. Too many of your enemies will delight in your death, Doctor.
Kamelion: Turlough speaks the truth, Doctor.
Nyssa: You're needed. You mustn't die, Doctor.
Turlough: Too many enemies would be delighted.
Adric: You know that, Doctor.
Nyssa: You mustn't die, Doctor.
Adric: You know that, Doctor.
The Doctor: Adric?
Nyssa: You mustn't die, Doctor.
The Master: No, my dear Doctor, you must die! Die, Doctor! Die, Doctor. Bwahahahahahaha!
(As the images of his companions and his laughing enemy circle his mind, the Doctor's features change. Back comes the curly hair. Suddenly a slightly older man sits up and looks at his hands.)
Peri: Doctor?
The Doctor: You're expecting someone else?
Peri: I, I, I.
The Doctor: That's three I's in one breath. Makes you sound a rather egotistical young lady.
Peri: What's happened?
The Doctor: Change, my dear. And it seems not a moment too soon.
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Old 29th June 2019, 11:02 AM
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Default Image of the Day # 84

A promo image featuring Michelle Gomez as Missy, Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and John Simm as the Master for The Doctor Falls (2017)

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File Type: jpg missy master (Large).jpg (76.2 KB, 32 views)
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Old 30th June 2019, 06:31 AM
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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
The Twin Dilemma Part 1
(The newly regenerated Doctor is showing off his new face.)
The Doctor: Well, Peri, what do you think?
Peri: It's terrible.
The Doctor: Oh, never mind about the clothes, they're easily changed. What about me?
Peri: I meant you.
The Doctor: Sorry? I'm afraid I don't understand.
Peri: Well, neither do I. I mean, people don't change like that. I mean, physically, just in a flash.
The Doctor: I'm not people, Peri. I happen to be me.
Peri: But why?
The Doctor: Natural metamorphosis. A form of rebirth. I call it a renewal, and this time, positive triumph. I can sense it in every fibre of my being.
Peri: Have you the faintest idea what you look like?
The Doctor: My outward appearance is of no importance whatsoever.
Peri: Well, it is to me. I have to live with it. (She goes through his jacket pockets and finds a mirror compact.) Here, look at yourself.
The Doctor: Very well, if you insist.
Peri: What do you see?
The Doctor: Ah. A noble brow. Clear gaze. At least it will be, given a few hours sleep. A firm mouth. A face beaming with a vast intelligence. My dear child, what on Earth are you complaining about? (He gives her the mirror back.) It's the most extraordinary improvement.
Peri: On what?
The Doctor: My last incarnation. I was never happy with that one.
Peri: Why ever not?
The Doctor: It had a sort of feckless charm, which simply wasn't me.
(The Doctor goes into the Tardis interior.)
Peri: Oh, what absolute rubbish! You were almost young. I really liked you. And you were sweet and
The Doctor: Sweet? Effete. Sweet? Sweet? Sweet? Huh, that says it all. Oh, but this has been a timely change. Change. What change? There is no change. No rhyme, no time. (The Doctor starts to cringe amongst a rack of clothes.) No place for space. Nothing. Nothing but the grinding engines of the universe, the crushing boredom of eternity. (The Doctor has recovered from his momentary breakdown and is looking through various outfits. He picks out Patrick Troughton's fur coat.) Hmm? No.
(He throws it down and picks up a red velvet jacket a la Jon Pertwee.)
Peri: Are you sure you're all right?
The Doctor: My dear child, stop worrying. Try to understand. Regeneration in my case is a swift but volcanic experience. A kind of violent biological eruption in which the body cells are displaced, changed, renewed and rearranged. (He tries on the jacket then discards it.) There are bound to be side-effects.
Peri: It won't happen again?
(The Doctor flexes his biceps and sucks in his tummy in front of a cheval mirror.)
The Doctor: Hmm? Oh, may indeed, but each time with diminishing effect. You have nothing to fear.
Peri: Well, next time I'm not going to look.
The Doctor: Well, if you find it so upsetting, that would be the most sensible thing to do. Ah ha!
(He finds a multicoloured jacket on another rail.)
The Twin Dilemma Part 2
Peri: This is madness. You've no idea where we're going.
The Doctor: To our destiny.
Peri: Can't we rest? Our destiny can wait a moment.
The Doctor: Peri, quickly. Now what did I tell you? Listen.
Peri: Machinery. Oh, let's get out of here.
The Doctor: The perpetual cry of all cowards. We must investigate.
Peri: But, do you think that wise? There could be enormous danger, even worse.
The Doctor: Worse? Yes. Yes, well, perhaps you're right. The purpose of reconnaissance, after all, is to gather information, not to finish up face down in a pool on one's own blood. Especially blood as noble as mine. We've found out what we want to know.
Peri: There is one thing, though.
The Doctor: What?
Peri: The children Lieutenant Lang mentioned.
The Doctor: Yes. Yes, of course, but, well, children are such survivors. Besides, we have only the words of a delirious man that there are any children.
Peri: If you didn't believe him, what are we doing here?
The Doctor: An unthinking act of foolish bravado. You know my current state of mind.
Peri: Don't you think we should just look, just in case?
The Doctor: No, Peri. Discretion is always the better part of valour. We should return to the Tardis and rethink the situation.
Peri: If that's what you want. (The Doctor scurries off, then the Jacondans arrive and point guns at Peri.) Doctor?
The Doctor: Whatever is it now? Aliens? No, no. No, no, don't shoot. It's not my fault. I'm just a poor pilgrim. It's all her fault. Mercy, mercy, mercy. Don't shoot me. Don't shoot me.
The Twin Dilemma Part 3
(The Doctor appears briefly then disappears again.)
Peri: Did you see that?
Lang: I think so.
Peri: Doctor, are you here?
Lang: What in heaven's name is going on? You're flesh and blood, at least.
Peri: Leave me alone.
(The Doctor materialises in front of the scanner. There is no one else present.)
The Doctor: That stupid girl's watch. How I hate these hit or miss performances.
(He adjusts some console controls then appears in the same time frame as Peri and Lang, stroking his cat like he was when he first transmatted from the base.)
Peri: Oh, Doctor, thank heavens! Whatever happened?
The Doctor: Your watch stopped. I over-compensated, ended up in the wrong time zone, ten seconds into your future.
Peri: I thought you'd been killed.
The Doctor: You cared?
Peri: Of course I did.
The Doctor: You know, I'll never understand the people of Earth. I have spent the day using, abusing, even trying to kill you. If you'd have behaved as I have, I should have been pleased at your demise.
Peri: It's called compassion, Doctor. It's the difference that remains between us.
The Doctor: Earthlings.
The Twin Dilemma Part 4
Peri: Did you have to be so rude?
The Doctor: To whom?
Peri: Hugo. You could at least have said goodbye. (The time rotor starts moving and the Doctor heads for the inner door, sighing.) Are you having another of your fits?
The Doctor: You may not believe this, but I have fully stabilised.
Peri: Then I suggest you take a crash course in manners.
The Doctor: You seem to forget, Peri, I'm not only from another culture but another planet. I am, in your terms, an alien. I am therefore bound to different values and customs.
Peri: Your former self was polite enough.
The Doctor: At such a cost. I was on the verge of becoming neurotic.
Peri: We all have to repress our feelings from time to time. I suggest you get back into the habit.
The Doctor: And I would suggest, Peri, that you wait a little before criticising my new persona. You may well find it isn't quite as disagreeable as you think.
Peri: Well, I hope so.
The Doctor: Whatever else happens, I am the Doctor, whether you like it or not.
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Old 30th June 2019, 11:52 AM
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Default Image of the Day # 85

A Venom Grub, Menoptra and Zarbi from the 1965 story The Web Planet.

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Old 1st July 2019, 05:53 AM
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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
Attack Of The Cybermen Part 1
Leader: How did you know where to find us?
Lytton: You have a ship hidden on the dark side of the moon. I tracked your transmissions.
Leader: Inform Moonbase our signals are being detected. They must increase the distortion.
Lytton: You're quite safe. Earth authorities can't pick up your signals. It's beyond their technology.
Cyberman: You were capable.
Lytton: I am not from Earth.
Leader: So you have said.
Cyberman: But where do you come from?
Lytton: Vita Fifteen, in the star system six nine zero.
Leader: What is the name of your satellite?
Lytton: Riften Five.
Leader: I have heard of that place. It is occupied by a race of warriors.
Cyberman: Who fight only for money, Leader. He is not to be trusted.
Lytton: Listen to me.
Cyberman: You will show respect to the Leader.
Lytton: I will do more than that. I will serve him, aid you in your cause.
Leader: If that is true, when you become as we are, you will serve the Cyber race well.
Lytton: Oh, no, as myself. You forget, Leader, I have been tracking your transmissions. I know why you're here.
Cyberman: He must be destroyed. He says he comes to aid us yet he carries weapons.
Lytton: My gun was used in your cause. I didn't know he was armed.
Leader: You should not have brought others.
Lytton: I brought them as gifts for you to turn into Cybermen.
Cyberman: He lies, Leader.
Leader: Silence. There is logic in what he says. If he had wished our destruction, he could have betrayed our cause to Earth authorities.
Lytton: Precisely.
Leader: The Cyber Controller can decide their fate.
Lytton: Thank you, Leader. Where will I have the honour of meeting him?
Leader: If you know of our activities, you will know where he is.
Lytton: I assume he is still on the planet Telos.
Leader: He is.


Russell: What's this, then?
The Doctor: A sonic lance. How much longer do we have to maintain this ridiculous posture? We've told you all we know.
Peri: Which is more than you have. Who are you?
Russell: Police.
Peri: Yeah.
The Doctor: Can you prove that?
Russell: Put your hands back on the wall.
(The Doctor tackles Russell, knocking him down.)
The Doctor: Peri, gun! (The Doctor retrieves his sonic lance.) Sorry about that, but we weren't getting very far with me playing patty-cake with the wall.
Russell: Who are you?
The Doctor: I've already told you. I am known as the Doctor. I'm also a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous.
Russell: You're bonkers.
The Doctor: That's debatable, but I'm also telling the truth. The question is, are you?
Russell: Yes.
The Doctor: And what are you doing down here?
Russell: Robbing a diamond merchants.
Peri: I thought the police were supposed to uphold the law?
Russell: Oh, they do, most of the time.
The Doctor: You're beginning to annoy me.
Russell: The truth wouldn't make much sense to you.
The Doctor: Try me. Oh, I've had enough of this. Shoot him, Peri.
Peri: For real?
The Doctor: Yeah, shoot him.
Russell: You murder a police officer, you'll get thirty years.
The Doctor: Handful of heartbeats to a Time Lord.
Peri: Oh, please tell him what he wants to know. I'm sure it can't be that important.
Russell: I'm here to observe the activities of a white male suspect known as Lytton.
The Doctor: Lytton? Tall, lean, dark, dark, well-spoken? The sort of man who might shoot his mother just to keep his trigger finger supple?
Russell: It's a more colourful description, but it could be him.
The Doctor: Commander Lytton, late of the Dalek Task Force.
Russell: Dalek?
The Doctor: I should have guessed when we were attacked by those uniformed policemen. How'd you get onto him?
Russell: What? Oh, there was a raid on an electronics firm. Some rather specialised stuff was removed.
Peri: I think we know where it went.
Russell: Oh. Well, you'll be pleased to hear there's a reward.
The Doctor: Just get on with your story.
Russell: Well, there was a whisper on the street that the job was down to Lytton, only we'd never heard of him.
The Doctor: Just as if he'd come from another planet.
Russell: Huh, perhaps he might have. When we checked there was no record of his birth, school, driving licence, tax, nothing. Under normal circumstances we'd have just picked him up.
The Doctor: But you were curious. You wanted to know more about him. An act we may all live to regret. Not only is he from another planet, but he's also a professional killer.
Attack Of The Cybermen Part 2
The Doctor: Mondas, the Cyber planet, was destroyed.
Lytton: But tell them how it was destroyed.
The Doctor: You're enjoying this.
Lytton: It's not often I have the opportunity to watch a Time Lord squirm.
The Doctor: It blew up.
Lytton: Whilst it was attacking Earth.
Griffiths: What?
Lytton: Tell them when.
The Doctor: Take no notice of him. He's just trying to unnerve you. Your planet survived the attack.
Peri: When did it happen?
The Doctor: 1986.
Griffiths: Next year? That's almost now.
The Doctor: You could put it that way.
Peri: Well, you must do something. Inform Earth, tell them it's coming. I mean, what's happening to us now must have something to do with that.
The Doctor: How can I do anything? I'm a prisoner.
Lytton: Even if he were free, he couldn't. He would transgress the laws of time.
Peri: You interfere continually.
The Doctor: Not to that extent. Even I have to be careful.
Lytton: The Time Lords would have him destroyed.
The Doctor: And that would please you. Look, don't worry. Earth survived with minimal damage. It's an historical fact.
Lytton: Yes, it's now become part of the web of time in the same way that the Cryons were destroyed.
Peri: I'm not interested in the Cryons.
Lytton: Hmm. There's compassion for you.
Peri: I didn't mean it like that. I'm confused.
Griffiths: So am I. I mean, how can a planet travel around off its orbit?
The Doctor: Mondas had a propulsion unit. A tribute to Cyber engineering. Though why they should want to push a planet through space, I've no idea.


(Lytton watches a blue police box materialise in the room. There are no complete Cybermen present. The Doctor comes out and goes over to him.)
Lytton: I know you.
The Doctor: That's right. And I'm just beginning to find out about you.
Lytton: Did you put the sonic lance to good use?
The Doctor: I did. Why didn't you say something?
Lytton: Now you must kill me.
The Doctor: I can help you. Hang on.
Lytton: The drug is affecting my brain. Irreversible damage.
(The Doctor takes a sharp instrument from a computer console.)
The Doctor: I'm the Doctor. I'll tell you if its irreversible or not. Now just hang on.
Lytton: I did my best. I kept my word.
(The Doctor starts trying to disconnect Lytton from the alcove systems.)
The Doctor: I know.
Lytton: Please, Doctor. Kill me.
(The Cyber Controller enters, weapon ready.)
Controller: Move away from him, Doctor. (The Doctor puts the knife in Lytton's hand.) Emotion is a weakness.
The Doctor: I don't think so.
Controller: It brought you back for your friend and it will cost you your life.
(The Controller comes closer. Lytton stabs it in the arm, severing a fluid tube. Green spurts everywhere as Lytton stabs again and again. The Doctor scrambles for the Controller's gun and shoots a Cyberman who enters the room. It spins round into the one behind it and the Doctor shoots it, too. Then the Controller starts flailing around, knocking the Doctor across the room. He grabs another gun and shoots it. The Controller's chest plate explodes satisfactorily. Peri has watched all this on the scanner. She comes out and joins the Doctor by the fallen Lytton.)
The Doctor: I must help him.
Peri: It's too late, Doctor. He's dead.
The Doctor: I can't just leave him.
Peri: You must. There's nothing you can do.
The Doctor: Why didn't he say something?
Peri: You never gave him a chance.
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Old 1st July 2019, 11:49 AM
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Default Image of the Day # 86

The cover of the Big Finish audio release The Stones of Venice from 2001, designed by Clayton Hickman.

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Old 1st July 2019, 12:41 PM
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Looks like the Peter Davison Season 19 Blu-Ray set has sold out

Price of 'new and used' copies are already at the 120 mark on Amazon

Apparently it's similar on Zavvi, Zoom and Base, although there are a few copies still available in HMV...if you're quick!
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Old 1st July 2019, 04:49 PM
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Celebrity fans

The Cure at Glastonbury 2019

Apparently bass player Simon Gallup is a big fan of the show, hence the 'cryptic messages' found on his guitars

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