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Old 1st July 2019, 06:27 PM
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Dalek at Pride

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People try to put us down
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Old 1st July 2019, 09:29 PM
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Decided to re watch Trial of a Time lord. This is my second time.

2 episodes in and its near perfection. Yes the giant robot isn't as good as say, the robot in Robot, or the robots from Robots of Death, but aside from that I have nothing bad to say. The opening scene of the Space Station abducting the TARDIS is beautiful, as is the introduction to the court room and the court case. It starts out as a mere inquiry, then the Valeyard outright wants him dead, but the Inquisitor is completely non biased with the situation, not taking sides. This is a great scenario and it allows for good drama and for Colin to truly shine as The Doctor (I remember he has some pretty good lines later on as he berates the Time Lords).

Peri and the Doctor in the woods together is so wonderfully written and shot. Its nice to see them getting on now. Glitz and Dibber, especially Glitz, are written very well as well. I could watch them talk for ages. You can see why they bring Glitz back next Season. I've never listened to Big Finish and I don't know the Storylines, but if any exist with Glitz in them, or if any were announced tomorrow, I'd rather listen to that than watch Series 11 again.

The plot, ignoring the courtroom stuff, seems to be kind of like The Krotons, which I didn't like both times I saw it (and written by Robert Holmes as well), but his seems like a huge improvement overall. I'm liking it more the 2nd time around.
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Old 2nd July 2019, 05:55 AM
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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
Vengeance On Varos Part 1
(The Doctor is working underneath the console.)
The Doctor: That's it.
Peri: I don't believe it.
The Doctor: I haven't told you what I've done, yet.
Peri: You sound confident. I don't want to know.
The Doctor: What is the matter with you?
Peri: Every time you sound confident nowadays, something terrible seems to happen.
The Doctor: Does it? What do you mean?
Peri: Well, since we left Telos, you've caused three electrical fires, a total power failure, and a near collision with a storm of asteroids. Not only that, you've twice managed to get yourself lost in the Tardis corridors, wiped the memory of the flight computer and jettisoned three quarters of the storage hold. You even managed to burn dinner last night.
The Doctor: I have never said I was perfect.
Peri: If you recall, last night I was supposed to have a cold supper.
The Doctor: That was an unfortunate accident.
Peri: Before each and every unfortunate accident, you've said in a loud, confident voice, that's it. And to be honest, Doc, I am getting tired of clearing up the mess and being thrown around the Tardis like the teddy bear of some psychotic baby.
The Doctor: Have you finished, Perpugilliam?
Peri: For the moment.
The Doctor: It's a good thing I like you.
Peri: Right now, the feeling isn't mutual.
The Doctor: What more do you want? I've cleared up as you requested. I've stabilised the chameleon circuit.
Peri: So now what will we materialise as?
The Doctor: A police box. I think.
Peri: Well, better than a pyramid or Nelson's column.
The Doctor: We have never materialised as Nelson's column!
Peri: We did as a pyramid. On the frozen plains of Ewa Nine, remember?
The Doctor: It's a good thing I'm a tolerant man, because sometimes you push me too far.
Peri: You're the most inconsistent and intolerant man I've ever met.
The Doctor: Intolerant?
(The Doctor leaves the console room.)


Sil: Who else will buy from you if my corporation withdraws its contract?
Governor: We shall have to find other outlets, I should think.
Sil: You are not a rich planet. Zeiton is all you have to sell.
Governor: There are other exports. We're expanding into entertainments and communications with some success.
Sil: How?
Governor: The Punishment Dome. We sell tapes of what happens there.
Sil: Ah, that is enterprising. Your idea, Governor?
Governor: Yes.
(Sil starts to quiver with excitement.)
Sil: Are they very disturbing, these videos you sell?
Governor: They show what befalls those who refuse to obey the orders by which the people of Varos must live.
Sil: Torture? Blindness? Executions?
Governor: All the functions of the Punishment Dome are recorded as warnings to miscreants everywhere.
Sil: But they entertain as well as instruct?
Governor: You must ask my Chief Officer. He is responsible for ComTec Division product.
Vengeance On Varos Part 2
(The Doctor wakes, sits up then gets off the gurney whilst the attendants are watching their test item dissolve in the acid, and taps one on the shoulder.)
The Doctor: I had the most peculiar dream (The attendant turns round, raising his hands, and knocks his companion into the acid bath. The Doctor grabs a gurney then the stretcher to use as a shield as he and the attendant struggle. The one in the acid reaches up and grabs his friend's trousers, pulling him into the acid too. The Doctor puts down the stretcher and picks up his jacket.) You'll forgive me if I don't join you.


Governor [on screen]: And that, fellow citizens of Varos, is my vowed intention. For without justice and peace and tolerance, we have no future. I know you will all work as hard as I shall for a glorious tomorrow. Thank you for allowing me into your homes. Thank you.
Arak: No more executions, torture, nothing.
Etta: It's all changed. We're free.
Arak: Are we?
Etta: Yes.
Arak: What shall we do?
Etta: Dunno.
(The screen just shows static for the first time.)
People try to put us down
Just because we get around

Golly, Gee! it's wrong to be so guilty
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Old 2nd July 2019, 11:26 AM
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Default Image of the Day # 87

Galloway (Duncan Lamont) and the Doctor (Jon Pertwee) form an uneasy alliance with the Daleks in 1974's Death to the Daleks.

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Old 3rd July 2019, 05:24 AM
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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
The Mark Of The Rani Part 1
Peri: Well?
The Doctor: Mmm, never felt better.
Peri: Wisecracks like that tell me one thing.
The Doctor: What?
Peri: You haven't a clue what's going on.
The Doctor: Oh, I know what's going. on. We're being manoeuvred off course.
Peri: Manoeuvred off course? You mean it isn't the Tardis malfunctioning again?
The Doctor: Malfunctioning? Malfunctioning? Malfunctioning! After all the work I've done on it?
Peri: Well, I only asked a simple question.
The Doctor: Indeed you did. It was the wrong question.
Peri: Well, tell me what's going on.
The Doctor: The time coordinates are constant, it's the location that's being changed.
Peri: Being changed?
The Doctor: Hmm.
Peri: Who by?
The Doctor: By whom. To use your vernacular, I haven't a clue.
Peri: Well, can't you override?
The Doctor: Don't try to be so obtuse. What do you imagine I'm trying to do? That's a time distortion, as if there's a time machine nearby.
Peri: A Time Lord?
The Doctor: Or a Dalek. Certainly an alien force of some kind.
Peri: On Earth? (The Tardis has landed on a windy, muddy spoil heap slope.) Oh, great. Some substitute for Kew Gardens.
The Doctor: Try and look on the bright side. After all, isn't coal just fossilised plant life?
Peri: What have you got there?
The Doctor: Tracking device. Registers time distortion. Hoist off your skirts, Peri. Off we go.


The Master: You should cooperate, you know.
The Rani: Take this one through.
(Josh and the new man obey.)
The Master: The Doctor won't tolerate anyone deliberately playing havoc with his favourite planet.
The Rani: Can't you get it into your warped skull that there is nothing deliberate about it? The aggression is an unfortunate side effect.
The Master: Unfortunate? Fortuitous would be a more apposite epithet.
The Rani: Call it what you will, I need the chemical. The only source is the human brain. It can have no relevance to you or your machinations.
The Master: Ah. But then, as yet you've not been appraised of my purpose in being here.
The Rani: To destroy the Doctor. You've never had any other. It obsesses you to the exclusion of all else.
The Master: You underestimate me. Certainly I want to destroy him, see him suffer, but that is just an exquisite first step. I have a greater concept, one that will encompass the whole human race.
The Rani: You're unbalanced. No wonder the Doctor always outwits you. (The Master snatches a small phial of liquid from her.) Put that down!
The Master: You don't get much, do you.
The Rani: There's only a minute amount in each brain.
The Master: How does extracting this make humans more aggressive? I'll not ask again.
The Rani: Because without that chemical, the brain cannot rest.
The Master: Ah, now I understand. You need it for your aliens on Miasimia Goria. I dropped in on your little domain before following you here. Chaos. Complete mayhem. What went wrong?
The Rani: Wrong? Who said anything went wrong?
The Master: Well, you rule there absolutely. I assume one of your little schemes didn't turn out quite as you expected.
The Rani: A small matter. In the process of heightening the awareness of my aliens, I lowered their ability to sleep. They became
The Master: Difficult to control. On the other hand, with this and the impregnated parasites, their talents are yours to command. Oh, such power. Is that a scanner?
The Rani: Find out. (The Master threatens to drop the phial.) Who do you want?
The Master: The Doctor.

The Mark Of The Rani Part 2
Peri: How come you know the Rani?
(The Doctor is examining the painted screens.)
The Doctor: Same way as I know the Master.
Peri: But he's an exiled Time Lord.
The Doctor: Exactly. Two of a kind. Odd. Very odd.
Peri: What is?
The Doctor: Now, I would have said Turner's too passionate for the Rani's sterile taste.
Peri: Well, I guess she must have thought so too, since she hasn't taken it with her.
The Doctor: Ah ha. (The Doctor sticks the end of a fishing reel onto the screen and plays the rest out across the room.) Shall we?
Peri: Shall we what?
The Doctor: See if we've misjudged the Rani. (The Doctor pulls the line and the painted volcano on the screen erupts, emitting gas. He puts his handkerchief over his face.) Dichlorodiethyl sulphide!
Peri: Dio what?
The Doctor: Mustard gas. It's a killer!
Peri: I know.
The Doctor: Don't breath it in. Whatever you do, don't breath it in! (Peri is coughing.) Masks.
Peri: Masks?
The Doctor: The Rani's assistant. (Peri gets the mask from the older man's belt and puts it on, then get's Josh's mask and throws it to the Doctor in the far corner.) Thank you. Thank you, Peri. Street door.
Peri: Street door?
The Doctor: Open it. Ventilation. Quickly.
Peri: Okay. (The Doctor retrieves his fishing line and moves the screens to reveal a large wooden cabinet. Peri runs back in to see him about to unlock it.) Hey, that's the key to the Tardis! (The cabinet opens and the Doctor goes inside.) But suppose the Rani's in there! Oh, no. (Peri follows him in.)
(Grey walls with faint giant roundels, and pedestals around the room displaying specimens in jars.)
The Doctor: Hmm. Embryos of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. She must have popped back to the Cretaceous age and picked up a few. Nasty creatures. Vicious teeth. Bite your leg off, chew it all up, bone and all, all in one go. Wonder what she wants with them? (The time rotor starts to move.) Peri, get out of here!
Peri: But you
The Doctor: Don't argue. Move!


(The Master and the Rani watch Luke gathering plants. The Master draws his TCE and the Doctor knocks it out of his hand from behind.)
The Doctor: No!
(The Doctor picks it up.)
The Master: So much for your arrogant superiority.
The Doctor: A characteristic you both share. Underestimating your opponents. Well, I got your message. I'm here. What obnoxious fate have you devise?
The Rani: Why me?
The Doctor: Because he blamed you for its failure. Not this. (the TCE) Far too simple. No, you'd have brewed something much more malignant. Perhaps the answer's down there in the dell, where I was supposed to go.
(He sees Luke step on a mine and explode in a shower of soil and leafmould. When the dust settles, a new tree stands in the dell. Furious, the Doctor turns the TCE on the Master.)
The Master: No! An accident. It wasn't intended for him.
The Doctor: And you're so warped, so callous, you think that justifies it? First you turn an innocent young man into your acolyte, force him to betray his friends, and then you do this monstrous thing to him.
The Rani: Oh, stop being sentimental. What's happened? Animal matter has been metamorphosed into vegetable matter. So what?
The Doctor: You'll be telling me next he's better off.
The Rani: As a matter of fact, he is. A tree has four times the life expectancy of a human being.
The Doctor: They should never have exiled you. They should have locked you in a padded cell. Now move, before I forget my abhorrence of violence and use this. (The Master, the Rani and the Doctor leave. They do not see Peri coming down into the dell and nearly stepping on other mines as she gathers valerian. Suddenly the new tree swings its bough round and gathers her to its trunk. She screams, attracting attention.) Don't move, Peri! Don't move! The tree won't hurt you! (The Luke tree raises its bough. The Doctor turns to the Rani and misquotes Hamlet.) Now perhaps you'll accept there are more things in heaven and earth than are ever dreamed of in your barren philosophy.
The Rani: And perhaps you'll accept that you face a dilemma.
The Master: More of an impasse?
The Doctor: Wrong on both counts. There is no impasse, and the dilemma, Rani, will be solved by you. You laid those evil contraptions in the dell, so you can lead Peri out. Refuse, and I won't hesitate to use this.
(The Rani walks carefully down into the dell and picks her way towards Peri and Luke.)
The Master: She can't remember. She's probably set them at random.
The Doctor: I doubt if the Rani ever did anything at random.
The Master: But if she has, what then?
The Doctor: Then you're nominated as understudy. I should think you'd turn into a laburnum tree.
The Master: Laburnum? Why?
The Doctor: The pods are poisonous. Be patient, Peri. Stay absolutely still.
The Rani: Come to me. Keep an absolutely straight line.
Peri: I don't understand.
The Rani: Stop bleating and do it.
The Doctor: Keep exactly in her footsteps, Peri!
(Peri follows the Rani, nearly bumping into her and knocking her close to a mine.)
The Rani: Incompetent fool! You're worthless!
The Doctor: Not to me, she isn't. You'll do well to remember that.
Peri: She was going too fast.
The Rani: Can you jump without falling on your face?
Peri: Sure.
The Rani: Well, copy me and you're out of danger.
(The women hop over a visible mine and go up the slope to the Master and the Doctor.)
Peri: What was that all about?
The Doctor: You wandered into a minefield of the Rani's making.
Peri: A minefield? In there? But Luke? What about Luke? Where is he?
The Doctor: He just saved your life.
Peri: What?
The Doctor: I'll explain later. Right, move, you two. I want you off this planet before you commit any further atrocities.
People try to put us down
Just because we get around

Golly, Gee! it's wrong to be so guilty
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Old 3rd July 2019, 09:40 AM
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Rewatching Warriors Of The Deep.

"... the days ahead will be filled with struggle ... and coated in marzipan ... "
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Old 3rd July 2019, 10:57 AM
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Default Image of the Day # 88

Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred as the Doctor and Ace in a promo photo for The Curse of Fenric (1989)

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Old 3rd July 2019, 03:52 PM
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Apologies in advance if this is something you were planning on using, Mr. Dike

Modeler John Friedlander and the Davros mask he made for Michael Wisher for 'Genesis Of The Daleks'

People try to put us down
Just because we get around

Golly, Gee! it's wrong to be so guilty
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Old 3rd July 2019, 04:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Susan Foreman View Post
Apologies in advance if this is something you were planning on using, Mr. Dike
Damn you, Susan! I was going to post that tomorr...

Only kidding. That's a new one on me, never seen it before i don't think.
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Old 3rd July 2019, 10:39 PM
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This video has been updated.

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