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Old 4th July 2019, 12:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Demoncrat View Post
Rewatching Warriors Of The Deep.
Not as good as the previous Silurian/Sea Devil stories, but very still good (and lightyears ahead of that Matt Smith Silurian two parter). The Myrka doesn't bother me either, especially now that I know the reason why they had barely any time to design it. Margaret Thatcher's decision to call that 1983 snap election caught BBC Planning by surprise, and recording space had to be swiftly reallocated to accommodate election coverage. I'd argue to anyone who hates this Story: Don't blame John Nathan Turner (if anything he and the crew deserve praise for keeping the story as good as possible under the circumstances). Blame that tyrant and add the potential squandered by the rush-release of this Story to her very long list of crimes.
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Old 4th July 2019, 06:25 AM
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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
The Two Doctors – Part 1
(The Tardis has parked herself in the galley area. A red-haired chef with impressive eyebrows and various cutlery hanging from his tool belt approaches. The Doctor and Jamie come out.)
Shockeye: How dare you! How dare you transmat that object into my kitchens?
Doctor 2: How dare you have the impertinence to address me like that?
(Shockeye gets a large carving knife.)
Shockeye: I am Shockeye, o' the Quauncing Grig!
Doctor 2: I'm not interested in the pedigree of an Androgum.
Shockeye: Stay!
Doctor 2: I am a Time Lord.
Shockeye: Oh. Oh, I. My humblest apologies. I should have realised. (Still holding on to the large knife, Shockeye bows. The Doctor feels along the table behind him for an equal weapon and finds - a cucumber.) But this one with you?
Doctor 2: He is from the planet Earth. A human.
Shockeye: A Tellurian? Oh! I have not seen one of these before. Is it a gift for Dastari?
Doctor 2: A gift?
Shockeye: Oh, such a soft white skin, whispering of a tender succulence. Dastari will not appreciate its qualities, you know. He has no sensual refinement. Let me buy it from you.
Doctor 2: My companion is not for sale!
Shockeye: I promise you lord, no chef in the nine planets would do more to bring out the flavour of the beast.
(The Doctor waves his 'weapon' at Shockeye.)
Doctor 2: You get on with your butchery. Come along, Jamie.
(Jamie circles Shockeye, not turning his back, and follows the Doctor out.)
Shockeye: Oh. Oh. I can just taste that flesh.
(Shockeye swings a cleaver into a small carcase on the block.)
(Jamie runs to catch up his Doctor.)
Jamie: Who was that?
Doctor 2: Shockeye of the Quauncing Grig, so he said.
Jamie: I know what he said, but
Doctor 2: He's an Androgum, Jamie. The Androgums are the servitors here. They do all the station maintenance.
Jamie: Ah, you mean a scullion.
Doctor 2: Yes, with a high opinion of himself. Chefs usually have.


[the Sixth Doctor is fishing. Peri throws a stone into the water]
Doctor 6: Don't do that! You'll frighten the fish.
(Peri tosses in another stone. Plop!)
Peri: What fish? Doctor, I'm bored. We've been here for hours.
Doctor 6: You know, I think it was Rassilon who once said, there are few ways in which a Time Lord can be more innocently occupied, then in catching fish.
Peri: That's a whopper.
Doctor 6: Where? I don't see one.
Peri: It was Doctor Johnson who said that, about money.
Doctor 6: Well, what's the use of a good quotation if you can't change it?
Peri: Anyway, you're not innocently employed in catching fish, are you?
Doctor 6: They're just lazy today. Any angler will tell you there are times when nothing will tempt them.
Peri: That so?
Doctor 6: The last time I fished this particular stretch, I landed four magnificent gumblejack in less than ten minutes.
Peri: Gumblejack?
Doctor 6: The finest fish in this galaxy, probably the universe. Cleaned, skinned, quickly pan-fried in their own juices till they're golden brown. Ambrosia steeped in nectar, Peri. The flavour is unforgettable. I think I've got a bite!
The Two Doctors – Part 2
Peri: Doctor.
Jamie: He's not the Doctor I know.
Doctor 6: I am too, Jamie McCrimmon. I am another aspect of him, just as he is of me.
Jamie: Eh?
Doctor 6: I was him, he will be me.
Jamie: Who will I be?
Doctor 6: Peri, look at this.
(The Doctor turns on the image of Peri being tortured.)
Peri: Doctor, it's horrible. Stop it!
Doctor 6: Life like, isn't it? Or rather, death like.
(He turns it off.)
Jamie: But that's how they killed the Doctor. I saw it.
Doctor 6: I don't think they did, Jamie. I'm beginning to understand, now. They left this illusion to make it appear that I was dead.
Peri: Who?
Doctor 6: The Sontarans. They wanted to prevent any investigation into my disappearance, which means I must have been held captive somewhere.
Peri: But why am I in it?
Doctor 6: That was their mistake. They left the animator switched on. When you looked into that, it copied your body print.
Jamie: So you don't think the Doctor's dead? I mean, my Doctor.
Doctor 6: No, I don't, Jamie. And if I'm not dead in that form, it means my theory about the embolism is also wrong. Well, this begins to have all the hallmarks of a conspiracy.
Peri: What sort of conspiracy?
Jamie: A plot.
Doctor 6: That's right, Jamie. A plot to kidnap me and Dastari as well. And he's about the only bio-geneticist in the galaxy capable of isolating the symbiotic nuclei of a Time Lord.
Peri: So that's how you control the Tardis. Symbiosis.
Doctor 6: If the Sontarans ever get unlimited access to time travel, they'll be invincible. We must find out where they're holding me.
Jamie: How could we do that? They could be anywhere.
Doctor 6: I made contact with myself before during that mind-slip. I'll try telepathy. It's about our only chance. (The Doctor lies down on a bench.) Now, I shall seem to be unconscious for a while, but don't worry. And while my mind is out of my body, don't touch me. Don't come anywhere near me. Any kind of contact might sever the astral link and kill me.
Peri: How long will you be?
Doctor 6: Hmm? Oh, seconds, hours, days. Who knows? There's no such thing as time on the astral plane.
Jamie: I think your Doctor's worse than mine.


Stike: Doctor, you have a chance, in death, to help the Sontaran cause.
Doctor 2: How can I do that?
Stike: Tell Dastari where your symbiotic nuclei is located in your cell structure. Vital time will be saved and I can be on my way.
Doctor 2: Is that what Chessene's offered you, the knowledge of unlimited time travel? In that case, you should watch your back, Stike.
Stike: What?
Doctor 2: She's an Androgum! A race to whom treachery is as natural as breathing. They're a bit like you Sontarans in that respect!
(Stike slaps the Doctor.)
Stike: That is for the slur on my people!
Doctor 2: And for that I demand satisfaction!
Stike: You know that is impossible.
Doctor 2: I am challenging you to a duel, Stike. That is traditional among Sontarans, is it not?
Stike: Oh, I would dearly love to kill you, but unfortunately you are needed alive.
Doctor 2: Release me, Stike. You are not only without honour, you're a coward as well.
Stike: As you are not a Sontaran, Doctor, you cannot impugn my honour.
(Stike leaves.)
Doctor 2: Well, that didn't work, did it?
The Two Doctors – Part 3
(Oscar Botcherby hands menus to customers then goes to a waiter.)
Oscar: Juan, can you see to table six. (Then he goes over to the latest people to enter the restaurant. Anita is at the desk.) Welcome to Las Cadenas, senors. Oh, how delightful to have see gentlemen of the old school. May I enquire if you have a booking?
Shockeye: Booking? I want food.
Oscar: No reservation. Well, come this way. Fortunately, I have an excellent table for you.
(Shockeye and the second Doctor follow Oscar through to their table.)
Shockeye: Do you serve humans here?
Oscar: Most of the time, sir. Yes, I think I could venture to say that most of our customers are certainly human.
Shockeye: I mean human meat, you fawning imbecile.
Oscar: No, sir. I'm afraid the nouvelle cuisine has not yet penetrated this establishment. Juan?


Doctor 6: A Stattenheim remote control? Where did you get that? I've always wanted one of those.
Doctor 2: Some of us have earned these little privileges. (The second Doctor whistles and the Tardis materialises nearby. The Doctor opens the door.) Jamie.
Jamie: Er, after you, Doctor.
Doctor 2: No, after you, Jamie.
Jamie: Goodbye, Peri.
Peri: Bye.
(Jamie and Peri shake hands, then Jamie kisses her on the cheek.)
Jamie: Doctor.
Doctor 6: Jamie. Keep an eye on the old gentleman, will you?
(Jamie enters the Tardis.)
Doctor 2: Do try and keep out of my way in future and in past, there's a good fellow. The time continuum should be big enough for the both of us. Just.
Doctor 6: Do you know, I think I preferred you as an Androgum.
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Old 4th July 2019, 10:32 AM
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Default Image of the Day # 89

Lee Binding's artwork for the 2013 special edition dvd of The Visitation.

Attached Images
File Type: jpg 525610_493769940658577_635530825_n.jpg (95.8 KB, 36 views)
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Old 4th July 2019, 05:02 PM
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In memory of Glyn Houston - died June 30th, 2019

'The Hand Of Fear'

'The Awakening'
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Just because we get around

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Old 5th July 2019, 06:08 AM
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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
Timelash – Part 1
(The Doctor has a traditional sky map laid out on the console, showing northern and southern hemispheres. He consults it then sets coordinates. Peri enters in a demure trouser suit. The Doctor repeats the procedure.)
Peri: Lost?
The Doctor: I am never, ever lost.
Peri: Ha! Wish I could have that on tape.
The Doctor: I was contemplating taking you to the constellation of Andromeda.
Peri: Why?
The Doctor: I haven't been there recently, that's why.
Peri: Well, what about me? Don't I ever get a say in our destination?
The Doctor: Oh. Where would the First Lady suggest?
Peri: Well, I don't mind.
The Doctor: Ha.
Peri: What I mean, Doctor, is I don't mind where we go so long as when we get there, we spend some time and relax.
The Doctor: You want a holiday! Why didn't you say so before? I know the very place.
Peri: Doctor, if you're about to suggest the Eye of Orion, don't. I've heard all about that elusive place once too often. No one lives there and few visit, apart from you.
The Doctor: Oh, but such a beautiful moonset. Ideal tonic for the weary time traveller. But, if that doesn't appeal, as I've said, there is always Andromeda.
Peri: Oh, really. And what's out there?
The Doctor: Some of the most magical sights in the entire universe. Astral starbursts creating a myriad celestial bodies against a timeless royal blue backdrop.
Peri: Very poetic, but that's the exact description you always give of the Eye of Orion.
The Doctor: It is?
Peri: Word for word.
The Doctor: Does nothing please you?
(He turns his star map upside down.)
Peri: Yes. Purposeful travel, not aimless wanderings.
The Doctor: Aimless? You see our time together as aimless?
Peri: No, not exactly. I guess not.
The Doctor: I should hope not. Or perhaps you're trying to tell me you've had enough. In that case I can easily set the coordinates for Earth, 1985.
Peri: No, no, that won't be necessary.


(The sound of the Tardis materialising nearby.)
Herbert: What on Earth's that?
Vena: They must not get the amulet.
Herbert: Who mustn't? You mean there's someone else about to materialise? I didn't summon them.
Vena: You must help me.
Herbert: I'll do all I can. (Vena hides the purse in a small drawer while Herbert grabs a crucifix and a bible before consulting the book he was reading.) Right, ridding unwanted spirits. Right, here it is. Right, now stay there. (Herbert opens the door. The Tardis is just outside.) It's a blue monolith!
The Doctor: Hello! Have you seen a rather surprised young lady?
(Herbert holds up the crucifix and backs into the cottage.)
Herbert: Avaunt thee foul fanged fiend.
The Doctor: I can assure you I'm not that long in the tooth, and neat blood brings me out in a rash.
Herbert: Back from where you came, spirit of the glass.
The Doctor: Not just yet, if you don't mind. (The Doctor shuts the door, and sees Vena hiding behind it.) Ah! Now you must be Vena.
Vena: Yes, my name is Vena.
The Doctor: I'm afraid we left you rather up in the air on our last fleeting encounter.
Vena: It was you in the Timelash?
Herbert: No, Vena, don't talk to him.
Vena: Why not?
The Doctor: Yes, why not? I'm the Doctor. Delighted to meet you.
Vena: The Doctor?
The Doctor: I think you have something (The Doctor avoids Herbert hitting him over the head with his spiritualist book.) Which your Maylin would like returned.
Timelash – Part 2
Kendron: The Borad will not be pleased with us.
Tekker: Stop whining.
Kendron: I have noticed it is better to die than to fail the Borad.
Tekker: If you were to die, I don't think anybody would notice the difference.
Kendron: I say, Tekker!
Tekker: Maylin Tekker. (The image of the nice old man come up on a wall screen.) Ah, Borad.
Borad [on screen]: You do not serve me by arguing.
Tekker: A frivolous debate concerning protocol.
Borad [on screen]: You have time for such things when my Timelash is in the hands of the Doctor and his friends?
Tekker: We serve as best we can, Borad. As you know, I am not a man of action. The recapture of the Timelash is best left to those trained for such things.
Borad [on screen]: You disappoint me. I expected more from you than this.
Tekker: Your trust is not misplaced. Kendron and I are on our way to see you.
Borad [on screen]: For what purpose?
Tekker: With respect, Borad, a matter best not discussed over an open channel.
Borad [on screen]: Very well. Disappoint me and you die.
Tekker: Of course.
(The image disappears.)
Kendron: Now what have you said? The Borad will kill both of us.
Tekker: Oh, I think not. After what I have to tell him, I think he'll be delighted. And while he's smiling, I shall recommend that he appoints you my deputy.
Kendron: Me?
Tekker: Yes, Kendron, you.


The Doctor: Are you still here?
Peri: Yes! Look, I'll keep out of your way.
The Doctor: You don't know how.
Peri: I'm coming with you.
The Doctor: Peri, every second we waste now brings Karfel into even greater danger.
Peri: Well then, let's go!
The Doctor:: That's what I want to do, but alone. Now go back to Vena and the others, Peri. Please?
Peri: I can't. I don't trust you. You're being too reasonable.
The Doctor: Then I shall be unreasonable. Get out! Why will you never cooperate?
(The Doctor lifts Peri off her feet and carries her to the door.)
Peri: Because I worry. It's my caring nature.
The Doctor: Peri, I shall be gone for but a minute. Now, if you want to fuss over someone, may I suggest that Herbert would make a much more eager recipient.
Peri: What if something happens to you? We'd be stuck here.
The Doctor: If I don't go now, there won't be anywhere for you to be stuck to. The planet will be destroyed. Now, will you go, please?
Peri: Well, take care of yourself.
(Peri leaves. The Doctor closes the door then sets the Tardis in motion.)
The Doctor: At last.
(Herbert stands up.)
Herbert: Hello.
The Doctor: Hello. What are you doing here?
Herbert: I've come to help. At least I can experience the adventure.
The Doctor: I presume you heard what I said to Peri.
Herbert: Oh, but she's a girl. This is work for men.
The Doctor: Men? Men!
Herbert: Men.
The Doctor: Look, what I'm about to do is very dangerous. There's nothing particularly masculine about throwing your life away.
Herbert: That's not what you said to Peri.
The Doctor: I lied. And as I did it so badly, I'd have assumed even you would have realised.
Herbert: I'm sorry. I simply didn't realise. I thought that
The Doctor: You didn't think at all. That's half your problem. A characteristic you share with most of the people on your irritating planet.
Herbert: Well, you could always take me back to Karfel if you really think it's going to be dangerous.
(The Doctor checks his pocket watch.)
The Doctor: There isn't time.
Herbert: May I dispute that? Well, after all, what is time to a time machine?
The Doctor: A very great deal. Should there be another day, I will explain to you in great detail which of the many time laws I am not allowed to transgress.
Herbert: But who would know?
The Doctor: I would. So would every other Time Lord from here to Gallifrey, and I can assure you, they're not all as pleasant and agreeable as I am.
Herbert: Sorry. I'd hate to think of you having my demise on your conscience.
The Doctor: To be perfectly frank, Herbert, when I go, thoughts of you will be very low on my list of regrets.
Herbert: That's good. It means we can stand together, shoulder to shoulder, in the face of the enemy. I've always wanted to die a hero's death. You know, it's funny. When I was at school, everyone used to think I was a coward because I didn't like cricket. If only they could see me now.
The Doctor: Shut up!
Herbert: Sorry? Oh yes, of course, you want to concentrate. Sorry.
The Doctor: Listen, Herbert, if you want to do something useful while waiting to enter Valhalla, could you read off the numbers on that screen you see immediately in front of you?
Herbert: Of course. This one?
The Doctor: How many screens do you see immediately in front of you?
Herbert: Just the one.
The Doctor: That's the one.
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Default Image of the Day # 90

Terry Nation and his creations in a photo taken for the 1973 Radio Times Doctor Who special.

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Old 6th July 2019, 06:24 AM
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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
Revelation Of The Daleks – Part 1
Kara: My dear Orcini. I would have greeted you on your arrival, but a small crisis in the process department diverted me. My sincerest apologies.
Orcini: It is rare for someone in my profession to meet a client on their home territory. Assassins, like debt collectors, are rarely welcome. When we are allowed on the premises, it's usually through the side door.
Kara: He is a philosopher. How charming.
Vogel: I sensed it at once, madam.
Kara: I think we shall get on very well.
(Orcini's grubby companion kisses Kara's hand.)
Orcini: Bostock, my squire.
Bostock: Lady.
Orcini: I'm afraid the only philosophy practised by Bostock is to do as little about his personal hygiene as possible.
Kara: And why not? The odour of nature has charms all its own.
Bostock: My very sentiments, lady.
Orcini: He may smell like rotting flesh, but he's an excellent squire.
Kara: Indeed.
Vogel: Be seated, gentlemen.
Orcini: We prefer to stand.
Kara: Of course. How foolish. As men of action, you must be like coiled springs, alert, ready to pounce.
Orcini: Nothing so romantic. I have an artificial leg with a faulty hydraulic valve. When seated, the valve is inclined to jam.
Vogel: Perhaps you would like one of our engineers to repair it for you.
Orcini: I prefer the inconvenience. Constant reminder of my mortality. It helps me to keep my mind alert.
Kara: Oh, Vogel, we have a master craftsman here. I feel humbled in his presence. Oh, no wonder your reputation's like a fanfare through the galaxy.


(The Doctor is in front of a large monument carved with a portrait of - himself.)
The Doctor: No. No.
Peri: Well, don't you like it? It's not a bad likeness.
The Doctor: This is dreadful.
Peri: Is it?
The Doctor: This is the Garden of Fond Memories. I've somehow managed to arrive after my own death.
Peri: It's not possible.
The Doctor: In the Tardis it is. This statue is here of me as I am now. I shall never again regenerate.
Peri: The statue's a joke. Someone's having you on.
The Doctor: No, I've arrived in my own future and I'm dead.
Peri: You can't be.
The Doctor: Look at it this way. If I were to take you back to Earth after you had died, it would be possible for you to see your own gravestone.
Peri: Well, it's a gag.
The Doctor: Gag? Gag? Do you realise how much a thing like that would cost? Far too much for someone to play fun and games. And I thought I was good for a few more regenerations.
Peri: Well, if you're going to die here, what's going to happen to me? I can't fly the Tardis. I'd be stuck here. Unless there's a statue of me here somewhere.
(Peri walks away. The Doctor turns his back on the monument, which sways.)
The Doctor: I never thought precognisance of my own death would be so disturbing.
Peri: Can't see one. Doctor, the statue! Doctor! (The Doctor turns as the statue topples gently forward onto him.) Doctor! Doctor! Doctor!
Revelation Of The Daleks – Part 2
The Doctor: Visitors.
(He hides behind the door as Orcini opens it and enters. The Doctor grabs his arm but Orcini easily shrugs him off and knocks him down.)
Orcini: Release them.
Natasha: Who are you?
The Doctor: A Knight of the Grand Order of Oberon. Only I would be stupid enough to attack such a person.
Bostock: Be grateful you're still alive.
The Doctor: I am. I am.
Orcini: Bostock. (Bostock hands over Kara's box.) You are now free, but you will count very slowly to twenty once we have gone. If you attempt to follow us, I will kill you. You understand?
Grigory: Oh yes. Sorry.
Orcini: You may need this.
(Orcini gives the Doctor a gun.)
The Doctor: May I ask what you're doing here?
Orcini: You may, but only a fool would expect an answer.


Davros: What is happening? Activate my Daleks! (Orcini grabs the gun from the floor and kills the guard. Davros uses his electricity to disarm him. Then Takis and Lilt enter with grey Daleks.) How did you find me?
Takis: I sent for them.
Dalek: You are to be taken back to Skaro to stand trial for crimes against the Daleks.
Takis: This used to be a good place before you came. I enjoyed working here. Once you've gone, it'll be a good place again.
The Doctor: Don't be too certain of that. You'll be lucky to be alive at the end of this.
Takis: But they're going to destroy Davros. Daleks.
Dalek: They will not be destroyed. They will be reconditioned to obey the will of the Supreme Dalek. You will come with us.
Davros: No! Take him! He is the sworn enemy of the Daleks. He is the Doctor.
The Doctor: Doctor? No.
Dalek: His image does not compute with the known appearance of the Doctor.
Davros: He's regenerated, fool.
Dalek: He will be held prisoner until we can verify if you are correct. You will come with us or be exterminated here.
Davros: You have not heard the last of me. I shall return.
The Doctor: And I shall be waiting for you.
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Default Image of the Day # 91

Ian (William Russell) and Barbara (Jacqueline Hill) take time out to relax in The Romans (1965)

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Originally Posted by Susan Foreman View Post
Something to look forward to

On July 6th, Radio 4 Extra is due to broadcast a new radio documentary about the career of Jon Pertwee

Presented by Sean Pertwee, "The Jon Pertwee Files" will celebrate his career, featuring rare archive material, never-before-broadcast interviews, vintage radio appearances and newly discovered audio from the very first Doctor Who convention in 1977
A BBC Radio documentary has uncovered previously unbroadcast recordings of the legendary Doctor Who and Worzel Gummidge actor Jon Pertwee. The programme is presented by Sean Pertwee (Gotham, Elementary, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa) and marks the centenary of the birth of his father Jon Devon Roland Pertwee, who was born on the 7th of July in 1919.

In the programme Sean traces his father’s career in broadcasting, which started after being expelled from several schools and then even being asked to leave Rada. In rediscovered interviews we hear his dad reminisce about the time he worked at the circus riding the wall of death with a pet lion, before eventually securing his first contract with the BBC at the age of 18.

Pertwee devised some very memorable characters through his ability to show great vocal range. Many successful years in radio comedy included a lengthy stint in The Navy Lark, which secured his status as a household name. Then with the advent of television he became a recognisable face as the star of Doctor Who in the early 1970s.

Through rare fan recordings made behind-the-scenes at television studios and at the first ever Doctor Who Appreciation Society Convention, we hear previously unbroadcast stories and a very personal insight into the world’s longest running science-fiction show.

The documentary also features the last time Pertwee performed as Worzel Gummidge alongside Una Stubbs as Aunt Sally. This recording was left untouched for over 25 years and was located during the making of the celebration. There are also rediscovered recordings of Pertwee undergoing the complicated make-up process during the making of the series, and visiting a local radio station to take phone calls from enthusiastic children wanting to speak to Worzel.

Presenter, Sean Pertwee said:
I think my father would like to be remembered not just for his cult TV programmes, but for his whole body of work. And most of all, he’d like to be remembered as an extraordinary man, which he was.
The Jon Pertwee Files will be broadcase on BBC Radio 4 Extra on Saturday 6th July at 8:00am, with repeats at 3:00pm and then late evening at 3:00am. It will also be broadcast at 4:00pm on BBC Radio Solent on Sunday (Jon Pertwee was a pupil at Sherborne School in Dorset, and later based at Portsmouth Naval Barracks during WW2)

The show will also be available on BBC Sounds for 30 days after transmission.
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Old 6th July 2019, 03:28 PM
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Enjoyed the Pertwee doc. Listened to the 3pm broadcast.
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Our goal is to keep Cult Labs friendly. If you feel discouraged from posting by certain members' behaviour then you can e-mail us in complete confidence.

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