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Old 23rd August 2019, 08:03 PM
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The Cybermen have been photographed standing in a field / quarry. The pic is too small to post , or at least the Cybermen are. It does seem as though they are a different design made to look on the lines of classic Knights. Time will tell.
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Old 24th August 2019, 06:22 AM
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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
Daleks In Manhattan
Foreman: I'm telling you, the men won't stand for it. I mean, are you out of your mind? I got five hundred men working seven days a week. They're flat out, and you want us to go faster?
Diagoras: The new masters demand it,
Foreman: But we're on schedule. What's the problem? Another month and we'll be done.
Diagoras: The mast on this building needs extra work completed by tonight.
Foreman: Tonight? No way. It's impossible.
Diagoras: That's an order.
Foreman: Yeah? Well, one word from me and every man on this site stops working. So go on. Tell your masters that.
Diagoras: If that's your attitude, I think that you should tell them yourself.
Foreman: Yeah? Well, I ain't afraid of no man in a suit.
(Diagoras summons the lift.)
Foreman: These er, these new bosses? What's their names?
Diagoras: I think you could say they're from out of town.
Foreman: Italians?
Diagoras: A bit further than that.
Foreman: How much further?
Diagoras: Beyond your imagination.
Foreman: What's that supposed to mean? Who are they? Mister Diagoras, who're we working for?
(The lift comes up from the bottom to floor 100.)
Diagoras: Behold your masters.
(The lift doors open to reveal a Dalek with by two pigmen.)
Foreman: What the hell?
Dalek: I have been summoned. Explain. Explain.
Foreman: It can talk. How does it talk? And what the hell are they? You got to be kidding me.
Diagoras: I'm sorry, my lord, but this man is refusing to complete the work.
Dalek: Then we must replace him.
Foreman: Is anybody going to tell me what the hell is happening here?
Dalek: Use him. Take him for the Final Experiment.
(The pigmen take hold of the foreman and bundle him into the lift.)
Foreman: Hey, what's going on? Let go! Let go of me! Get off me, you freaks! Mister Diagoras, will you tell them?
(The lift goes back down.)
Dalek: The Empire State Building must be completed in time.
Diagoras: It will be. Trust me. Labour is cheap and that man can be replaced.
Dalek: The plan must not fail. We calculate the gamma strike has accelerated. We need more bodies immediately.
Diagoras: Yes, Master.


Dalek Caan: The chromatin solution is ready.
Dalek Sec: Then our preparations are complete.
Diagoras: What are you doing? Preparations for what?
Dalek Sec: This is the Final Experiment.
Diagoras: What do you mean? Do you mean like this pig men things? You're not going to turn me into one of those. Oh God, please don't!
Dalek Sec: The pig slaves are primitive. The Final Experiment is greater by far.
Diagoras: But how does that involve me?
Dalek Sec: We need your flesh. Bring him to me!
Dalek Thay: Halt! This action contradicts the Dalek Imperative.
Dalek Caan: Daleks are supreme. Humans are weak.
Dalek Sec: But there are millions of humans and only four of us. If we are supreme, why are we not victorious? The Cult of Skaro was created by the Emperor for this very purpose. To imagine new ways of survival.
Dalek Thay: But we must remain pure.
Dalek Sec: No, Dalek Thay. Our purity has brought us to extinction. We must adapt to survive. You have all made sacrifices. (Dalek Thay is missing some panels.) And now I will sacrifice myself for the greater cause, the future of Dalek kind. Now bring me the human.
Diagoras: I don't understand. What do you mean? Get off of me!
Dalek Sec: Behold the true Dalek form. (Dalek Sec opens its casing opens to reveal its organic component, which looks a lot more like an octopus than it ever used to do.) Now you join with me.
Diagoras: No! Get off me! I did everything you asked of me! No!
(Sec lassoes Diagoras with his unexpectedly long tentacles and then envelopes him in his stomach - very octopus. When it is dragged back inside, the Dalek casing closes.)


Tallulah: When you say, they've taken her, who's they exactly? And who are you anyway? I never asked.
The Doctor: Shush.
Tallulah: Okay, okay.
The Doctor: Shush, shush, shush, shush, shush, shush, shush.
(The shadow of a Dalek is cast on the wall ahead of them.)
Tallulah: I mean you're handsome and all
(The Doctor puts his hand over her mouth and drags her back into a service alcove until the Dalek is safely past and away.)
The Doctor: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. They survived. They always survive while I lose everything.
Tallulah: That metal thing? What was it?
The Doctor: It's called a Dalek. And it's not just metal, it's alive.
Tallulah: You're kidding me.
The Doctor: Does it look like I'm kidding? Inside that shell is a creature born to hate, whose only thought is to destroy everything and everyone that isn't a Dalek too. It won't stop until it's killed every human being alive.
Tallulah: But if it's not a human being, that kind of implies it's from outer space. Yet again, that's a no with the kidding. Boy. Well, what's it doing here, in New York?


Dalek Caan: Report.
Dalek Thay: Dalek Sec is in the final stage of evolution.
Dalek Jast: Scan him. Prepare for birth.
The Doctor: Evolution?
Martha: What's wrong with old Charlie boy over there?
The Doctor: Ask them.
Martha: What, me? Don't be daft.
The Doctor: I don't exactly want to get noticed. Ask them what's going on.
Martha: Daleks, I demand to be told. What is this Final Experiment? Report!
Dalek Caan: You will bear witness.
Martha: To what?
Dalek Caan: This is the dawn of a new age.
Martha: What does that mean?
Dalek Caan: We are the only four Daleks in existence, so the species must evolve a life outside the shell. The Children of Skaro must walk again.
(Sec's shell stops smoking and the light goes out in its eye stalk. The casing opens and a biped struggles out. The casing shuts and the biped straightens.)
Martha: What is it?
(It has the one-eyed head and hands of a Dalek blob, but is wearing Mister Diagoras' suit. It takes a deep breath and speaks with Diagoras' accent.)
Dalek Sec: I am a human Dalek. I am your future.
People try to put us down
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Old 24th August 2019, 02:07 PM
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Default Image of the Day # 140

Vicki (Maureen O'Brien), the Doctor (William Hartnell) and Steven (Peter Purves) in a scene from The Time Meddler (1965)

Attached Images
File Type: jpg hartnell25.jpg (94.3 KB, 35 views)
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Old 25th August 2019, 05:36 AM
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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
Evolution Of The Daleks
The Doctor: Come on! Move, move, move, move, move! (The Doctor leads the group to where Tallulah is standing, lost.) And you, Tallulah! Run!
Tallulah: What's happened to Laszlo?
(Martha drags Tallulah along. Laszlo hangs back as the pigmen and Daleks search the sewers. The Doctor leads the group to the ladder.)
The Doctor: Come on! Everyone up! Come on!
(In the laboratory, Sec picks up the broken radio and strokes its Bakelite surface.)
Dalek Jast: They have ascended. Return to base. (The pigmen leave.) Request information. What is your opinion of Dalek Sec?
Dalek Caan: We were created to follow him.
Dalek Jast: But you have doubts.
(The Daleks check that they cannot be overheard.)
Dalek Caan: Affirmative.


Solomon: These Daleks, they sound like the stuff of nightmares. And they want to breed?
The Doctor: They're splicing themselves onto human bodies, and if I'm right, they've got a farm of breeding stock right here in Hooverville. You've got to get everyone out.
Solomon: Hooverville's the lowest place a man can fall. There's nowhere else to go.
The Doctor: I'm sorry, Solomon. You've got to scatter. Go anywhere. Down to the railroads, travel across state. Just get out of New York.
Solomon: There's got to be a way to reason with these things.
Martha: There's not a chance.
Frank: You ain't seen them, boss.
The Doctor: Daleks are bad enough at anytime, but right now they're vulnerable. That makes them more dangerous than ever.
(One of the lookouts hears a grunt. He uses a pair of binoculars and finally spots a pigman looks from behind a tree. He blows his whistle and runs as the pigmen break cover.)
Sentry: They're coming! They're coming!
Solomon: A sentry. He must have seen something.
Sentry: They're here! I've seen them! Monsters! They're monsters!


Dalek Sec: If you don't help me, nothing will change.
The Doctor: There's no room on Earth for another race of people.
Dalek Sec: You have your Tardis. Take us across the stars. Find us a new home and allow the new Daleks to start again.
The Doctor: When's that solar flare?
Dalek Sec: Eleven minutes.
The Doctor: Right then. Better get to work.


Dalek Thay: The Doctor will stand before the Daleks. (The Doctor walks forward over the top of the seats.) You will die, Doctor. It is the beginning of a new age.
Dalek Jast: Planet Earth will become New Skaro.
The Doctor: Oh, and what a world. With anything just the slightest bit different ground into the dirt. That's Dalek Sec. Don't you remember? The cleverest Dalek ever and look what you've done to him. Is that your new Empire, hmm? Is that the foundation for a whole new civilization?
Dalek Sec: My Daleks, just understand this. If you choose death and destruction, then death and destruction will choose you.
Dalek Thay: Incorrect. We will always survive.
Dalek Jast: Now we will destroy our greatest enemy, the Doctor.
Dalek Sec: But he can help you.
Dalek Thay: The Doctor must die.
Dalek Sec: No, I beg you, don't.
Dalek Thay: Exterminate!
(Sec stands in front of the Dalek just as it fires. Sec dies.)
The Doctor: Your own leader. The only creature who might have led you out of the darkness and you destroyed him. Do you see what they did? Huh? You see what a Dalek really is?
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Old 25th August 2019, 12:43 PM
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Default Image of the Day # 141

Tom Baker at his casting photoshoot.

Attached Images
File Type: jpg 4th-fourth-tom-baker-daleks (Large).jpg (95.3 KB, 34 views)
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Old 26th August 2019, 05:56 AM
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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
The Lazarus Experiment
Tish: That clock tower's beautiful all lit up like that.
Lazarus: It's Southwark Cathedral. One of the oldest churches in London. Been around even longer than I have.
Tish: Well, you're looking pretty good for your age.
Lazarus: Thank you.
Tish: Can I?
Lazarus: Of course.
(She strokes his cheek.)
Tish: Still can't take it in.
Lazarus: I'm still adjusting myself. I've been working toward it for so many years, it's hard to believe the moment's finally arrived.
Tish: And is it like you expected?
Lazarus: I find that nothing's ever exactly like you expect. There's always something to surprise you. Between the idea and the reality, between the motion and the act
The Doctor: Falls the Shadow.
Lazarus: So the mysterious Doctor knows his Eliot. I'm impressed.
Tish: Martha, what are you doing here?
Martha: Tish, get away from him.
Tish: What? Don't tell me what to do.
The Doctor: I wouldn't have thought you had time for poetry, Lazarus, what with you being busy defying the laws of nature and all.
Lazarus: You're right, Doctor. One lifetime's been too short for me to do everything I'd like. How much more I'll get done in two or three or four.
The Doctor: Doesn't work like that. Some people live more in twenty years than others do in eighty. It's not the time that matters, it's the person.
Lazarus: But if it's the right person, what a gift that would be.
The Doctor: Or what a curse. Look at what you've done to yourself.
Lazarus: Who are you to judge me?
Martha: Over here, Tish.
Tish: You have to spoil everything, don't you? Every time I find someone nice, you have to go and find fault.
(Behind Tish's back, Lazarus spasms and falls.)
Martha: Tish, he's a monster!
Tish: I know the age thing's a bit freaky, but it works for Catherine Zeta-Jones. (Then Tish turns and sees the transformation in progress. Lazarus is now a massive bony scorpion with a human face.) What's that?
The Doctor: Run!


Martha: I thought we were going to go through the blender then.
The Doctor: Really shouldn't take that long just to reverse the polarity. I must be a bit out of practice.
(A naked human man is lying face down on the floor.)
Martha: Oh, God. He seems so human again. It's kind of pitiful.
The Doctor: Eliot saw that, too. This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, but with a whimper.


(The ambulance men take away a figure covered in a red blanket.)
Tish: She's here. Oh, she's all right.
The Doctor: Ah, Mrs Jones. We still haven't finished our chat.
(Francine slaps him hard across the face.)
Francine: Keep away from my daughter.
Martha: Mum, what are you doing?
The Doctor: All of the mothers, every time.
Francine: He is dangerous. I've been told things.
Martha: What are you talking about?
Francine: Look around you. Nothing but death and destruction.
(The ambulance leaves.)
Martha: This isn't his fault. He saved us, all of us!
Leo: And it was Tish who invited everyone to this thing in the first place. I'd say technically, it's her fault.
(Tish elbows Leo. There's a big crash, and the Doctor runs off to investigate.)
Francine: Leave him.
(Martha shakes her head and follows the Doctor.)
Tish: Martha?
Francine: Not you, too?
Tish: Sorry.
(Tish runs after Martha.)


The Doctor: Something else that just kind of escalated, then.
Martha: I can see a pattern developing. You should take more care in the future. And the past. And whatever other time period you find yourself in.
The Doctor: It's good fun, though, isn't it?
Martha: Yeah.
The Doctor: So, what do you say, one more trip?
Martha: No. Sorry.
The Doctor: What do you mean? I thought you liked it.
Martha: I do, but I can't go on like this. One more trip. It's not fair.
The Doctor: What're you talking about?
Martha: I don't want to be just a passenger anymore. Someone you take along for a treat. If that's how you still see me, I'd rather stay here.
The Doctor: Okay, then. If that's what you want.
Martha: Right. But we've already said goodbye once today. It's probably best if you just go. (She turns her back, but he just stands there.) What is it?
The Doctor: What? I said okay.
Martha: Sorry?
The Doctor: Okay.
(Nodding towards the Tardis.)
Martha: Oh, thank you, thank you!
(They hug.)
The Doctor: Well, you were never really just a passenger, were you?
(The Doctor and Martha go into the Tardis, and it dematerialises. The telephone rings.)
Martha [on machine]: Hi, I'm out. Leave a message.
Francine [on machine]: Martha, it's your mother. Please phone me back. I'm begging you. I know who this Doctor really is. I know he's dangerous. You're going to get yourself killed. Please, trust me. This information comes from Harold Saxon himself. You're not safe!
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Old 26th August 2019, 11:27 AM
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i had to look after Christopher Ryan who has played multiple villians,(he's perhaps best known for playing mike in the young ones) at a con recently and he was the nicest guy imaginable in regards to talking to the people who came to his desk, and to us the crew and the organizers. If u see him at any other con i do recommend going over and shaking his hand! (oh and maybe buy something ofc)
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Old 26th August 2019, 02:19 PM
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Default Image of the Day # 142

The Doctor (Colin Baker) and the Valeyard (Michael Jayston) in the 14 part story The Trial of a Time Lord (1986)

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Old 27th August 2019, 06:06 AM
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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
Riley: Find the next number in the sequence 313, 331, 367
Martha: You said the crew knew all the answers.
Riley: The crew's changed since we set the questions.
Martha: You're joking.
The Doctor: 379
Martha: What?
The Doctor: It's a sequence of happy primes. 379
Martha: Happy what?
The Doctor: Just enter it.
Riley: Are you sure? We only get one chance.
The Doctor: Any number that reduces to one when you take the sum of the square of its digits. And you continue iterating until it yields one is a happy number. Any number that doesn't, isn't. A happy prime is a number that is both happy and prime. Now type it in! I don't know, talk about dumbing down! Don't they teach recreational mathematics any more?


Scannell: What's your favourite colour?
Riley: You what?
Scannell: It's the question.
Riley: Purple! Or did I say orange?
Scannell: Come on!


Computer: Airlock recompression completed.
(The Doctor has his eyes closed tight as he takes off his helmet and crawls out of the airlock. The pod docks.)
Martha: Doctor! Doctor! Are you okay?
(The Doctor opens his eyes briefly. A white light shines from them.)
The Doctor: Stay away from me!
McDonnell: What's happened?
The Doctor: It's your fault, Captain McDonnell!
McDonnell: Riley, get down to area ten and help Scannell with the doors. Go!
(Riley runs off.)
The Doctor: You mined that sun. Stripped its surface for cheap fuel. You should have scanned for life!
McDonnell: I don't understand.
Martha: Doctor, what are you talking about?
The Doctor: That sun is alive. A living organism. They scooped out its heart, used it for fuel, and now it's screaming!
McDonnell: What do you mean? How can a sun be alive? Why is he saying that?
The Doctor: Because it's living in me.
McDonnell: Oh, my God.
The Doctor: Humans! You grab whatever's nearest and bleed it dry! You should have scanned!
McDonnell: It takes too long. We'd be caught. Fusion scoops are illegal.
The Doctor: You've got to freeze me, quickly.
Martha: What?
The Doctor: Stasis chamber. You've got to take it below minus two hundred. Freeze it out of me! It'll use me to kill you if you don't. The closer we get to the sun, the stronger it gets! Med-centre, quickly! Quickly!


[Francine's home]
(Francine answers her mobile phone.)
Francine: Hello?
Martha: It's me again.
Francine: Three calls in one day.
Martha: I'm sorry about earlier. Over emotional. Mad day.
Francine [OC]: What are you doing tonight?
[Francine's home]
Francine: Why don't you come round? I'll make something nice and we can catch up.
Martha: Yeah. Tonight. Do my best. Er, just remind me. What day is it again?
Francine [OC]: Election day.
Martha: Right. Of course. I'll be round for tea. Roughly.
[Francine's home]
Francine: And what about
Martha [OC]: Anyway, I've got to go!
Martha: See you later. Love you.
[Francine's home]
(The blonde woman takes out her ear buds and holds out an evidence bag. Francine drops her mobile phone into it. Two men in black stand silently by.)
Francine: That's all?
Dexter: For now. Have you voted?
Francine: Of course. Just don't expect me to tell you who for.
Dexter: Thanks for all you're doing, Mrs Jones. Mister Saxon will be very grateful.
People try to put us down
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Old 27th August 2019, 09:37 AM
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Default Image of the Day # 143

A season 10 promo photo of Pearl Mackie who played Bill Potts.

Attached Images
File Type: jpg p04ywvjx.jpg (78.2 KB, 24 views)
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