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Old 3rd September 2019, 12:13 PM
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I rewatched The Five Doctors again last night. The extended version with new effects.

Although the story has flaws - in fact this version even more, for example when the Doctor picks up the Master's recall device this version makes out it's the Time Lords who recall him, not the Doctor pressing the button on the device - it's just plain odd when you watch it - it's still a mighty impressive piece of television from Terrance Dicks that over the course of it's ninety nine minutes gives everyone something to do as well as having loads of monsters and villains.

It's not the greatest Doctor Who story, not even close, but it must have something because it remains extremely watchable even after so many viewings all these years later.
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Old 3rd September 2019, 06:04 PM
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Really sad news indeed. Like many others, I grew up reading loads of Terrance Dicks Dr Who Target novels. He made these already great stories into absolute page turners. He was also a massive part of the continued success of classic Who.
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Old 4th September 2019, 06:27 AM
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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
Partners In Crime
(Granddad is the newspaper seller from Voyage of the Damned, and he has got a nice set-up in his allotment shed. There is also a small telescope and a camp stool nearby. Donna walks up with a thermos.)
Wilf: Aye, aye. Here comes trouble.
Donna: Permission to board ship, sir?
Wilf: Permission granted. Was she nagging you?
Donna: Big time. Brought you a thermos.
Wilf: Oh, ta.
Donna: You seen anything?
Wilf: Yeah, I've got Venus, there with an apparent magnitude of minus three point five. At least, that's what it says in my little book. (Donna puts a tarpaulin on the ground next to him.) Here, come and see. Come on. Here you go. Right? (Donna looks at the bright evening star.) That's the only planet in the Solar System named after a woman.
Donna: Good for her. How far away is that?
Wilf: Oh, its about twenty six million miles. But we'll get there, one day. In a hundred years time we'll be striding out amongst the stars. Jiggling about with all them aliens. Just you wait.
Donna: You really believe in all that stuff, don't you?
Wilf: It's all over the place these days. If I wait here long enough.
Donna: I don't suppose you've seen a little blue box?
Wilf: Is that slang for something?
Donna: No, I mean it. If you ever see a little blue box flying up there in the sky, you shout for me, Gramps. Oh, you just shout.
Wilf: Do you know, I don't understand half the things you say these days.
Donna: Nor me.
Wilf: No, fair dos. You've had a funny old time of it lately. There was poor old what's his name, Lance, bless him, and that barmy old Christmas. I wish you'd tell us what really happened.
Donna: I know. It's just, the things I've seen, sometimes I think I'm going mad. I mean, even tonight I was in a. Doesn't matter.
Wilf: Well, you're not yourself, I'll give you that. You just, you seem to be drifting, sweetheart.
Donna: I'm not drifting. I'm waiting.
Wilf: What for?
Donna: The right man.
Wilf: Same old story. A man!
Donna: No, I don't mean like that. But, he's real. I've seen him. I've met him, just once, and then I let him fly away.
Wilf: Well, there you are. Go and find him.
Donna: I've tried. He's nowhere.
Wilf: Oi, not like you to give up. Do you know, I remember when you were about six years old, your mother said no holiday this year. So off you toddled, all on your own and you got on a bus to Strathclyde. Ha! We had the police after you and everything. Ha, where's she gone, then. Where's that girl, hey?
Donna: You're right. Because he's still out there, somewhere. And I'll find him, Gramps. Even if I have to wait a hundred years, I'll find him.


(mouthing words silently and exaggeratedly)
The Doctor: Donna?
Donna: Doc-tor!
The Doctor: Wh - what - w - what?
Donna: Oh! My! *God*!
The Doctor: How?
Donna: (pointing at her face with both hands) It's me!
The Doctor: (nodding, gesturing to eyes, then Donna) Yeah, I can see that.
Donna: (pointing to where she's standing, then two thumbs up) Oh, this... is... *brilliant*!
The Doctor: [pointing thrice at Donna] W - wha - what the hell are *you* *doing* *there*?
Donna: (pointing to eyes, then at The Doctor) I... was looking... for... you!
The Doctor: (points at self questioningly) What for?
Donna: (miming reading the paper) Read it...(typing fingers in the air) ... on the Internet... (wiggling fingers around mouth) ... so weird... (walking fingers) ... crept along... (thumb into room, hand-as-mouth) ... heard them talking... (ducks down, comes back up, points) ... looked, ah! *You*!
The Doctor: (imperceptibly nods)
Donna: (thumbs back at Miss Foster, looks, freezes) Th...
(Miss Foster has stopped talking and is staring at Donna. Miss Foster turns and looks right at The Doctor. The Doctor turns to see Miss Foster)
Miss Foster: (aloud) Are we interrupting you?


Donna: Because I thought, how do you find the Doctor? And then I just thought, look for trouble and then he'll turn up. (The Doctor sonics the door.) So I looked everywhere. You name it. UFOs, sightings, crop circles, sea monsters. I looked, I found them all. Like that stuff about the bees disappearing, I thought, I bet he's connected. Because the thing is, Doctor, I believe it all now. You opened my eyes. All those amazing things out there, I believe them all. Well, apart from that replica of the Titanic flying over Buckingham Palace on Christmas Day. I mean, that's got to be a hoax.
The Doctor: What do you mean, the bees are disappearing?
Donna: I don't know. That's what it says on the internet. Well, on the same site, there was all these conspiracy theories about Adipose Industries and I thought, let's take a look.
(The Doctor sonics the cradle controls.)
The Doctor: In you get!
Donna: What, in that thing?
The Doctor: Yes, in that thing.
Donna: But if we go down in that, they'll just call us back up again.
The Doctor: No, no, no, because I've locked the controls with a sonic cage. I'm the only one that can control it. Not unless she's got a sonic device of her own, which is very unlikely.


Donna: That's my car! That is like destiny. And I've been ready for this. (The boot is full of suitcases.) I packed ages ago, just in case. Because I thought, hot weather, cold weather, no weather. He goes anywhere. I've gotta be prepared.
(She unloads the boot into the Doctor's arms.)
The Doctor: You've got a, a hatbox.
Donna: Planet of the Hats, I'm ready. I don't need injections, do I? You know, like when you go to Cambodia. Is there any of that? Because my friend Veena went to Bahrain, and she. You're not saying much.
The Doctor: No, it's just. It's a funny old life, in the Tardis.
Donna: You don't want me.
The Doctor: I'm not saying that.
Donna: But you asked me. Would you rather be on your own?
The Doctor: No. Actually, no. But the last time, with Martha, like I said, it, it got complicated. And that was all my fault. I just want a mate.
Donna: You just want to mate?
The Doctor: I just want a mate!
Donna: You're not mating with me, sunshine!
The Doctor: A mate. I want a mate.
Donna: Well, just as well, because I'm not having any of that nonsense. I mean, you're just a long streak of nothing. You know, alien nothing.
The Doctor: There we are, then. Okay.
Donna: I can come?
The Doctor: Yeah. Course you can, yeah. I'd love it.
Donna: Oh, that's just (They almost hug.) Car keys.
The Doctor: What?
Donna: I've still got my mum's car keys. I won't be a minute.
(Donna runs off. The Doctor starts lugging her bags into the Tardis.)
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Old 4th September 2019, 09:10 AM
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Default Image of the Day # 151

Mary Tamm as Romana in the 1978 story The Stones of Blood.

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Old 4th September 2019, 11:50 AM
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According to reports Peter Capaldi has joined the Suicide Squad alongside Margot Robbie and co.
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Old 4th September 2019, 10:04 PM
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Now he joins the other 'ghosts' on the comms, so it's au revoir then ....
" ... and up there, I have specially trained peacocks ... "
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Old 5th September 2019, 06:41 AM
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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
The Fires Of Pompeii
(The Tardis has landed in a small curtained-off alcove. The Doctor and Donna step out into the sunshine. The streets are lined with vendors of various goods.)
The Doctor: Ancient Rome. Well, not for them, obviously. To all intents and purposes, right now, this is brand new Rome.
Donna: Oh, my God. it's, it's so Roman. This is fantastic.
The Doctor: Ha, ha.
Donna: I'm here, in Rome. Donna Noble in Rome. This is just weird. I mean, everyone here's dead.
The Doctor: Well, don't tell them that.
Donna: Hold on a minute. That sign over there's in English. (Painted on the side of a barrow is two amphorae for the price of one.) Are you having me on? Are we in Epcot?
The Doctor: No, no, no, no. That's the Tardis translation circuits. Just makes it look like English. Speech as well. You're talking Latin right now.
Donna: Seriously?
The Doctor: Mmm.
Donna: I just said seriously in Latin.
The Doctor: Oh, yeah.
Donna: What if I said something in actual Latin, like veni, vidi, vici? My dad said that when he came back from football. If I said veni, vidi, vici to that lot, what would it sound like?
The Doctor: I'm not sure. You have to think of difficult questions, don't you?
Donna: I'm going to try it.
(Donna goes to a fruit seller.)
Stallholder: Afternoon, sweetheart. What can I get you, my love?
Donna: Er, veni, vidi, vici.
Stallholder: Huh? Sorry? Me no speak Celtic. No can do, missy.
Donna: Yeah. (She walks away.) How's he mean, Celtic?
The Doctor: Welsh. You sound Welsh. There we are. Learnt something.
(A young woman with a white painted face and wearing a red cloak watches them leave.)
Donna: Don't our clothes look a bit odd?
The Doctor: Nah. Ancient Rome, anything goes. It's like Soho, but bigger.
Donna: You've been here before then?
The Doctor: Mmm. Ages ago. Before you ask, that fire had nothing to do with me. Well, a little bit. But I haven't got the chance to look around properly. Coliseum, Pantheon, Circus Maximus. You'd expect them to be looming by now. Where is everything? Try this way.
(The young woman follows them through the streets until they come out into a piazza.)
Donna: Not an expert, but there's seven hills of Rome, aren't there? How come they've only got one?
(One big, bare-headed mountain. Then the ground shakes.)
Man: Here we go again.
(The vendors hang onto their stalls as pottery falls and breaks.)
Donna: Wait a minute. One mountain, with smoke. Which makes this
The Doctor: Pompeii. We're in Pompeii. And it's volcano day.


Lucius: The Mountain God marks your words. I'd be careful, if I were you.
The Doctor: Consuming the vapours, you say?
Evelina: They give me strength.
The Doctor: It doesn't look like it to me.
Evelina: Is that your opinion as a doctor?
The Doctor: I beg your pardon?
Evelina: Doctor. That's your name.
The Doctor: How did you know that?
Evelina: And you. You call yourself Noble.
Metella: Now then, Evelina. Don't be rude.
The Doctor: No, no, no, no. Let her talk.
Evelina: You both come from so far away.
Lucius: The female soothsayer is inclined to invent all sorts of vagaries.
The Doctor: Oh, not this time, Lucius. No, I reckon you've been out-soothsayed.
Lucius: Is that so, man from Gallifrey?
The Doctor: What?
Lucius: The strangest of images. Your home is lost in fire, is it not?
Donna: Doctor, what are they doing?
Lucius: And you, daughter of London.
Donna: How does he know that?
Lucius: This is the gift of Pompeii. Every single oracle tells the truth.
Donna: That's impossible.
Lucius: Doctor, she is returning.
The Doctor: Who is? Who's she?
Lucius: And you, daughter of London. There is something on your back.
Donna: What's that mean?
Evelina: Even the word Doctor is false. Your real name is hidden. It burns in the stars, in the Cascade of Medusa herself. You are a Lord, sir. A Lord of Time.


Donna: You have got to be kidding me.
(Donna is tied to the altar, and Spurrina is standing over her with a knife.)
Spurrina: The false prophet will surrender both her blood and her breath.
Donna: I'll surrender you in a minute. Don't you dare.
Spurrina: You will be silent.
Donna: Listen, sister, you might have eyes on the back of your hands, but you'll have eyes in the back of your head by the time I've finished with you. Let me go!
Spurrina: This prattling voice will cease forever.
(Promises, promises. Spurrina raises the blade.)
The Doctor: Oh, that'll be the day.
Spurrina: No man is allowed to enter the Temple of Sibyl.
The Doctor: Well, that's all right. Just us girls. Do you know, I met the Sibyl once. Yeah, hell of a woman. Blimey, she could dance the Tarantella. Nice teeth. Truth be told, I think she had a bit of a thing for me. I said it would never last. She said, I know. Well, she would. You all right there?
Donna: Oh, never better.
The Doctor: I like the toga.
Donna: Thank you. And the ropes?
The Doctor: Yeah, not so much.


Donna: You can't just leave them!
The Doctor: Don't you think I've done enough? History's back in place and everyone dies.
Donna: You've got to go back. Doctor, I am telling you, take this thing back. It's not fair.
The Doctor: No, it's not.
Donna: But your own planet. It burned.
The Doctor: That's just it. Don't you see, Donna? Can't you understand? If I could go back and save them, then I would. But I can't. I can never go back. I can't. I just can't, I can't.
Donna: Just someone. Please. Not the whole town. Just save someone.
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Old 5th September 2019, 07:47 AM
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Default Image of the Day # 152

We know how you feel.

Martha (Freema Agyeman) realises voting for Harold Saxon (aka The Master) is the best of a bad bunch. The Sound of Drums (2007)

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Old 5th September 2019, 05:27 PM
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Just thought i'd share a memory of Terrance Dicks.

met Terrance at Liverpool's Nebula convention in 1991.

My mate and i chatted to him for quite a while at the bar and multiple rounds were drunk until the three of us were basically pissed bar fly's.

Don't ask what we talked about as i haven't got a clue.

Back then you could actually socialize with guests rather than have to pay 25 to get an autograph. So whilst crowds flocked round the likes of Sylvester McCoy, Paul Darrow, Michael Keating (It was a joint convention with Blakes-7), Anthony Ainley and Mary Tamm, those behind the camera were a lot easier to chat to one to one.

For the evening cabaret we had seats round a table with Paul Darrow, Michael Keating and their better halves. The thing is we didn't know that at the time. The cabaret's were performed by the stars themselves so mate and i (still pissed from drinking with Terrance earlier and continuing to drink even more as the night wore on) thought it would be funny to lightly heckle the performers, especially Darrow and Keating as they did a double act. The two women at our table found our banter less funny though. It wasn't insulting at all, just gentle (ish) ribbing. Then low and behold both Darrow and Keating sat down at our table following their spot and got told all by their better halves...Damn! i can't remember ever sobering up so quick in my life. Total embarrassment. Still no offence was taken and everyone heckled Anthony Ainley when he came on stage.
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Old 6th September 2019, 04:15 AM
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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
Planet Of The Ood
Donna: Oh, I've got the word. Freezing.
The Doctor: Snow! Oh, real snow. Proper snow at last. That's more like it. Lovely. What do you think?
Donna: Bit cold.
The Doctor: Look at that view.
(Massive icicles hang from bridges of rock over vast ravines.)
Donna: Yep. Beautiful, cold view.
The Doctor: Millions of planets, millions of galaxies, and we're on this one. Molto bene. Bellissimo, says Donna, born in Chiswick. All you've got is a life of work and sleep, and telly and rent and tax and takeaway dinners, all birthdays and Christmases and two weeks holiday a year, and then you end up here. Donna Noble, citizen of the Earth, standing on a different planet. How about that Donna? (Donna has disappeared.) Donna?
(Donna comes out of the Tardis in a big fur coat with a hood.)
Donna: Sorry, you were saying?
The Doctor: Better?
Donna: Lovely, thanks.
The Doctor: Comfy?
Donna: Yep.
The Doctor: Can you hear anything inside that?
Donna: Pardon?
The Doctor: All right, I was saying, citizen of the Earth
(A space rocket glides slowly above them.)
Donna: Rocket. Blimey, a real proper rocket. Now that's what I call a spaceship. You've got a box, he's got a Ferrari.


Solana: I'd now like to point out a new innovation from Ood Operations. We've introduced a variety package with the Ood translator ball. You can now have the standard setting. How are you today, Ood?
Ood 1: I'm perfectly well, thank you.
Solana: Or perhaps after a stressful day, a little something for the gentlemen. And how are you, Ood?
Ood 2: (husky female) All the better for seeing you.
Solana: And the comedy classic option. Ood, you dropped something.
Ood 3: (Homer Simpson) D'oh.
Solana: All that for only five additional credits. The details are in your brochures. Now, there's plenty more food and drink, so don't hold back.


(Donna stops by a door as the Doctor walks on. She puts two fingers into her mouth and blows.)
The Doctor: Where'd you learn to whistle?
Donna: West Ham, every Saturday.


The Doctor: The message has gone out. That song resonated across the galaxies. Everyone heard it. Everyone knows. The rockets are bringing them back. The Ood are coming home.
Sigma: We thank you, Doctor Donna, friends of Oodkind. And what of you now? Will you stay? There is room in the song for you.
The Doctor: Oh, I've, I've sort of got a song of my own, thanks.
Sigma: I think your song must end soon.
The Doctor: Meaning?
Sigma: Every song must end.
The Doctor: Yeah. Er, what about you? You still want to go home?
Donna: No. Definitely not.
The Doctor: Then we'll be off.
Sigma: Take this song with you.
Donna: We will.
The Doctor: Always.
Sigma: And know this, Doctor Donna. You will never be forgotten. Our children will sing of the Doctor Donna, and our children's children, and the wind and the ice and the snow will carry your names forever.
(The Doctor and Donna go into the Tardis, and it dematerialises.)
People try to put us down
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