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Gigantor 12th August 2010 01:01 PM

The Star Wars Thread
Ok there's a Star Trek thread but no STAR WARS one so here you guys go,Discuss your STAR WARS here or just talk smack about Star Trek and Trekkies.It's all good in this thread!

wayfarer 12th August 2010 01:52 PM

Typically, I'll start with some controversy (or monumental BS if you don't like my posting style;) );

In retrospect, I would have been quite happy if they had only ever been Star Wars. Yes, ESB is superb, and elements of ROTJ were good at the time. But, the godawful prequels have sullied many a happy memory for me. That said, I have enjoyed Season 1 of The Clone Wars, which is more Star Wars than any of the toy-driven, ham fisted, prequels.

You'll be glad to read that I don't have the time to list what's wrong with the prequels, other than, go to Red Letter Media and watch the video reviews of Eps 1 & 2, with 3 pending. They're hilarious and totally spot on.

Star Wars has a beginning, a middle and an end. Further adventures were unnecessary. Had Lucas given the prequels to anyone who was interested in proper screenwriting, story and making something entertaining, then we would have had films like The Clone Wars animated series and I probably wouldn't have said any of this.

pedromonkey 12th August 2010 02:13 PM

Star Wars for me was the film that made me a Geek, Everything from the lightsabers to the ewoks totally captured my imagination and they are still tops in my fave films. I agree with wayfarer about the wholly unnecessary Prequels and how they did take the good name of the original 3 and turn star wars into a sort of laughing stock, this is all down to George Lucas, the man has incredible trouble writing dialogue, his over use of CGI and the fact that he's not actually a very good director. Take the original three...sure he wrote and directed A New Hope but for Empire and Jedi he passed the reins onto more accomplished writers and directors. Why he didn't do this for eps 1 2 + 3 is mind boggling, but still, every time I here John Williams' opening score, i get excited like a small child at anything star wars related....

and yes Jar Jar does indeed make the Ewoks looks like ****ing Shaft!!

bizarre_eye@Cult Labs 12th August 2010 08:11 PM


Originally Posted by pedromonkey (Post 96744)
and yes Jar Jar does indeed make the Ewoks looks like ****ing Shaft!!

Never a truer statement has been written. :lol:

I don't really consider myself a huge Star Wars fan, although I've always enjoyed (to some degree) the original trilogy and definitely prefer it over Star Trek. I've always preferred my Sci-Fi more dystopian or horror-based (and definitely less cuddly), which is probably why I've never been in love with Star Wars, or bought into the fanboy hype.

mjarbar 14th August 2010 05:08 PM

I can't believe the F*****G Ewoks won!!! Give me 5 mins with a Star Dystroyer and I'll give you Ewoks - grilled, flambayed, roasted...

The Reaper Man@Cult Labs 14th August 2010 07:00 PM


Yeah,the Ewoks were crap! But compared to Jar Jar Binks,they were bad Muthas!

STAR WARS the original trilogy was phenomenal.I was a fanatic.Had the complete figure collection,all the annuals,posters,sticker albums,bubblegum cards,12'' figure collection,ships,the lot.

However,with the exception of Han Solo,the bad guys were ALWAYS the coolest!

DARTH VADER-Has there ever been a bigger movie idol synonomous with evil?

So along comes the late nineties.Anticipation reaches fever pitch,and along comes THE PHANTOM MENACE-WTF? Lucas has popped too many ecstacy tabs during the late 80's and '90's rave craze,and the only good thing about TPM is Darth Maul....

So we walk away thinking,okay next one can't be as bad,and out trundles Attack of the Clones WTF? George must be in recovery....okay it's a bit better,but not much.We have the saving grace of Jango Fett and Mace Windu doing a bit of damage.Oh and Christopher Lee as Dooku (Shameful name!) Really George.How dare you name Lord Summerisle and Count Dracula after a frigging Duck film you made!

So along comes the finale-our heads hung low in dread,we wait.
REVENGE OF THE SITH....Wait a minute-this isn't a bad title....but the last two were bollocks,so we trundle along expecting the worse....but hey what a pleasant surprise-this episode rocks!
Yoda kicks ass,Kenobi kicks ass....Grievous...Palpatine revealed.....Windu killed.....Hayden-boy frazzled...the birth of Vader....Peter Cushing lookalike!
**** me George that rehab worked! Third time lucky.....:clap:

Star Wars was the first film I saw on the big screen.A classic saga if ever there was one,even with the two weak links.

Only problem is...the Clone Wars animated series ain't scratching my itch....I need more.
Perhaps I need some of those tabs George was so fond of during his rave years.....

Oh and btw,McGregor's take on a younger Alec Guinness was spot on....;)

And no.I've never taken those tabs Mr Lucas was on.....;)

mjarbar 15th August 2010 08:17 AM

Right now I've had a lay down - after watching all 6 films back to back - I think I'm ready to post something that makes a bit more sense!!!

I'll always agree that Lucas took far too long to make the next three films and in doing so created too much expectation for them. He also had the problem of trying to tie the new stories into the first three. (As we all know it was his intention to make 9 films out of sequence - 4 to 6, 1 to 3, and now it loks like it will not happen 7 to 9.)

I also think he tried to make the first film to family friendly, Jar Jar served no purpose apart to piss off a lot of people - although in RotS he was the one reponcable in giving Palpatine total control.

As for the Clone Wars series the first cartoon one was pants but the 2nd and 3rd CGI / computer animated ones have been a lot better, I just wish they were a bit longer and explained one or two things more.

There is also apparantly a live action series planed a la Stargate / Star Trek for the franchise concertrating on events away from the main charactures based between ep 3 and 4, if done well this would be worth seeing more than anything else.

wayfarer 15th August 2010 01:54 PM


Originally Posted by mjarbar (Post 97183)
There is also apparantly a live action series planed a la Stargate / Star Trek for the franchise concertrating on events away from the main charactures based between ep 3 and 4, if done well this would be worth seeing more than anything else.

Not any time soon as the series has hit a snag; how do they create a series with production values that match the movies?

Stephen@Cult Labs 15th August 2010 03:54 PM

Has anyone ever seen any fan edits of the Star Wars films? There's one called Star Wars Revisited and it's amazing what this guy has done.

Here's a review.

Aurora75 15th August 2010 07:03 PM

My mum took me to Star Wars when I was 2, went to see Empire Strikes Back when it came out and the same for Return of the Jedi. All three films had an impact on my life and love for sci-fi/space travel etc.. that can't be measured. I believe it has even influenced my music taste in so much as the futuristic sounding electronic stuff i got into and started playing.

However... I now feel that George Lucas has destroyed my childhood and ruined many peoples lives with those poor excuses for prequels. I tried to like them, I tried really hard.

There is no forgiving, only pain...

Step away from the franchise you moron.

(sorry rant over.) :)

Being serious though, there are some great moments in the new films (like the lightsaber battle at the end of Clone Wars with Darth Maul) and as has been said, the third film isn't actually that bad. But the good stuff is far outweighed by the rubbish, especially casting that Doogie Howser whining teenager as Anakin. "But Yoda, I don't want to tidy my bedroom!"

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