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bedorca 10th December 2007 07:52 AM

Shameless' pals at the BBFC
How are you getting on with the current proposed future releases with your friends down at Soho Square? The BBFC website is lacking in detail.
And is it true that Strip Nude for your Killer is touted as a future release? I was about to import it!!!! :)

RobbieD 10th December 2007 10:19 AM


Originally Posted by bedorca (Post 605)
And is it true that Strip Nude for your Killer is touted as a future release? I was about to import it!!!! :)

Looks like it;-1&sku=750109

Manhattan Baby joins it this month! :popcorn:

Almar@Cult Labs 10th December 2007 11:32 AM

That HMV list is somewhat out of date it seems!

Cloistered Nun has moved off the schedule for now.

Strip Nude for your Killer was a possible release but we're putting it on hold for now as suddenly there's been a HUGE price hike to secure it and we seriously doubt we could recoup so if you're dying to see it I'd import it for now...

2008 - first quarter is looking as follows:

28th JAN

Flavia The Heretic

25th FEB

Night Train Murders
The Frightened Woman

31st MAR

My Dear Killer
Manhattan Baby

The only thing is the materials for Ratman have clearly been stored under a gravel driveway so we may end up swapping Ratman for Manhattan Baby to give us more time to work on Ratty.

herman 10th December 2007 07:33 PM

damn I knew this would happen! it was bound to be that shameless would start doing stuff I already owned, but I will buy anyway to complete set. But Ive already got strip nude for your killer, watched it saturday in fact.

that poor fat ****er who can't get it up and walks around with is inflatable doll is heartbreaking. In that one scene bianchi sums up a certain sadness and lonelyness at odds with the guy who a bit full of himself when he was speeding along in the car. One minute its "I can't wait to get you home" the next hes blubbing like a baby. priceless, it truly is,

later that same day I watched house with laughing windows (so the two extremes of giallo in one day- from trash to art)

so anyhow Shameless is that list above everything we have to look forward to to date or are there any other definates in the pipeline? Late Night Trains is creating a bit of a buzz across the net but I think people are honestly speculating how the bbfc thing will go with that one. so what about the quarter beyond this one... any hints for us. whats the plans for this summer?

Angel 10th December 2007 08:37 PM

Wonder if The Frightened Woman will pass uncut now? I think the previous cuts were for sexual violence so it might still be cut today. Guess we'll just have to see.

vincenzo 27th December 2007 10:50 PM

Apparently the BBFC cuts to the Salvation video of The Frightened Woman were either never made or the film slipped out uncut by mistake.

Almar@Cult Labs 28th December 2007 12:26 PM

Strip Nude for your Killer is off the schedule for now as suddenly prices are shooting up well beyond realistic sales potential. Someone is overpaying out there!

We are going to end up putting out titles that hard core fans already own. One thing that's easy to forget as a fan (and I'm thinking about myself here!) is that we may well know what films are cool and have carefully collected imports over the years but an aim of Shameless was to bring some of these rarities to UK shelves for those who have forgotten about certain films they'd like, for those who fancy being able to go out and get their obscure horror fix that day from an HMV rather than waiting for an import order and then also for people who don't yet know they're about to become fans!

I got into Italian obscurities through crazy old video stores and built my knowledge that way. Now I'd actually argue that it could be harder for me to accidentally fall into the genre in this day and age. Yes now you can order these films on demand, there are sites galore heaving with fan expertise but you have to know to look, you have to start searching through import DVDs and you have to wait for your fix.

With Shameless we wanted to bring back some unexpected nastiness to the casual browser and once we've got some more of those yellow ****ers onto the shelves we hope to find some more people stumbling into the rabbit hole that is Shameless! Then all you fine devotees can start schooling the next generation on this website. The fact is if we can't grow a UK customer base we won't survive and neither will anyone else. I think UK DVD buying is a frighteningly bland experience - sanitised and low on risk - Shameless pollution is good! Out of all those kids trooping in to see horror remakes galore there have to be a few future Shameless fans in there...

I do remember when we 'launched' in February 2007 we had to shut down almost immediately. The BBFC advised us that few of our films would get through, we had fans in the industry tell us why bother because imports take care of fan needs and then retailers tell us that imports (that they can't sell!) take care of fans so from every angle possible we were told that we weren't wanted! I've always believed though that there are people out there in the UK bored of the slickness and that if we have some fun with Shameless then maybe it will shake things up a little bit.

So.... as I was saying we will end up releasing stuff you've already seen/got especially if they're cracking films and anyone who is willing to double dip gets lots of love from us! That said maybe we can cook up some must-own versions of favourites in the future. As for obscurities it's a lot more fun for us but very risky to do - if a retailer turns round and says they've never heard of it and want 12 copies for the whole of the UK then that's it - you're screwed because the funny thing is very few people buy their Shameless titles on the net. Phantom of Death has done ok, maybe Ratman can do the same and if so we can keep grubbing about for stuff you haven't got.

As for what's coming up that is very fluid for now but I'd say that Baba Yaga is likely to figure in Q2 and possibly Short Night of the Glass Dolls. I'd love to say more but there won't be any further advancement in negotiations until the new year so I actually don't know what we will and won't have.

I should though pop in and have another look at the wish list on this site though eh? Get people to pile in if there are titles missing and we'll see what's in the collection tin! :D

Philleh 28th December 2007 12:37 PM

You're on the money with the UK needing a label like your fine selves. The internet is all good for us, but I ENJOY walking around a shop floor and holding the product in my hand and feeling it, ya' know? I think UK fans have just become acustomed to using the net because we've had no label like Shameless to provide us with the goodies!

I don't care that I own New York Ripper, Killer Nun and Torso from other companies. It's great to walk into HMV grab a copy and shoot the shit with the Clerk, who looks baffled by the cover, then go home and get a really annoying look of pity of my girlfriend as I whap the DVD on my shelves and beam glee like a toddler in a ball pit.

Almar@Cult Labs 28th December 2007 12:55 PM

Come here for a big hug Philleh! Just let me ease of my black gloves first...

We are years too late - it's a huge problem as UK fans are used to imports and why not - I have a pile myself. I loved back in 98/99 being able to suddenly get these US DVDs to replace my tattered VHS/Betamax collection with and assumed that after a bit the UK would fill up with classics I could go and get from the shops but whilst some have eventually come through a lot has remained missing so we'll try and plug some of those gaps. The problem for us is the lack of retailers left willing to stock anything remotely leftfield. Kudos to HMV for stocking us - you'd struggle to find us elsewhere although if anyone has bought copies in an alternative shop elsewhere do let me know so I can get in touch and offer support to the shop/s in question.

Philleh 28th December 2007 01:14 PM

Watch the hair, Almar...

HMV have been the only store I've seen willing to stoke up on the Shameless goods, and more power to them. Hopefully you guys will get a fan base soon, you deserve it!

With any luck they will be fans that are dedicated to the label, with me I become fans of the label and will blindly purchase whatever they put out. Luckily I have that affection for 3 companies (other than yours of course!) and that's Blue Underground, Severin and Synapse.

Double dipping isn't an issue as it's a respect thing! You guys deserve my custom for doing what you’re doing! If you put out a new film like Phantom of Death from time to time -- all the better! :D

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