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Almar@Cult Labs 20th March 2008 10:27 AM

The Cut Bits!
We've done rather well at pushing through films uncut for the first time in the UK but as we all know NYR and Venus in Furs got a wee bit shaved which rather peeved us 'cause when you hand over your 12.99 we'd like you to get the whole thing. :(

With that in mind here are those missing seconds for you good people! :)

Eh I don't need to tell you these bits are graphic so if you're easily offended then... what are you doing on this forum? ;)

Absurd 20th March 2008 02:02 PM

Hmm. The BBFC have always frowned upon blood on breasts in films, and also the fact that a woman could become receptive to a man during a sexual assault, but the Venus In Furs footage is no worse than the attack in Straw Dogs. The same goes for New York Ripper, had Scorsese or Spielberg felt the need to mutilate a womans breast and nipple the censors, sorry classifiers, would be a lot more receptive...

Sarah@Cult Labs 20th March 2008 04:00 PM

As a woman I have to say I didn't find the scene from Venus in Furs all that offensive. In fact, I didn't find it offensive at all. But is terribly kind of the BBFC to save me the trouble of finding this out for myself. The amusing thing is, if she were abused further and therefore punished for her enjoyment of the rape, the BBFC probably wouldn't have had a problem with the scene...

What a bunch of weirdos!

bedorca 22nd March 2008 07:43 PM

Great to watch the missing scenes and I was then really pissed off to find out how inoffensive they were!! Utterly unnecessary censorship :mad:
BBFC eh?...... Well done Rockstar Manhunt 2!!
Almar, ever thought of doing the same with NYR and VIF? ;)

Angel 22nd March 2008 07:56 PM

I suspect any chance of success would be virtually zero.

bedorca 22nd March 2008 07:59 PM

Hence the ;)
;) (that one's for you)

vincenzo 24th March 2008 04:30 PM

Shameless's track record at the BBFC is proving to be extremely promising.......

New York Ripper (Slightly less cut than before but this will always prove to be a difficult one with the BBFC - though the day will come.....)
Venus In Furs (Much less cut than before and only to 1 scene)
Late Night Trains (From a cinema rejection to an uncut release)
Phantom Of Death (Previous cuts waived)
Torso (Previous cuts waived)
Killer Nun (Previous cuts waived)
Flavia The Heretic (Previous cuts waived)
The Frightened Woman (Previous cuts waived)
My Dear Killer (Previous cuts waived)

That's pretty good by any standards. :)

bedorca 24th March 2008 05:34 PM

Wholeheartedly agreed. I bloody love Shameless!! :cool:

Kevin Coed 29th March 2008 06:02 PM


Originally Posted by Absurd (Post 1921)
If this wasn't a Franco film, I think the outcome may have been different.

It isn't a Franco film.

Absurd 29th March 2008 06:04 PM

Sorry, I realised that before I went away last weekend and forgot to edit the post. Ooops my bad.

karaman 29th March 2008 07:45 PM

Why don't you make the missing scenes available for download? The scene in Venus in furs isn't important.It doesn't add anything to the movie.But I would be glad if you make the missing parts available for download.It wouldn't be logical to buy Italian cut for nearly 50 usd.

vipco 30th March 2008 04:38 PM

Out of the films now passed uncut would Shameless have accepted some of the previous bbfc cuts and released them in a fuller than before version like with NY Ripper and Venus or would they have not released them.
Also if the bbfc insisted that the cuts to Ripper be the same as the VIPCO version would Shameless have released it.

vincenzo 30th March 2008 06:27 PM

I compared the cut versions of both the Vipco (VHS) & Shameless releases of NYR. The cuts are very similar, though the Shameless edits are much more smoother. Some brief shots are slowed down and there are a couple of flash images (a slightly longer closeup of blood dripping from the razorblade) which weren't in the Vipco release.

The total given by the BBFC (34 secs) is completely wrong. 19 secs is definitely the correct figure. There simply wouldn't have been any point in the BBFC cutting it further this time around.

I was surprised about the length of the cuts to Venus In Furs. Especially as a similar (and far more explicit) 'pleasure rape' in Emmanuelle had recently (and finally) passed uncut.

Angel 30th March 2008 06:48 PM

Never seen the uncut Emmanuelle but if only the BBFC would bother replying via their email service we could find out the answer. I think it's quite frustrating when the BBFC cut a scene from a film only to pass a similar scene in another, but as they always have an answer to everything I would love to know the answer to this. Presumably though it wasn't their view that the woman in question was shown "enjoying" the rape otherwise they wouldn't have waived it. The type of cuts made to Venus in Furs are quite rare...only 2/3 films cut for this reason in the last 7years. There was a scene in Sinful Dwarf that appears to show something like this as well.

vincenzo 30th March 2008 10:14 PM

Late Night Trains has a similar scene (the toilet rape) which featured a pleasure rape. To be honest I expected trims to this, especially after the cutting of Venus In Furs, and was pretty amazed (and extremely pleased) that it got through intact. :)

It does also muddy the waters up a bit re BBFC policy on 'pleasure rape' scenes. I saw Emmanuelle on the flicks in the 80's and the rape scene was completely removed (the whole scene just ended abruptly). I have the uncut Optimum release and, although the scene isn't particularly graphic, it's fairly strong. I can only assume the BBFC waived it because of the context in which the rape is shown (Emmanuelle agrees to try rape to see if it satisfies her).

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