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iluvdvds@Cult Labs 14th November 2013 03:33 PM

Leeds: Special Cannibal Holocaust Screening - 15th Nov 2013
Hello everyone,

If you're in (or near) Leeds tomorrow night (Friday 15th November), do not miss your chance to see Cannibal Holocaust on the big screen! Shameless have teamed up with the Leeds International Film Festival to give horror fans the chance to see this notorious nasty in it's brand new Shameless edit on the big screen.

If that wasn't enough, Shameless have also organised a very special Q&A with none other than the film's director Ruggero Deodato!

The perfect way for all cult film fans to spend their Friday night!

Head over to Cannibal Holocaust + The Long Road Back From Hell | Leeds International Film Festival for all the details and more.

Rik 14th November 2013 03:43 PM

Dammit, if I'd known about this sooner I would've gone to this, seeing as I live about 15 miles away :mmph:

Frankie Teardrop 14th November 2013 03:59 PM

I live virtually next door to Hyde Park Picturehouse (where I assume it'll be shown) so I should really have no excuses, but I spent my last non-essential tenner of the month on a copy of 'Disco Exorcist'! Damn, who says I don't have taste...

stefanmetal 14th November 2013 10:46 PM

I'm incredibly pissed off that I'm missing this but I'm gonna be in Lancaster. Oh well.

I did manage to catch Grasp the Nettle on the Monday. It was the best documentary I had seen in a while. Really makes you think.

Hawkmonger 15th November 2013 07:36 AM

If only it had been next weekend! I could have gone up to Thoughtbubble then and got a BnB for the night. **** sake.:doh:

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