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iluvdvds@Cult Labs 11th January 2012 06:54 PM

If Prisoner Was Remade Today...
Hi all!

So here's a rather interesting little question. If Prisoner: Cell Block H was remade today, who would it star as who? Who would play Bea? Vinegar Tits? Doreen? And of course, The Freak?

Share you thoughts here!

toto691 23rd March 2012 07:12 PM

AbFabs Patsy Stone as Erica Davidson!

Chucky 26th March 2012 05:45 PM

Paris Hilton as Marilyn Mason. :cool:

Lindsay Lohan as one of the young characters, maybe Roz Coulson.

Chucky 28th March 2012 08:15 AM

Who do you think would make a good Lou kelly?

MummyRivet 9th April 2012 10:42 AM

Maggie Smith as Mum

ScottishMermaid 26th August 2012 03:32 PM

I genuinely cannot think of anyone who could play any of these characters. They were the type of characters that you either get right with a certain actress, or don't get right at all. I cannot imagine anyone else playing the freak...that's Maggie Kirkpatrick's role...maybe someone else could portray a similarly good villain...but they could not portray the freak as Kirkpatrick did. Same goes for any other dominant role I feel...and Pixie...nobody else could portray her in the same way.

It is more than good script writing that makes a good character, and the actor's persona/presence has so much to do with it...there are characters you're either supposed to love or hate, such as the can only love a character like her if it is portrayed accurately. Other characters that you are also supposed to love to hate, are people such as Kay...can't remember her surname...well, I never even loved to hate her because I didn't really think it was acted that well...although Sonia Stevens was superb...I loved to hate her, then loved her, then hated her....

There are story line changes I would make if it were possible to time travel...but alas, not.

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