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J Harker 27th May 2015 07:10 PM

Predator Trilogy on blu is a fiver in ASDA.

Nosferatu@Cult Labs 28th May 2015 05:47 PM

Even though this will be incomplete in a couple of years due to Alien 5 and Prometheus 2, 10 for all the Alien films (eight discs) on Blu-ray is very cheap.

Prometheus to Alien: The Evolution Box Set 8-Disc Set 1979: Sigourney Weaver, Michael Biehn, Lance Henriksen, Winona Ryder, Noomi Rapace, Tom Skerritt, Paul Reiser, Charles S. Dutton, Ron Perlman, Michael Fassbender, Ridley Scott, James

Vipp 29th May 2015 06:38 AM


Originally Posted by J Harker (Post 451496)
Predator Trilogy on blu is a fiver in ASDA.

I went to Asda to pick this up and they didn't have it in, however i was happy to see they had a load of Fox titles on Blu Ray - all for 5 each.

Thank you for posting these alerts Harker, I tend to buy a lot of the films you post in the alerts page and wouldn't have seen them otherwise. who can go wrong at Blu-Rays for 5.

J Harker 29th May 2015 09:41 PM

Payday deals thing on at Zavvi. Lots of 88films earlier releases, Puppet Master, Subspecies and the like around 7 or 8 quid. Also Odeon titles, Witchfinder General, Blood On Satans Claw, The Sorcerors, Night Of The Big Heat, The Black Torment and House of Whipcord all at 9.99.

J Harker 1st June 2015 03:07 PM

Quick heads up. This is a 10 at Sainsburies.

bdc 2nd June 2015 09:51 AM

Two Network Blu-ray for 10 :

trebor8273 2nd June 2015 10:08 AM

For Star Trek fans the entertainment store have blu Ray box sets of

Enterprise 1-4
Star Trek TNG 1-6
Star Trek TOS 1-3

For 19.99 each

Nosferatu@Cult Labs 2nd June 2015 02:52 PM

Clint Eastwood The Blu-ray Collection 24 at Amazon.

  • Coogan's Bluff
  • Two Mules for Sister Sara
  • The Beguilded
  • Play Misty for Me
  • Joe Kidd
  • High Plains Drifter
  • Breezy
  • The Eiger Sanction

I've just ordered it is the only one I own on any format is High Plains Drifter.

Paul 2nd June 2015 08:05 PM

I picked-up The Guest for a fiver at the local ASDA today.

bizarre_eye@Cult Labs 12th June 2015 11:30 AM

Loads of cheap Criterion Blus on at the moment - obviously due to a pricing error (a lot of them are in the region of C$4.00!) - but it will be interesting to see if they honour orders at those prices.

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