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waldo 15th November 2012 05:08 PM

just watched episodes 533/534
.. i've never cried so much in my life.. with Matt, Marlene, Judy and Geoff all leaving. it's overwhelming having four exit scenes. i felt sad seeing each one .. to say nothing of the video montage of Pixie too. Volume 17 should have come with a free packet of tissues.

going to miss Jude so much.

The~Governor 15th November 2012 07:42 PM

You're a little ahead of me - I'm only up to #524.

However, I too will really miss Judy when she goes. Her exit is very sad for all the right reasons especially with Pixie's song playing in the background.

I believe Myra will also die in the terrorist seige at the back end of this boxset so that will be yet another great character we'll have lost.

It's amazing how quickly you can whiz through the episodes on DVD. Myra doesn't seem to have been in it all that long; yet she will soon be going.

waldo 16th November 2012 12:23 PM

oh boy!

536 is another lump in the throat episode with news of the death of Bea Smith and scenes of many flashback moments, some dating back to the very first episodes.

it feels good to have seen this episode again and know what all the flashbacks are about and the stories behind them. i remember watching this episode in late 1990 on Central with my mum and neither of us had a clue what they were about.. it was confusing.. yet exciting.. we had joined the series about halfway through and we both couldn't believe we had missed so much. we hadn't a clue who Jock Stewart and Sharon Gilmore were. i do remember the pair of us laughed at the old uniforms and couldn't get over how much younger Meg, Doreen, Judy and Bea looked.

waldo 25th November 2012 11:02 PM

just finished Volume 17 (UK).. arrrgghh it's so long until February :mmph:

sad ending for Myra.. hate Willie Beecham. OTT annoying character. she should have been shot instead.

ScottishMermaid 26th November 2012 01:19 AM

Oh I know, Myra's death was very sad but the episode where she died was bloody fantastic TV. And I agree about Willie Beecham...She seems to be well liked too, something I will never understand. lol.

I actually didn't like Judy's exit...I thought it was ridiculous but oh well, whatever. lol. I hate that they killed off Bea too...they could at least left that door open...they never knew at that point that the show was to be cancelled!!

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