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Paladin 20th October 2012 02:09 AM

Twilight Zone Original Old Timer
Hello from New York. As a member of a Twilight Zone forum on the American side of an ocean, I thought I'd might as well join one from the other side of the ocean. I was there in front of my TV on October 2, 1959, in Holly, New York, watching The Twilight Zone when it first aired, with the classic episode, Where is Everybody?. Which to this day, is still one of my favorite top 10 episodes. TZ was my favorite show for 7 years. In 1966, NBC debuted, Star Trek. Twilight Zone has been #2 ever since. So it's been one of my 2 favorite shows for 53 years now. I was 9 when Rod Serling's legendary show first aired.

Twilight Zone's debut episode, is still the best debut episode that I have ever seen on TV. None of us who were watching the show in the beginning, ever suspected the impact the show would have on American culture. People who weren't even alive then, use the term "twilight zone", when referring to something strange.

I remember watching it the next week when, One For the Angels first aired. The 3rd week episode was, Mr. Denton on Doomsday. By then, word of mouth was spreading the news about the show. I came to school Monday morning, and boys were asking each other, "Did you see Twilight Zone?" Classmates came of with their own versions of the song in the episode. One I remember was, "How dry I am, how wet I'll be, if I don't find the bathroom key." Funny, we never kept our bathroom locked.:lol:

Every time I watch the episode, Where is Everybody?, and I see Earl Holliman walking down the road to the diner, and then the deserted town, I find myself going back in time and entering the Twilight Zone with Earl Holliman. He left after 30 minutes. Me? I never left.:clap:

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