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Anthrophagous 10th July 2018 01:59 AM

The New York Ripper.... again?
This one is probably far fetched considering Shameless have already issued it twice, but a 2012 report by the BBFC (2012 being the year after its most recent issue by Shameless) indicated that the cut material would probably pass as acceptable after the film was used for a BBFC survey on audience reactions on sadistic and sexual violence. The report also states it was concluded "the film and its effects appeared dated and it was not particularly shocking compared to modern films. The film has not been sent back for reclassification since that time."

I know this was a long winded, roundabout explanation and again, I know it's probably too much to ask for a third issue of the film, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to potentially have an uncut version of this in the UK at long last :pray:

Justin101 10th July 2018 11:30 AM

It's got some pretty grim scenes in it, but I agree it should pass uncut these days with some of the realistic looking stuff getting through. I have just bought the Blue Underground disc though and I definitely only need 1 copy of Howard the Duck stalks prozzies...

Paul Zombie 10th July 2018 11:45 AM

i have the Blue underground bluray of this film as well and i have to say that it looks very good indeed and every fan of this movie should definatly buy it. :)

Dave Boy 10th July 2018 11:59 AM


Originally Posted by Paul Zombie (Post 581695)
i have the Blue underground bluray of this film as well

Yep, me as well. :nod:

Rik 10th July 2018 12:10 PM

And me, no intention of buying it again either, both DVD editions and Blu Ray from Shameless are still sealed on my shelf so itís pretty clear which copy I watch if I feel like watching some sleaze :nod:

Demoncrat 10th July 2018 05:53 PM

I love it me. That's why I never entertained a UK version. And never would.
Waiting for this country to come to its senses .... is a waste of time.

Crimson Blade 10th July 2018 05:58 PM

New York Ripper, was one of the first Blu-rays i bought. And definitely one of Blue Underground's better transfers.
Highly recommended.

Stephen@Cult Labs 10th July 2018 08:30 PM

Although I have the uncut blu-ray, we have to remember that not everyone imports. We could argue though that the audience for NYR is so small amongst blu-ray buyers, that the chances are most of them are region free and do import. But it would be nice to see a domestic uncut blu-ray release.

Demoncrat 10th July 2018 08:55 PM

Of course it would. It is only a film after all. You can buy any number of books about real killers in this country, with plenty of ghastly descriptions of violent ordeals, which by dint of their very nature make something like NYR pale into insignificance. Ahem.

Crimson Blade 10th July 2018 09:05 PM

I really don't understand the BBFC's decisions at all. They cut a few seconds of fake nipple slicing in Ripper, yet were quite happy to pass a naked woman being hung up and burnt alive in Don't Go In The House. :confused:

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