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Angel 12th March 2008 07:17 AM

Gator Bait 1 & 2
How about these 2 exploitation classics. Not available anywhere on DVD. The original was released on video here in a heavily cut version but the sequel made 14 years later has strangely never been seen here.

herman 12th March 2008 01:36 PM

I think I might have brought this one up in another post- so yeah, I agree, Gator Bait!

ah yes I thought so- I mentioned it here

gator bait, blastfighter, last shark

vipco 12th March 2008 01:45 PM

I'd agree with Gator Bait as well.

Angel 12th March 2008 03:02 PM

Thanks Herman, sorry I missed your post before. Gator Bait 2 is the one I'd like to see released perhaps even more as I haven't seen it. Anyone here seen the sequel? How does it compare with the first film?

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