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Killer Meteor 24th April 2008 08:07 PM

Classic Japanese Horror and Sci-fi
Titles like

Living Skeleton
Snake Girl and Silver Haired Witch
Gappa The Triphibian Monster
The Gamera Films

EidolonFilms 25th April 2008 01:56 PM

there some good stuff from Hong Kong as well, like THE IMP (gratuitious nudity one) tha could do with a good DVD release.

vincenzo 25th April 2008 04:00 PM

Gappa was released over here by the notoriously dubious 23rd Century DVD label as Gappa The Trifibian (sic) Terror.

I have this issue. It fills a gap but it's basically a VHS transfer.

Killer Meteor 25th April 2008 04:03 PM

The US Gappa DVD is widescreen but non-anamorphic

I think the Japanese dvd is anamorphic but no english subs

siccoyote 25th April 2008 04:04 PM

I have the drasticly shortened version of Gappa released over here on video. It was a bit rubbish and not a lot happened, maybe the full Japanese version was better.

Not too good on my Kaiju movies outside of Godzilla but there's a couple of other ones I've seen clips of.

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