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TheGlynreaper 22nd January 2012 11:51 PM

Cult Animated Films label
i have a great idea start releasing cult animated films on dvd and/or blu-ray as being a huge animation fan there are plenty of titles which Shameless could get licences for including some british animated films such as
Watership Down , Plague Dogs and The BFG

Legend 23rd January 2012 10:02 AM

The problem with that is that all of these already have DVD (and a few blu) releases for dirt cheap. Realistically, why would people buy it again?

bedorca 23rd January 2012 10:05 AM

Shameless releasing Watership Down or the BFG?

Not really their cup of tea to be honest, but all suggestions are welcomed! :)

Hawkmonger 23rd January 2012 07:21 PM

Watership Down? NAH!
Legend of the Overfiend and Violence Jack more like. Both have yet to go through the nib's uncut yet.

JonD 26th April 2012 11:13 AM

An "Arrow Animated" selection of titles could be really good, if you choose the right titles. Alas titles like UROTSUKIDOJI: LEGEND OF THE OVERFIEND and VIOLENCE JACK will never get passed by the BBFC in an uncut form. They're simply too sexually explicit, and most of the violence involves sexual violence, and the rape and mutilation of women. Something that the BBFC still don't pass - understandably so - but even if they do, it's only within strict guidelines and limits. If you've ever seen the full version of UROTSUKIDOJI you will know what I mean.

In my view, you would have to include (and ones that I would actively want to see and/or own):

C**NSKIN (Ralph Bakshi's brutally frank, and adult-only satire on Blackspolitation-era America. If you could get both versions of the film, and release it as a Special 2-Disc Edition, with some decent extras, and an audio commentary or documentary with Bakshi's backing and approval, this could be a really great release!)

HEAVY METAL (It's not a great film, but a good 16:9 print with decent extras would be worth a purchase.)

PRINCESS (Released by Tartan Video a few years ago, this stunning Danish animation about the death of a porn actress, and her priest brother and five year old daughter, is a stunningly savage piece of adult animation, that is incredibly emotional too.)

VAMPIRES IN HAVANA (Shown on Channel 4 many, many, many years ago, this cute but satirical take on vampires, is definitely worth a viewing. You would need to get the English Subtitled version though, which is infinitely superior.)

Raoul Servais's HARPYA (It's only about 9 minutes long, but it's one of the darkest and creepiest animated short films I've ever seen! Despite being made in Belgium in 1979, it's still something that is guaranteed to freak you out! Watch it on YouTube, and get truly uncomfortable!)

Jiri Trinka's THE HAND (Another animated short, but from 1965 Czechoslovakia. A political fable, that features animated gloves and hands. Very creepy, especially in the nightmarish scene in which a leather glove picks up a large knife, and slices its way through a picture of an eyeball! Gave me nightmares as a kid!)

I'm sure there are lots of other truly decent adult animations (not necessarily the most violent, or sexually explicit ones either), that may be worth investigating. :)

sawyer6 26th April 2012 11:27 AM

The remaining Bakshi films that never released in the UK!!!

Undergrowth 1st August 2012 01:14 PM

There are quite a few worthy titles:
Angel's Egg
Night On The Galactic Railroad
The Flying Phantom Ship
Cat Soup
Mayazaki's series Future Boy Conan - I recall there being some violence towards children possibly, and there's a bit where Conan tries smoking cigarettes - I think these may contribute to why this series hasn't had a major release. Maybe there are rights issues, too - it's pretty good.
I would quite like to see Fist Of The North Star with the original 80s dubbing - back when it was de rigeur for voice-over artists to all do those gruff, faux-oriental accents.

PaulD 1st August 2012 07:30 PM

Watership Down is more harrowing than anything Shameless have released to date

yes, even including Ratman

Hawkmonger 1st August 2012 08:12 PM


Originally Posted by PaulD (Post 262486)

yes, even including Ratman

Dont get me started good sir.:smokin:

Rik 1st August 2012 08:24 PM


Originally Posted by PaulD (Post 262486)
Watership Down is more harrowing than anything Shameless have released to date

yes, even including Ratman

Watched Ratman today...fell asleep ha ha

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