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bedorca 22nd December 2007 08:30 PM

The Case Of The Scorpions Tail?
The Sergio Martino giallo. A good companion to Torso!! And no UK DVD release ever as far as I am aware.

Philleh 24th December 2007 07:54 AM

Great film, needs a release along with The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh!

herman 24th December 2007 05:21 PM

I don't think that would work Philleh,

Ive got a copy of Scorpions Tail from net, cost me under a fiver i think. Most people in the market for gialli will have multi region players already. You can pick the film up from Amazon market really cheap. The trouble is shameless really are competing in a global market for dvd even if their releases are region specific, its the problem with titles such as strip nude - ive got that, scorpions tail got that, especially when there are several versions of the same title we shop round for best extras.

there is tons of stuff that needs to get released, but I think it was NO Shame put out scorpions tail already.

The other title you mentioned is getting a bit pricy now so maybe thats due another release.

and the few gaps in the post giallo fucli catalogue needs filling. though there is not much that isn't there on marketplace already, I m sure I ve seen Manhattan Baby about.

bedorca 24th December 2007 05:45 PM

What about uber-violent Italian spaghetti Westerns or even ultra cool Euro Crime?

Philleh 26th December 2007 06:50 PM

Yeah, No Shame released them both (which I own, heh). But they have made a few titles OOP, so you'll be seeing the prices sky rocket shortly, think these are two of those titles.

A title that should have been released is Case of the Bloody Iris, but Bill Lustig has the rights back from Anchor Bay and will be releasing it early 08 - thank God!
X-Rated put it out, but it wasn't English friendly. As for the Vipco release...

Almar@Cult Labs 28th December 2007 01:41 PM

Well I do think that Martino deserves a UK re-appraisal. Argento, Fulci and Bava are reasonably well known outside hardcore fandom but martino could do with some further UK DVD releases I'd say. If anything I don't think he's ever been properly established in this country.

As for Euro crime we are tempted but it is really untested in the UK so could be a money pit. Some westerns though might well be possible though but probably I would have thought through the Argent label.

herman 28th December 2007 04:01 PM


point about Eurocrime is well noted. There was Vipco's Big Racket release, and I seem to recall Live Like A Cop was in HMV a number of years back, at least I think I saw it there, I shop so much online these days that memory of HMV visits are getting sketchy.

Its hard to say with the Eurocrime thing, there are the hardcore fans at LovelockandLoad but when I talk to people at work most would know zombie flesh eaters but I doubt many, if any of them would know fucli's Contraband let alone Heroin Busters or Almost Human. Shame really, such a cool genre that is so sadly overlooked.

As an aside, deodato surely is a name that carries some resonance in this country though I suppose your casual viewer oif Italian stuff would go more for well known and notorious film titles (Zombie Flesh Eaters, Cannibal Ferox) as opposed to certain directors.

As the dust from the vipco closure settles I am sure there are a few of the titles they put out may be worth looking at- Bronx Warriors is about 50 quid for the vipco twofer on Amazon now. Of course when the Shameless brand is more in the public consciousness they will trust you more with the chances you take after all people bought Vipco's Incredible Melting Man and I don't remember that being any good when it was in the cinemas, but for all the criticisms of vipco they had a high presence on the horror sections of HMV/Virgin etc- a position they often abused with dross, though not always.

More Martino? Yes please :)

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