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Originally Posted by Angel View Post
Sorry, Horrorman, but there's no chance whatsoever of me enjoying it. I watch these films for censorship reasons nothing more. I don't have a strong stomach by the way and would definitely describe myself as being quite squeamish especially in regards to animal cruelty and sexual violence.

Anyway will post my comments on the film next week. Apologies but they are likely to be quite scathing.
I thought I'd enjoy Cannibal Holocaust. I picked up an uncut copy in the Virgin Megastore on the Champs-Elysees when I was on holiday in Paris (part of the reason for going was so the other half could get an uncut version of Commando!) and partly wished I hadn't bothered when I got it home. Although I liked the film-within-a-film structure I didn't care for watching any of the animal cruelty. And, despite me being somewhat desensitised, I found some of the scenes of sexual violence a bit too hard to handle.

The only reason I hang on to it is it's a holiday souvenir!
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