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Originally Posted by Steel76 View Post
Personally I felt a bit attacked by the post about "only caring for gore", like Iīm some kind of a wierdo getting off to the scene or something.

But, I can take that. Just donīt think I watch these film only for the gore. I just want them to be intact, especially since the Fulci films are famous for these scenes.
I apologise if you felt insulted or attacked as that was not my intention. I was only pointing out that, in the grand scheme of things, those 20-odd seconds of cuts are not huge and there is nothing that can be done about them in the UK with the BBFC having the policies and guidelines it does.

What I did find strange was your tone as it seemed that you are only interested in the gore elements of films and if that is not the case, then good!

I found the post from the ex-member to be personally insulting and that is why the moderators took the decision to ban him as we want this to be a friendly and welcoming place to talk about films, DVDs and BDs (plus all the accompanying merchandise). Posts that go out of their way to be deliberately insulting ("Who the hell do you think you are") will be dealt with severely as I'm sure you would like to be a member of a form that is as friendly as possible and not one that descends into a slanging match between members.
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