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Originally Posted by Jonny View Post
Absolutely, the word Mondo certainly does conjure up the shocking clips you see in those Traces and Faces films. Those later films that featured real deaths and gruesome footage of people getting injured etc are more akin to a 'mixtape' of scenes aimed purely to shock.

The original Mondo Cane films are basically 'travelogue' films showing different cultures around the world, at the time most folks hadn't left their home town let alone visited another country so they were extremely popular as they showed what life was like in other countries and highlighted some of the peculiar differences in those cultures. The first film even has a long scene showing girls in bikinis exercising on the beach. No decaptiations of prisoners being exectued in any of them!

There is a slant to the darker side of life, hence the title Mondo cane (A Dog's World), but it's nothing that shocking. A turtle can't find it's way to the sea and dies in the desert being possibly the grimmest thing in the first film.
Yeah I just looked it up and it seems its not like Traces but more of a tribal type flick.
I did not mean to say your morbid btw was just saying people who enjoy mondo flicks such as traces are.
I seen clips of traces and its not entertaining at all, plus the over the top "voice over" which tries to be funny does not work at all and just comes across as a douche ha ha

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