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Bill Buckley's continuity links were fantastic! I'd never heard an announcer speak so irreverently before - but always so fondly, too!

I rarely stayed up to see the show - I'd set the timer on the VCR in my bedroom, and watch the episodes as I was getting dressed for werk.

I'd already followed the show on Central some years earlier, but C5 let me fill in the gaps where I'd missed a couple, or from before I started. The whole period that the DVDs are covering at the moment - from the Factory storyline right through to those hideous bloody student protesters - was unknown to me prior to C5 airing them.

Sadly, I also find many of those storylines to be among the show's worst - give me the Barnhurst 5 over Kay, Gail, Tracey, Alison, Linda, Andrea and Ricky anytime.

Blocky at its least impressive was still a damn sight better than most other shows, though, and I loved seeing these for the first time, and then reliving the Ferguson years all over again. Prisoner may have its troughs, but it's never switch-off-able. And especially not when Bill Buckley has viewers' letters to read out, bad jokes to crack, trivia to dispense, and - most bizarrely - fans' Blocky-related dreams to recount.

(Oh, and I got somewhere in the eighties when I played along with the PCBH edition of 100%!)
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