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Default The Full Shameless Collection

Here's the list of all Shameless titles out and/or announced so far with links to their official threads/mini-forums! I'll keep it up to date as titles are released and announced. Are you missing any?

The Complete Shameless Collection

  • SHAM001 - New York Ripper
  • SHAM002 - Phantom of Death
  • SHAM003 - Killer Nun
  • SHAM004 - Torso
  • SHAM005 - Venus in Furs
  • SHAM006 - The Black Cat
  • SHAM007 - Flavia the Heretic
  • SHAM008 - Manhattan Baby
  • SHAM009 - Night Train Murders
  • SHAM010 - The Frightened Woman
  • SHAM011 - My Dear Killer
  • SHAM012 - Ratman
  • SHAM013 - What Have They Done to Your Daughters?
  • SHAM014 - Who Saw Her Die?
  • SHAM015 - The Designated Victim (Shameless Fan Edition)
  • SHAM016 - Strip Nude for Your Killer
  • SHAM017 - Oasis of Fear
  • SHAM018 - Watch Me When I Kill (Shameless Fan Edition)
  • SHAM019 - Baba Yaga: The Final Cut (Shameless Fan Edition)
  • SHAM020 - Footprints on the Moon (Shameless Fan Edition)
  • SHAM021 - The Bronx Warriors Trilogy (Tin Box)
  • SHAM022 - Love Goddess of the Cannibals
  • SHAM023 - Satan's Baby Doll
  • SHAM024 - The Beast in Space
  • SHAM025 - The Bronx Warriors (Shameless Fan Edition)
  • SHAM026 - Escape From the Bronx (Shameless Fan Edition)
  • SHAM027 - The New Barbarians (Shameless Fan Edition)
  • SHAM028 - Fulci's Box of Terror
  • SHAM029 - New York Ripper (Shameless Fan Edition)
  • SHAM030 - The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh (Shameless Fan Edition)
  • SHAM031 - Cannibal Holocaust (Shameless Director Edition)
  • SHAM032 - Almost Human (Shameless Fan Edition with Limited Edition lenticular packaging)
  • SHAM032.1 - Almost Human (Shameless Fan Edition regular edition with spine number 32.1)
  • SHAM033 - Don't Torture a Duckling (Shameless Fan Edition)
  • SHAM034 - House on the Edge of the Park (Shameless Fan Edition)
  • SHAM035 - Four Flies on Grey Velvet (40th Anniversary Edition)
  • SHAM036 - Dellamorte Dellamore (Cemetery Man) (Shameless Fan Edition)
  • SHAM037 - Amsterdamned (Shameless Fan Edition)
  • SHAM038 - The House With Laughing Windows (Shameless Fan Edition)
  • SHAM039 - The Nurse (Shameless Fan Edition With Stip-O-Rama Action Sleeve!)
  • SHAM040 - Viva (Shameless Fan Edition with Orgy-O-Rama Action Sleeve!)
  • SHAM041 - Formula For A Murder (Shameless Yell-O-Mac Fan Edition)
  • SHAM043 - Contraband (Limited Lenticular Cover)
  • SHAM044 - The Washing Machine (Limited Edition Tin)

  • SHAM200 - New York Ripper (Shameless Fan Edition)
  • SHAM201 - Cannibal Holocaust (Shameless Director Edition)
  • SHAM202 - Four Flies on Grey Velvet (40th Anniversary Edition)

Blu-ray/DVD Double Play

Box Sets
  • SHAM021 - The Bronx Warriors Trilogy (Tin Box. Contains The Bronx Warriors, Escape From The Bronx and The New Barbarians)
  • SHAM028 - Fulci's Box of Terror (ContainsNew York Ripper, Manhattan Baby and The Black Cat)
  • SHAM300 - Shameless Slasher Nasties (Contains Killer Nun, Torso and Night Train Murders)
  • SHAM301 - Shameless Sexploitation (Contains Love Goddess Of The Cannibals, Satan's Baby Doll and The Beast In Space)
  • SHAM302 - Pop Erotica Fest (Contains Venus In Furs, Baba Yaga and Frightened Woman)
  • SHAM303 - Deodato: Cinema Of Death (Extremely limited edition - only 1000!). Contains Cannibal Holocaust, The House On The Edge Of The Park & Phantom Of Death)

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