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Originally Posted by Nosferatu@Cult Labs View Post
In terms of what I would like Shameless to do from a technical standpoint on the Blu-ray, a big selling point and almost essential part of the release would be lossless or uncompressed mono soundtracks so either DTS-HD Master Audio or (preferably) LPCM should be on the BD.
It's taken a while to get this info as I've had to wait for Shameless to go through the authoring process for both DVD and BD but I now have an answer!

Shameless have listened to all concerns and advice on the forums regarding the audio format and so New York Ripper Blu-ray will feature:
  • DTS 2.0 HD Master Audio in English.
  • DTS 2.0 HD Master Audio in Italian and Spanish (with English subtitles).
  • The unadulterated original audio, as per the original source, in English.

The DVD version of the film will feature:
  • Dolby Digital Mono in English.
  • Dolby Digital Mono in Italian, French, German and Spanish (with English subtitles).
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