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As for DRS being cut - thats toughe cookies for me as they say, since I still am region-free-dvd-player-less So it'll have to do.

As for the Cat in the Brain and Last Cannibal World - I own both of them (Shriek) and love them both - Even though i know LCW is cut a lot - I thought it was really disturbing still (maybe AS disturbing as the CUT version of CH) - especially the torture scenes and there were a few scenes a animal cruelty left in. As for the rape being cut - it made the film seem so stupid! One minute the guy kidnaps a native, thumps her unconsious and next thing thier best of friends. At least with the rape scene in it makes more sense. Right? lol!

Oh, yeah! I've also got Nightmares In A Damaged Brain on the Shriek collection DVD too. Not as gd as the other too, but an ok video nasty IMO.

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