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Originally Posted by cloud View Post
You definitely need to invest in a multi-region player iluvdvds. I couldn't live without mine. Do you have a PS2? If so you can buy a disc for that which will allow you to watch any R1 disc. That's what I did before I bought a proper player.

More bargains and this is a big'un. Play, Amazon and HMV etc are selling BFI titles for ?7.99 each at the moment. I've got me eye on Dickens: Before Sound and The Innocents.
Nice one cloud,the innocents for ?7.99. I'll get me coat.

By the way,avoid vamps vs zoms like the plague,it is one of the worst films i've sat through.Not THE worst(that honour goes to hip hop locos.),but one of the worst. You have been warned!!
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