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Originally Posted by Jock Mooney View Post
I know this is highly unlikely, but I'd love to see Shameless release some grade A soundtracks from their wonderful cannon of films. The rare films often carry fantastic soundtracks which are simply not available.
I don't think there is a market for this... OST CDs don't sell. A few soundtracks, like Titanic or Amelie, are successful, but the majority are totally ignored... Shameless would be losing time and money on this.

As a bonus CD in a "collector edition", it would be be really nice, tough.

Originally Posted by Jock Mooney View Post
If I nudge and wink enough do you reckon there's a chance of emailing me, at least, that Demmis Roussos song from Night Train Murders? I'd be eternally greatful!
Do you like this song? Really?!

Why don't you grab it from your DVD?
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