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Originally Posted by Demdike View Post
I enjoyed the X-Files for the first 4 seasons and then lost interest, i felt it had run out of one off storylines and the main plot was going nowhere, far too many questions and a lack of answers.

I picked up series 1 on dvd a couple of years ago and enjoyed it again, i haven't followed it up yet though. Its one of those things i would like to buy but its not essential .
Oh man, I am a huge fan.
It took me about two years but I have all the seasons + the two films.

The story line is great to follow when you watch all the seasons in order for the first time but now I just go back and watch random episodes.

I've really been meaning to pick up The Lone Gunman spin off series because those guys have got to be my favourite characters. It's so expensive everywhere though!
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