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Originally Posted by Paul@Lovelockandload View Post
Don't forget the 'R' in RRP stands for 'recommended' (retail price) - it used to be common practice for the likes of HMV, Virgin and Tower Records to hike up the prices of titles that were no longer in a chart. You'd think in the current climate, with stiff competition from the internet, they'd be happy to sell at RRP. For every person that does shell out for the over-inflated price, there'll be three or four people thinking "that's way too much, won't bother checking in their again" - must be detrimental in the grand scheme of things.
I'm not used to seeing the RRP much higher than the price for which the item is being sold it seems utterly bizarre to charge more than both the RRP and the Dealer Listing Price (DLP).

I know people can charge what they want for a given item, but the prices people quote from their visits to an HMV store seem completely preposterous and more fool anyone who pays well over the odds.
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