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Default Lets twist with the TZ twists

Of course one of the aspects i love this show is the twists. But which twist is the most shocking, unexpected and bizarre ?
Here's my top 5
1 - Third from the Sun - Brilliant, and re-watching the episode, it does all click into place
2 - The Eye of the Beholder - Creepy ending, why would anyone wanna conform to look like that ?!?
3 - The After Hours - Marsha doesnt need a home or a mother after all, shes NOT HUMAN !
4 - To Serve Man - To be honest, this episode is a half hour version of the miniseries V, but V didnt have the cookbook........
5 - Time Enough at Last - He really didnt deserve that.....
Anyway, lets get debating what defines the ultimate TZ twist ending ?
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